Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Halloween! A Fanciful Twist Halloween Blog Party 2011!

I decided, it being All Hallow's Eve, that an adventure was in order.  So I went and found my spooky lantern and set out on my way.  I don't often leave my lace filled turret room so this was a very special occasion ;)

I scurried through the castle halls on tippy toes, afraid to awaken any spirits that might be lurking around the corners

AGH!!!! Oh, phew!  I thought there were pumpkin ghosts popping out at me but it was just the shadow from my lantern.  I didn't scream... pfft, me?  No I wasn't even a little bit scared.

I headed off for the enchanted forest where all sorts of creatures lurk.  There are even legends that witches gather here on Halloween.  I crossed the troll bridge safely.  I guess Mr. Troll is on vacation.  I have heard that some monsters find Halloween all too crass, and head to Hawaii during October.

Through the trees into the woods...  I hear a song coming from the forest.  It is very faint but I can make out the words...

Come little children I'll take thee away
Into a land of enchantment
Come little children the time's come to play
Here in my garden of magic

Come little children the time's drawing near
Halloween night is waning
Come little children ride with me tonight
It's not a night for abstaining

Come little children now follow me home
Not a one of you need worry
Come little children the time's come to roam
Come follow me now please hurry

Come little children there's magic to see
Here in my garden of mystery
Come little children in to my abode
Tomorrow you all will be history


I can see a light through the trees.  It seems to be where the singing is coming from.  Should I follow it?

Oh I must must must follow it!  I come across a door and open it.  I can NOT believe my eyes.  What on earth have I stumbled upon here!?

It seems to be some sort of a witch's study!  But there is no one here!  Oh dear, she might return soon but I so desperately want to look around...

She must not have gone far, for she has left her hat and broom!

Hmmm... I wonder where that skull came from?  I don't even want to know...

Oh me oh my!  A cheery little Jack O'Lantern!  Perhaps she isn't a wicked witch at all, her humble home show no sign of malevolence.

She must be close by.... she has left a fire in the fireplace!

Ouuuu look at all the books!  Spellbooks and history books, books on anything you'd ever want to know about.  Her shelves are full.

Where did this come from!?  A little leather spellbook?  I dare not touch it, it might be bound in human skin.

Oh goodness!  A witch's wand too!  I had to hold it for myself, unfortunately I was unable to cast any spells.  Must only work for the owner of the wand.

The sign on the wall says "Sit for a Spell".  Well, don't mind if I do :)  She has a crystal ball!  I wonder if I'd be able to see the future?  A new love coming to me sometime soon perhaps?  

Ahhh.  I see a wonderful RICH man!  Who will buy me all the licorice and pennywheel bicycles I could ever need.  Well... one can dream.

What's this?  The "Black Flame Candle".  Oh dear, it's been lit!  Does this mean some witches will soon arrive?  I will not lie,  I am eager to meet some :)

But alas, some realization has just come upon me... I am in my very own house... I am just down the hall from my own boudoir.  This is my own study?!  I am the witch!  I look in the mirror...

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!



Thanks to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for holding this annual blog party!  This is my first year actually participating and not just popping in so it has been a total blast.  Be sure to visit her party, as well as all the other partiers.  There will be a list of them on the left sidebar on Vanessa's page.