Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Lace Filled Tower, Sophie and Emily, and a Christmas Tea!

Recent events have lead me to ponder this little room I live my life in.  I really do feel a bit like Rapunzel sometimes... though I am afraid I let my hair down too often for imposter princes.  What I really need to do, as the lovely Cameron at Paint Myself Pretty told me last week (thank you for your beautiful advice, it touched me deeply!) I need to find a prince good enough to leave my tower for.  So I figured it was high time I revealed a little bit of my lace filled turret room, which to be honest is not actually a turret at all.  It is in the back corner of the house and has a beautiful view of the enchanted forest grounds, so I reckon that's good enough.  I did a little updating to my boudoir this past week, because my lovely mother bought me a HUGE white bookshelf to house all of my tales.  I was pleased as punch!  It fits in perfectly and I love it!

A couple of different views of my room:

As you may or may not have noticed, there are a couple of girls in there who were hand painted by myself.  Their names are Emily and Sophie (Emily in blue, Sophie in pink).  I wanted to create a sort of Victorian dolly feel with these two gals, and so I painted them on wallpaper!  I think they look quite sweet as a pair.

Jessica over at A Woodland Fantasy is to be holding a Christmas tea!  Oh please participate with us will you???  It will be an absolute delight!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Gypsy Dressing Room, A Piece of My Art and Bath and Body Works Holiday Goodies!

As you may know, after the A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party I grew very very naughty indeed and decided my witchy side needed a bit of glamour.  I'm going to be honest... I was watching the movie Burlesque and was a little inspired to create a beautiful space to express all of my little glam, girly needs.  So a dressing room was in order.  I am only 19 and still live at home but I have two rooms at my disposal: my boudoir, which is my lace filled turret room and will always be a boudoir (meaning it will always house my bed), and then another room... my little private sanctuary.  I have many interests, but my main ones are art and beauty / fashion.  So this room has been tossed around a lot between being a little dressing room and a study /  studio.  I am very pleased with this transformation though and hope I don't change it again too soon! (I worked so flipping hard on it I don't think I could undergo it again anyhow!)  So without further ado, here she is, my Gypsy Dressing Room!

Of course, what dressing room would be complete without a dressing table?

Shoe shelves!

Some shelves for frames A Fanciful Twist postcards and a painting I did of the Green Man.  Also, of course, my silver tree! (And a Monster High doll next to eat that seems to have toppled over and died, haha).  As you can see, lots of drawers are necessary in this room.  It houses ALL of my clothes and accessories.  The only thing I keep in my boudoir are my pyjamas.

Of course, the ACTUAL closet part of the closet.  I replaced the doors with red curtains to give it a more  Burlesque /  Gypsy kind of feel.  The removal of the doors also made the closet seem like a separate little alcove and made the room seem way larger.

And just for fun I picked up some candy cane lights for the mantle in my bedroom.

Something I have never shared before is the fact that, not only do I love to buy and admire whimsical art, I like to create it too!  This one was painted a couple of years ago and is called "The Boatman's Dream". I consider myself a folk or primitive artist.  It is hardly a professional thing and I have never shown or sold any art, it is purely for me.  To paint the way I see things on the inside.  There is nothing like putting paint to canvas.  It unleashes a flood of things.

So... as this post seems to be all over the place anyway, I thought I would share my recent Bath and Body Works binge.

Can I just say, their new Pink Sugarplum fragrance for Christmas is DIVINE.  I am hooked!

Their candles are my absolute favourite of any brand.

Hee hee... the box when it arrived.  That is just pure rottenness.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful 11/11/11.  Don't forget to makes big wishes and dream enormously today, for they are all sure to come true!

Lots of Love!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Magic and Christmas Treats!

Hello everyone!  I hope Halloween was good to you.  Mine was low key but lovely.  I made sure to do some extra magic on the day, after all the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest then and magic is at its most potent!  I managed to snap a few shots of my mischief to share :)

As you can see there were apples involved :).  This new year I want to draw love into my life.  I have love from family and friends but I must be honest, Prince Charming is extremely evasive.  So this was my goal this Halloween, a little love magic!

If you are interested I was using the book Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf as reference.  I find Ravenwolf a little controversial, however, this book is extremely innocent fun.

After Halloween I am ready to jump in to Christmas full force!  This is a pattern every year...  Sometimes it makes me angry how the Halloween decorations seem to be completely overwhelmed by the Christmas decorations in the stores by mid October.  Can't I enjoy them both separately!  By the time Halloween actually arrives, you'd think it was half way through December by walking into Wal-Mart!

Nonetheless, I have taken it upon myself to decorate for Christmas this past week.  Most people start after Thanksgiving, but since Thanksgiving is in early October in Canada, November is a pretty boring month.  Not going to lie... being the obsessive furniture re-arranger that I am, after the Halloween party I turned my study into a dressing room... I don't know what provoked me.  It was evil and it took 5 days to finish.  I am happy with it now but I really need to STOP MOVING THINGS AROUND! I'll share pictures soon but for now here are some of my twinkly trees and lights :)

And last but not least, one of the things I look forward to all year in this little town is the ridiculous amount of craft sales around Christmas!  I went to one last weekend that was more of an artisan/high end sale where all I bought was a container of garlic dip.  But today I had much more luck :)

I LOVE handmade knitted goodies.  I feel like I am in Harry Potter when I have knitted things.  If you're a fan of Harry Potter you KNOW the amount of amazing, cozy knitted things in the books and movies!  I can't knit other than a straight line so I take advantage of this sale to get gorgeous home made creations.  The multi colored socks were from a mother and daughter duo and let me tell you, these things are like an inch thick.  I love them!  The striped mittens were made by them as well.  The white socks and green mittens were made by a LOVELY older lady, she must have been in her 80's.  The mittens were only 2 dollars and the socks only 7, which sort of broke my heart a little because they are so precious I personally believe they were worth more.

I also got some warm and festive candles from a lady I visit each year at the show, they're called Mistletoe Whisper and Victorian Christmas.  Ouuuu the Victorian Christmas one, I just love the name!  It smells like cinnamon and coziness!

Oh well, I am off, I am cooking a chicken stew for my wee family (which I just burnt my tongue on, OUCH!)

       Jenn :)