Friday, November 11, 2011

Gypsy Dressing Room, A Piece of My Art and Bath and Body Works Holiday Goodies!

As you may know, after the A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party I grew very very naughty indeed and decided my witchy side needed a bit of glamour.  I'm going to be honest... I was watching the movie Burlesque and was a little inspired to create a beautiful space to express all of my little glam, girly needs.  So a dressing room was in order.  I am only 19 and still live at home but I have two rooms at my disposal: my boudoir, which is my lace filled turret room and will always be a boudoir (meaning it will always house my bed), and then another room... my little private sanctuary.  I have many interests, but my main ones are art and beauty / fashion.  So this room has been tossed around a lot between being a little dressing room and a study /  studio.  I am very pleased with this transformation though and hope I don't change it again too soon! (I worked so flipping hard on it I don't think I could undergo it again anyhow!)  So without further ado, here she is, my Gypsy Dressing Room!

Of course, what dressing room would be complete without a dressing table?

Shoe shelves!

Some shelves for frames A Fanciful Twist postcards and a painting I did of the Green Man.  Also, of course, my silver tree! (And a Monster High doll next to eat that seems to have toppled over and died, haha).  As you can see, lots of drawers are necessary in this room.  It houses ALL of my clothes and accessories.  The only thing I keep in my boudoir are my pyjamas.

Of course, the ACTUAL closet part of the closet.  I replaced the doors with red curtains to give it a more  Burlesque /  Gypsy kind of feel.  The removal of the doors also made the closet seem like a separate little alcove and made the room seem way larger.

And just for fun I picked up some candy cane lights for the mantle in my bedroom.

Something I have never shared before is the fact that, not only do I love to buy and admire whimsical art, I like to create it too!  This one was painted a couple of years ago and is called "The Boatman's Dream". I consider myself a folk or primitive artist.  It is hardly a professional thing and I have never shown or sold any art, it is purely for me.  To paint the way I see things on the inside.  There is nothing like putting paint to canvas.  It unleashes a flood of things.

So... as this post seems to be all over the place anyway, I thought I would share my recent Bath and Body Works binge.

Can I just say, their new Pink Sugarplum fragrance for Christmas is DIVINE.  I am hooked!

Their candles are my absolute favourite of any brand.

Hee hee... the box when it arrived.  That is just pure rottenness.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful 11/11/11.  Don't forget to makes big wishes and dream enormously today, for they are all sure to come true!

Lots of Love!



Cameron said...

That dressing room is lucky you are to have 2 rooms to play in :)

I love your art has such a serene quality to that you do it just for you, too...

goddessof4 said...

I love your dressing room!!!!! I have a small dressing room that is attached to the master bedroom. This room was the reason we bought our house (the dressing room and our kitchen sink)!!!!!! If you write dressing room in the search section of my blog you can see posts I wrote about it!!!!!! Sara

MelMel said...

Your blog is such a fun place!
You remind me of my 19 yr old self.....I always felt as though I was born decades too late!

I love the 40's and 50's......!

Found you via Posy....


Mademoiselle Angeline said...

Hi Jenn!

Wow I love your separate little dressing room! Such a cute idea :)

And your artwork is very unique :) I wish you would sell some of it! You could go far.

Also, I too am a huge fan of Bath and Body Works products. I spend WAYYY to much money when I go in there, so I haven't been in there for a while, but since you mentioned a pink sugarplum fragrance, I might have to take a peek...

Thanks for sharing!

xx Jessica
A Woodland Fantasy

P.S...check out for some wintery surprises...