Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Magic and Christmas Treats!

Hello everyone!  I hope Halloween was good to you.  Mine was low key but lovely.  I made sure to do some extra magic on the day, after all the veil between the two worlds is the thinnest then and magic is at its most potent!  I managed to snap a few shots of my mischief to share :)

As you can see there were apples involved :).  This new year I want to draw love into my life.  I have love from family and friends but I must be honest, Prince Charming is extremely evasive.  So this was my goal this Halloween, a little love magic!

If you are interested I was using the book Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf as reference.  I find Ravenwolf a little controversial, however, this book is extremely innocent fun.

After Halloween I am ready to jump in to Christmas full force!  This is a pattern every year...  Sometimes it makes me angry how the Halloween decorations seem to be completely overwhelmed by the Christmas decorations in the stores by mid October.  Can't I enjoy them both separately!  By the time Halloween actually arrives, you'd think it was half way through December by walking into Wal-Mart!

Nonetheless, I have taken it upon myself to decorate for Christmas this past week.  Most people start after Thanksgiving, but since Thanksgiving is in early October in Canada, November is a pretty boring month.  Not going to lie... being the obsessive furniture re-arranger that I am, after the Halloween party I turned my study into a dressing room... I don't know what provoked me.  It was evil and it took 5 days to finish.  I am happy with it now but I really need to STOP MOVING THINGS AROUND! I'll share pictures soon but for now here are some of my twinkly trees and lights :)

And last but not least, one of the things I look forward to all year in this little town is the ridiculous amount of craft sales around Christmas!  I went to one last weekend that was more of an artisan/high end sale where all I bought was a container of garlic dip.  But today I had much more luck :)

I LOVE handmade knitted goodies.  I feel like I am in Harry Potter when I have knitted things.  If you're a fan of Harry Potter you KNOW the amount of amazing, cozy knitted things in the books and movies!  I can't knit other than a straight line so I take advantage of this sale to get gorgeous home made creations.  The multi colored socks were from a mother and daughter duo and let me tell you, these things are like an inch thick.  I love them!  The striped mittens were made by them as well.  The white socks and green mittens were made by a LOVELY older lady, she must have been in her 80's.  The mittens were only 2 dollars and the socks only 7, which sort of broke my heart a little because they are so precious I personally believe they were worth more.

I also got some warm and festive candles from a lady I visit each year at the show, they're called Mistletoe Whisper and Victorian Christmas.  Ouuuu the Victorian Christmas one, I just love the name!  It smells like cinnamon and coziness!

Oh well, I am off, I am cooking a chicken stew for my wee family (which I just burnt my tongue on, OUCH!)

       Jenn :)


rachelsmith133 said...

Your Christmas Decorations are looking lovely.

Jennifer said...

Thank you! You are too kind :)

Jessica said...

Dear J,

This was an amazing post! I too am searching for Prince Charming, so good luck to us both :)

And I know what you mean about all the stores just bursting into Christmas full swing. It's not even Thanksgiving yet, people! But I have to say, I am sooooo ready for Christmas! I am eager to get all of my decorations out and am getting my gifts in order to avoid the usual last minute holiday rush. And I can see that I am not the only one :) Your Christmas trees and other decorations are just beautiful! I love twinkling lights!

I am also very grateful to you for your Harry Potter reference with the knitted items (which are adorable by the way) because I am a HUGE Harry Potter nut and I really appreciate that you mentioned him :)

Well, thanks for a lovely, post, darling. Hope to hear from you soon!

A Woodland Fantasy

P.S. Check out for a little Halloween story about the Hallow's Eve princess and an enchanted ring :) (and a couple of witches, too :)

lvroftiques said...

Hi Jennifer!
What a lovely world you've created for yourself! I personally live in a 1920's French garret (In Seattle lol!) *winks* So I can really appreciate your design aesthetic.
I hope your love spell works on a beau, but it's sure working on your readers *winks* I love the Halloween AND Christmas decor! Also the knitted goodies are wonderful too, and do remeind me so much of Harry Potter. Vanna