Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Lace Filled Tower, Sophie and Emily, and a Christmas Tea!

Recent events have lead me to ponder this little room I live my life in.  I really do feel a bit like Rapunzel sometimes... though I am afraid I let my hair down too often for imposter princes.  What I really need to do, as the lovely Cameron at Paint Myself Pretty told me last week (thank you for your beautiful advice, it touched me deeply!) I need to find a prince good enough to leave my tower for.  So I figured it was high time I revealed a little bit of my lace filled turret room, which to be honest is not actually a turret at all.  It is in the back corner of the house and has a beautiful view of the enchanted forest grounds, so I reckon that's good enough.  I did a little updating to my boudoir this past week, because my lovely mother bought me a HUGE white bookshelf to house all of my tales.  I was pleased as punch!  It fits in perfectly and I love it!

A couple of different views of my room:

As you may or may not have noticed, there are a couple of girls in there who were hand painted by myself.  Their names are Emily and Sophie (Emily in blue, Sophie in pink).  I wanted to create a sort of Victorian dolly feel with these two gals, and so I painted them on wallpaper!  I think they look quite sweet as a pair.

Jessica over at A Woodland Fantasy is to be holding a Christmas tea!  Oh please participate with us will you???  It will be an absolute delight!



Jessica said...

OOOH I love your room! It is so pretty and lovely! And your paintings are delightful! I love the idea of painting them on wallpaper. Such a cleaver idea :)

And I am so glad that you have found Prince Charming. Don't worry, I don't want to vomit! Haha and I felt a little thrill when you posted that bit at the end about the Christmas tea! I hope that advertises the event more :)))

Ta ta for now! :)

xx Jessica
A Woodland Fantasy

goddessof4 said...

I love your room!!!! I especially love the chandelier and canopy bed!!!!! What a great bookcase too!!!!! You know you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get your prince!!!!! Good luck!!!!! Sara

Cameron said...

Oh are so sweet....I only speak the truth...

...and as risky as it may seem to make yourself vulnerable and share your private world...I believe the positives far outweigh the harm.
Please understand how wonderful, delightful and utterly likeable you are...what a witty and talented and forgiving soul you are inviting us to know better here :)
Chase love with swift feet if it feels right to do so...and make no apologies for listening to your heart!

I wish I had a room like dreamy...a place to rest your head and imagine that nothing's impossible. I love that you display your own art, too! I paint something new about twice a month...and don't have anything of mine hanging in my entire house...haha! I'm always trying to sell them instead...
I really like that you created these girls solely for your enjoyment :)I wish to follow in your footsteps very soon....

Thank you for giving us a bigger glimpse into your life....and loves :D

Jessica said...

P.S...I responded to your comment on my blog in the comments section. (I love Barbie and the Nutracker! Not lame at all!)

lvroftiques said...

Well I can certainly see why you wouldn't want to leave your lovely garret *winks* I wouldn't want to leave it either!

As for prince charming...If he doesn't adore you and the lovely world you've created for yourself? He's only (possibly) charming, but certainly NO prince! Only time will tell.
More importantly realize that you ARE a PRINCESS!! And highly deserving of someone who will treat you as such! So doors will need to be opened for you and capes spread on puddles *winks* Vanna

Jo said...

Your room is so cozy & beautiful, I love it! (To have had one like it when I was your age, I may never have moved out of my mother's LOL!)

Treehugger_31 said...

What an enchanting space! :) I love everything from your plush bed to your adorable paintings!