Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happiness No Matter What and Thrifted Goodies

Apologies for the two-week blogging break.  The world has kicked me in the butt lately.  It started with Prince Charming... not so charming.  I hate to say it like this but I just don't think he was that into me hahaha.  Harsh but true.  Last week my friend and her boyfriend broke up, I was at uni until 10 pm with her every night and on Skype until 2 am.  I love her and am not complaining, it was just a bad thing to happen to her.  No one likes to see their loved ones in pain.  Last Thursday my father was admitted to the hospital.  He is alright and has since been released but it is stressful to have a parent ill.  I am in the midst of end of term exams and have had an essay due in each class.  I've had to unfortunately ask for extensions in a couple of these classes, something I HATE to do.  I don't like it when people think their exceptions are the exception.  But alas I did it.  This weekend there was another imposter prince, which I won't detail.  But I am coming to the conclusion that this damsel does not need to be saved, more like left alone for a while.  So no more Prince Charming posts from me, because let's face it girls, he doesn't exist.

Through all of this nastiness, I woke up this morning feeling incredibly happy.  In the past two weeks I haven't cried, I haven't been angry, nothing.  I have just sort of accepted everything a little bit apathetically.  I have also been worried about myself, wondering if this is the healthiest way to go about things.  But my cheer this morning makes me realize that I have so many beautiful things in my life, I suppose I didn't want to worry about ones that would be insignificant in the long run.  My assignments have gotten done, my friend is fine, my dad is fine, I AM FINE.  Besides, how could one not be cheerful when she wakes up to this outside of her window:

Indeed!  A Winter Wonderland has struck us!  My car is buried in about a foot of snow, which makes me happy I am not planning on leaving the house today.  I suppose that's the benefit of living in Canada, we usually have white Christmasses.  Except for about 6 years ago, when I was in the ninth grade.  No snow at all!

I decided to pop by the local Value Village yesterday for some much needed retail therapy.  I much prefer thrift stores to malls, no one is going to have what you buy and you have the opportunity to find some really unique and amazing things.  I was on the hunt for some winter woolies, as I never feel like I have enough.  Here I go again referencing Harry Potter, but knitted things make me feel like I am Hermione Granger or something! HEE HEE!  Not to mention our Great Hall at uni has a big old Christmas Tree in it!  Hardly as nice as the Hogwarts Great Hall but still... it makes me smile.

I love Aran Sweaters and this one was hand knitted.  For only 5 dollars.... seriously.  Thrifting is amazing.

I also picked up a couple of girly little items that made me smile.  A while back I picked up a handmade figurine that looked just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I think I paid two bucks and I loved it because someone made it and it was special and unique.  Well yesterday I found this one, and it was signed by the same artist!  It was 1.99$!  Bought :)

This lovely box, I like to think it's Cinderella's treasure box :)  It looks like it would be.

A carpet bag, to add to my growing collection of carpet bags.  I believe this obsession began with Little House on the Prairie, I always remembered the beautiful carpet bag the Ingalls' used as a suitcase and wanted one so bad.  I have yet to find one that looks perfectly Victorian but I think this one is pretty good.  For 6 dollars, I am not going to complain.

A lovely Marie Antoinette type frame.

And a couple of decorations from around the house.  Our big tree is finally up and I love it.  My mom did quite a good job I must say.  I also dressed the fireplace with some greenery, fake of course, I would leave real trees and all that but my mother refuses!  Harsh.  Haha, actually it is probably a lot tidier this way.

I leave you with this:  the quite possible coziest most Victorian and delightful Christmas special in history.  Beatrix Potter's Tailor of Gloucester


Jessica said...

Dear J,

There is so much to say! First of all, I am so sorry for everything you have had to endure, but I admire the fact that you stayed optimistic. (And like you said, who wouldn't be bursting with joy after witnessing Mother Nature's beautiful little gift right outside your door?) Living in California, we don't have white Christmases here, sadly, so the concept of it snowing at your very own house is a foreign yet delightful thought!

I am very sorry that things didn't work out between you and Prince Charming. And as much as I would like to disagree with your earlier statement, I have to sadly say that I too believe the perfect, fairy-tale knight in shining armor prince charming doesn't exist. But a girl can dream...

I have also been stressed out about school lately. Oh my goodness! I mean, waaaay too much stuff is going on! Chemistry is especially challenging for me...

I love your Christmas decorations! So lovely! And although I would like to have our tree and garlands be fresh, when they are fake they last longer and are much less messy. Having a fake tree is actually much more convenient.

And the video was lovely too :) If you would like to see what has been going on in my neck of the woods (do you like my play on words there?) pop on over to A Woodland Fantasy for a little peek into my newest obsession--owning a tiny house specifically for Victorian girly goodies! Yay! (Hopefully I will get up a pre-party post later tonight :) Super excited for the tea!

Keep dreaming!

xoxo Jessica
A Woodland Fantasy

Cameron said...

Jennifer Sweetheart!

What a trying couple weeks you've had....and yet, you are smiling and taking note of all the good in your life and savoring all that is precious and perfect this minute.

I love that...
A truly content soul....that cad Prince Alarming is really missing out! It's one is a Prince all the's finding the one you love even in their less charming states...that is the challenge. I'm so glad I'm not expected to be perfect. I would always fail....haha!

Thrift shopping is so much found some great stuff!
That carpet bag makes me imagine you with your hair up, in a cute little hat and lace up boots....very Mary Poppins-y...heehee! Adorable :)

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments and sweet visits over at my little bloggy space. You just make me smile from head to toe :D

Here's to a fantastic weekend and week ahead...
Much love,

Jessica said...

Dear J,

My mom picked up the chocolate kisses one day and I was amazed because I didn't even know they existed! Soooo good! (like I need the extra chocolate :) And I'm really glad that you enjoy cupcakes and pink and blue and silver and sparkles as much as I do :)

I hope your holiday season is amazing and lovely!


lvroftiques said...

Jennifer take it from me your prince charming will come along just have to kiss a bunch of toads first *winks* And a real Prince will be willing to go on a quest for you....If he doesn't bow down and adore the ground you walk on?....Ain't no prince...just sayin' *winks*
I found mine and he was in the disguise of a regular customer at my store....but sure enough he was indeed a prince! And we've been married now for 15 yrs. *winks*

OK now you know what? I could swear (And unfortunately I'm very good at it) that there's the same painted doll at MY Value Village! I was just there and I picked it up and thought about buying it.....Great minds my friend! And I echo your sentiment about woolies and Hermoine Granger. I just LOVE em! Especially HUGE cable pieces, be they blankets or sweaters....They make me look as big as a beached what, but I don't care! Anyhoo I hope you and your family have a wonderful NEW YEAR! Vanna