Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm late, I'm late. For a very important and festive date! A Woodland Fantasy Christmas Tea 2011!

Oh dear me.  I must apologize.  A wheel fell off my carriage on the way to this most splendiferous of events.  I assure you, I wouldn't miss it for the world.  I have no valid excuse.  It is a very busy time of year.  But what  do you know, I pulled out my watch and looked at the time this fair evening....

Well... to be completely honest I don't really know what my watch is trying to tell me...  It is either 6:22... or 5:38... or  6:38... or 5:22.  I really don't know hee hee.  But I know that I am very very late!  And for that I do apologize dear Jessica.

As I trot along in my fur lined cape I notice there are some suspicious prints in the snow.  RABBITS?!  Could there be RABBITS at this party?!  I would simply expire with glee!

Now that I have arrived at my most loveliest of destinations, I must wonder what is going on in the doll house!  I heard nothing but scurrying up there earlier and am aching to take a peek!  However... I know how its inhabitants appreciate their privacy, so perhaps I will take a secret photo and not invade toooooo much hee hee!

Ok... just one little peek through the windows...  Oh look!  The family of rabbits is appear to be having a meeting.  MY MY!  They are discussing the wonderful tea at A Woodland Fantasy they are in attendance of!  I must be honest, it is the sweetest of occasions.  Christmas spirit and all, one almost gets a tear in her eye thinking of the warmth and kindness felt this season.

Would you like to see my fabulous clothing for the occasion?  To be honest... I thought pyjamas were the best costume for the day.  So I wore red ones in honour of the holiday :)  But the shoes were pure party and pure Cinderella.

Now let's see what this rabbit family has gotten itself into... ahhhh yes, settled down comfortably next to an ENORMOUS tea set. 

Alright... let's be honest.  These are some very tiny tea cups.  These are also some VERY tiny rabbits.  Perhaps those bunny prints in the snow didn't belong to these particular rabbits...  This cup couldn't hold more than a couple of thimbles full!  At 5'3" I am not a very big human, but let's be honest I am no Thumbelina!

Oh dear the baby bear family seems to have gotten itself entwined in the shrubbery!  The scent is divine, I do not blame them.  

Have I mentioned the treats at this party?  YUM!!!!  Sugar cookies with Christmas kisses and sparkly cupcakes!

Ok... I'll admit this one is not quite edible... but it looks delicious and is a feast for the eyes!

Oh... I apologize... would you care for a cuppa?  I've spiked it with holiday cheer :)

Happy holidays everyone and make sure to stop by Jessica's for some lovely Christmas tea and treats!
Thank you to Jessica for having this party!  It was wonderful and I am so pleased to have gotten to partake in it, even if I was late!

Lots of love,


Bobbypin Bandit said...

That cupcake ornament is fantastic!

I remember those flocked rabbits! I love them... they are so soft and adorable.

I hope you had fun at that Woodland Holiday Tea Party!

Jessica said...

Oh Jenn! So lovely! And don't worry about being late--it happens to the best of us. (I appreciate your use of the word delightful in your comment--extremely appropriate, I must say!) I love your little family of rabbits and bears and the tea set is simply remarkable! Also, your attire sounds super comfy, and the Cinderella shoes look simply divine!

Thank you so much for participating and I hope you have a magical December!

Take care, sugarplum (ha ha)

A Woodland Fantasy

Cameron said...

An offering of sweets, a hot cuppa and cute, furry company on a cold evening is never too late! Thank you so much for the invite....I seem to be most appropriately dressed (though I am shamed to admit I've been in my PJ's all day....heehee). I'll remember to don my fanciest shoes next time, though!

A very, Merry Christmas to you, Dear Jenn....and to your family, too! May your cheeks hurt from smiling too much, your sides ache from laughing too much...and your heart be warmed by giving too much :D


Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist} said...


I have to say, your bedroom, you, your over-all charm and loveliness, absolutely wonderful! Your room is so dreamy and romantic. If I didn't know better, I would think I was in exquisite Victorian times! Dreamy!!

You are so lovely!

rachelsmith133 said...

What a wonderful teaparty. Is that a Sylvanian Family set? They are sooo cute.

lvroftiques said...

Jennifer what an enchanting post! Yes I know I'm late for the festivities but could I have some of that "spirited" tea? *winks* I just love some Christmas spirit any way I can get some lol! Vanna