Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cozy Nights

On nights like these...

I find myself here...

With this big old electric thing on high...

Burning this yummy Yankee candle in Pomegranate Cider...

Watching everyone's favourite wizard on my screen...

Drinking tea and reading wonderful stories of adventure and whimsy...

When I was younger I was obsessed with this movie called The Princess and the Goblin.  I believe it's on Youtube, I'll put a link here.

Anyhow, if you have some time to sit and watch a cozy, whimsical, wonderful little fairy tale, I definitely recommend it.  The point I am getting at is that I live in a mining town, and all night long I can hear the mining equipment and the noises, as well as the smoke from the smelters and such.  This isn't too loud and it's only if I leave my window open.  The goblins in the Princess and the Goblin have mines, and I like to pretend that I live near Goblin mines... not regular ones.  HAHA!  It makes the whole icky mining process a lot more magical.  I am all safe and sound in my lace filled tower while the goblins are mining away past the mountains.

Here are the books!  I also highly recommend the song that Curdie sings in the movie.  It'll be JAMMED in your head in the most wonderful way possible.

I have a secret... since Christmas I've been hoarding treasures in this wonderful box my mum got me...


Oh yes I really am that rotten!  I don't like jelly beans... but I love the look of them because they make me think of Bertie Bott's.  Which I of course, love.

Hope all is well in all of your whimsical worlds.

Lots of love,
(and Mr. G, of course)


Jessica said...


Wow the view outside your lace filled turret is so surreal! (Especially since in California we don't get snow...the whole concept is sublime to me!) The image of your cozy room looks absolutely perfect. I can just imagine settling down for a long read of Harry Potter while watching Harry Potter and eating Bertie Botts. (I actually bought Bertie Botts one time at Walgreens and I don't like jelly beans either, but anything Harry Potter related is okay in my book! Anyway, some were good, and others...well, the vomit flavored was pretty gross :)

And I will definitely have to check out The Princess and the Goblin! Sounds good! And did I see a Fairyopolis book somewhere? Because I have the same one, haha! (Also, I am in the process of buying Princess Alyss of Wonderland because it looked so good :) I also ordered The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens so hopefully that's good too. And I know what you mean about being so busy you just can't partake in leisure activities. I read every night and sometimes I'm so pooped that I just can't. Sad, sad :(

On a brighter note, I can't believe you have a little fire place in you room! My friend from The Whimsical wants one too. I am a fan as well :)

Thanks for sharing a wonderful and magical post!

Ta ta for now!
xoxo Jess

Cameron said...

Hi Jenn!

Look at that cozy bed chamber you get to enjoy! So pretty.....I'd never want to leave it, either :D

I checked out that movie....I had never heard of it before! I didn't watch the whole thing, but it reminded me so much of the old Hobbit cartoon I watched as a kid...

I'll need to show this to Maggie :)

Stay warm and comfy in your tower, Dear Maiden....but be wary of consuming too many sweets....heehee!

online parenting class said...

your room looks really cozy and comfy. makes me wanna cuddle there. hehe

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Jenn! I can't believe the snow! I am glad you are keeping warm in your gorgeous room.

I remember that book the Princess and the Goblin... I might have my own copy somewhere around here. I never knew it was turned into a movie! I'll have to watch it straight away!

I love your Valentine decor!

Stay warm!

lvroftiques said...

Hi Jenny!
I watched the whole thing! I'd never heard about it before and it was really sweet.
Again I say "why would you ever want to leave that wonderful tower of yours?" Especially in the snow...How cosy!...And with goblins outside lol!

Did you ever see the movie The Secret of Roan Innish? It's about an Irish fairy tale. I think you'd like it *winks* Vanna

Jessica said...

Congrats on winning the wee elfin, Jenn! I felt giddy when I saw the picture on Vanessa's post with your name (and Mr. G's) written on it! Soooo excited for you :)

xoxo Jess