Monday, January 30, 2012

Elfin Arrivals and Tumultuous Journeys

Tumultuous journeys is correct! 

What must have happened en route from Arizona to Ontario is beyond me.

Vanessa, did you tape the brown paper up like that or did customs try and take a peek?

I have no idea what the black is under the tape... that's what makes me think Willa's journey was tumultous!

Tough stuff!

Vanessa is SOOO sweet <3

Swathed in some purple tissue...

And she sees the light for the first time in a couple of weeks!  I would like to introduce everyone to Willa Piecrustbottoms Elfonzo, who has just immigrated to Canada!  They roughed up her packaging crossing the border, but her bubble wrapping remained intact, ensuring her perfect state upon arriving.

I immediately offered her a cuppa and requested details about her journey.  

Not wanting to make a bad impression she did not complain about the rough customs agents and postal workers, and how the handled her.  She said her journey was quite pleasant and she was pleased to be at her destination!  I am afraid she must have been sitting in the mail box until I arrived home from school at 4:30, and the mail lady usually comes around 12:30.  That's 4 hours.  It's quite cold here in comparison to Arizona.  For example, according to it is -8 degrees celsius (17.6 degrees fahrenheit) where I live, and in Catalina right now it is 22 degrees celsius (71.6 degrees fahrenheit).  Eek!  What a shock to poor Willa's system!  I assure you, her accomodations will be comfortable tonight, and well... for as long as she lives with me (which I do hope will be forever.)

I introduced her to the local rabbit family:

It's quite possible that Willa will be sleeping on that very couch this evening, until her home is prepared.  I gave her a bit of a preview.  I swear, I WILL get the interior done soon!

I think she will fit in here just beautifully :)

Thank you SO SO much to Vanessa for letting Willa come live with me.  She is utterly beautiful and I am so happy to have her here.

Lots of love,


Jessica said...

YAY! WILLA CAME! Oh I was looking forward to this post for a long time! I am sure that Willa will be especially happy with you Jenn, you are such a sweetheart and Willa is too :) Bake a pie together for me, won't you darling?

I am so excited for the both of you and can't wait until Willa's new home is completed! I am just DYING to see it! Literally! (haha, okay, not literally, but figuratively :) I am glad that Willa made it safe and sound and I hope that you have a wonderful time together :)

Jess xoxo

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh Jenncakes!!!

Beautiful Willa!! Of course, I did not wrap Willa as such, poor baby, customs people unwrapped her parcel open, how sad. Well, at least she is in one piece :)

I wonder what they thought was in the package?

I guess I did send it in a funny shape due to all the bubble wrap.

Yuu are giving her the bestest of homes!!

Can't wait to see the house!

So much love to you both!! You must infuse us with Willa tales ;)

Love, V

Melanie Statnick said...


A Magical Whimsy said...

Poor Willa! At least she arrived in one piece. I love her little mice friends and their cozy little sofa and chair. (My! I didn't know Canadian Customs could be so mean to a little fairy!)
Glad she is okay!
Sweet dreams Willa! Sleep tight!

Cameron said...

She looks quite relieved and utterly content to have finally made it to her forever home!! She is such a cutie....a perfect addition to your collection little friends!

Sacred Keep said...

♥ she looks cheeky...Adorable...
did she have a smoke bath to cleanse her?...
she does look content ♥

Heidi said...

I was awaiting this post on both blogs, and so glad to see that little Willa has made it through the snow, customs, and just in time for tea with the rabbit family! I am just sure that she will love her new home : )

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Brave,brave Willa, welcome to Canada! Your new home looks safe and comfy...those memories of the terrible crossing will soon be just that...Good Job Jenn, love the bunny family :)))
Hope to hear more very soon ♥Debi

lvroftiques said...

Well no wonder little Miss Willa looks so happy now that she's living in your enchanted tower with you! Travel can be so taxing! I can see that she will shortly have some lovely accommodations of her very own! Lucky girl *winks* Vanna

rachelsmith133 said...

Ahhh you're providing such a lovely home for Willa that I'm sure she'll soon forget the journey.

Oh! The Fanciful Twist postcard you have framed is the same one I have on my desk at work. It gives me something pretty to look at rather than a boring blank wall. :-)

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I am so glad Willa made it to you safely!

Those customs people can be crazy!

That switch in weather is drastic, but it looks like you're taking good care of Willa!

Jessica said...

Jenn you are amazing :) Thanks for the inspiring words of wisdom. I will not go to Neverland and never come back!! (although...when you go to Neverland, how do you not come back if it's never? Now I'm confused!!)

Haha you are an amazing person and I am glad that you are my email big sister :)

xoxo Jess

Queenie Believe said...

The brave and intrepid Willa has made it home!!! YEAH!!! I'm definite sure she will love her new home.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
P.S. Thank you for your wonderful comments on Queenie's wee blog.

lvroftiques said...

Jennifer it's really hard to find actual antiques in my part of the US also. We're just not a very old part of the country. And if you do they cost a ton! Definitely more junquetiques....Things that look like they came from an 80's garage sale, but the fun for me is in the hunt! I love to ferret through attics and basements (And front window displays lol!) to find the treasure! *winks* Vanna