Friday, January 13, 2012

Making Room For Art & Paint Myself Pretty!

Hello ladies!

I was chuffed as can be (I use British slang in regular conversation now, I think it's a side effect of too much Harry Potter) when I received a parcel in the mail from the loveliest of lovely people, Cameron at Paint Myself Pretty.  Can I just say, the shipping took literally 3 business days!!!  Cameron's in California!  I'm in Ontario!  That's utterly insane.  Kudos to both Cameron and the lovely folks at USPS and Canada Post.  HAHA!

Cameron has just been the dearest and most wonderful person through this whole process of me starting to blog.  She has been there from day one commenting and saying the kindest things to me and being supportive of my whimsical self.

Her art work speaks for itself, it is so, so divine.  I've been obsessed with these pieces since they arrived.  Constantly staring at them and being filled with joy just at the sight of them.  The first piece is called Butterfly Garden and she lives on top of my fireplace for now.  I can see her from my bed as I type this and she makes me squeal with delight!

My camera and the lack of sun do not do justice to how pretty she is.  I apologize for the shadow caused by my body that has fallen across her face HAHA!

Isn't she so completely beautiful?  Makes me wish it was Summer :)

And the second piece is called Gypsy Girl, so what better place to hang her than the Gypsy Dressing Room?

Ok my camera is terrible and I am angry with it... but seriously.  This is such a beautiful, beautiful piece. She's so mysterious, something I'd like to portray when getting dressed so what a perfect place for her.  

Cameron, thank you SO SO much for painting these beautiful pieces and offering them on your Etsy.  You really make the world a better place with your art.  Literally just the happiness I am filled with when I look at these everyday, well it's bliss :)

Art is bliss :)

Cameron's blog is

And her Etsy is:

As far as art and painting go for myself, well I find I really have to be in the mood to create.  I haven't done much of it in the past year, but I hope to contribute more time to it.  When meeting someone new a couple of months ago, they asked me what my hobbies were.  After naming a few things I threw in as an afterthought "Oh I paint!"  BADNESS!  When he asked me what sort of painting I do I said "Oh it's silly really... just silly little paintings."  That's terrible!  I am so very unhappy with myself for that!

You see, the thing is I have never really taken my art seriously.  It's always been a sort of side hobby.  But I've grown to love it, and seeing how much I appreciate the art of others I understand now that my art is a very important part of my life.  Art saves.  It takes us away from this often very rotten world and allows us to soar in a land that is all our own.  No one has to go there if we don't want to invite them, but when we do let others into our magical little art world we often find that they feel the same way about their own art, and even (if you're lucky) ours.

So I guess what I'm (ramblingly) trying to say is WHO CARES how silly what you do may seem at the time.  I think the little things that make life so nice are really the big things in the end...


I have made a little space to paint in my big white shelf:

Wish me luck!

P.S. Can I move in here...?

P.S.S.  This is my favourite singer.  Her name is Cara Dillon and she's an Irish folk singer.  Her song "Come Flying With Me" from the Tinkerbell soundtrack has got to be the loveliest thing I have ever heard.  I think I have chosen it as the song I will sing to my daughter every night before bed (when I have a daughter :P)

Four walls, a window, old wooden beams.
Your room overflowing with drawings and dreams.
Of a land where your wishes roam wild and free.
I'm right here beside you, come flying with me.

Don't be afraid now, beautiful girl.
Show me your courage and then show the world.
Spinning and soaring so fast and so high.
Pretend that this room is as vast as the sky.

Pretend you are brave and then brave you will be.
I'm right here beside you, come flying with me.

 Cara Dillon - Come Flying With Me .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine
Lots of love,


Cameron said...! I'm just so overcome with joy and humility.....and so much gratitude!! Thanks to you, Dear Jenn....
The fact that you love looking upon something I made with heart and hands makes me so very happy!
I think that is every artist's have little pieces of our souls connect with little pieces of a constellation on a starlit night :)

I love that little creative space you've made for yourself, too....nothing beckons the Muse like a crisp, clean work desk (mine just can't resist making a mess...haha!).
I hope you do find the time to escape in are an artist....everyone else already knows'll be the hardest to fully convince.

I went through the same thing. I've always had art in my life, but never took it seriously until about 2 years ago!
I had a little breakthru and wrote about it here:

Once you believe in yourself, the world will, too....and if they don't, it won't matter because you won't need validation from an outside source...
Create and be happy!

I have this song on my iPod :)

Lotsa love, hugs, support and thanks!

Donna Patrice said...

Lovely new paintings - what could be better to brighten the heart and walls in winter?? =) I agree about what you said about art saving and how we often see our own art as silly. I, too, have not made as much art in the past year as I am used to making and often ask myself, "am I even an artist?" to which I answer "YES! I AM an artist!". Let's make some art together this winter and share it and encourage one another! =)

Elizabeth said...

Dear Jenn, let me be the first to wish you Congratulations in being the lucky mumma for Willa from Miss V!! I am glad to have found your blog and I see that you have an Elfin heart, full of understanding and love for all things magical.

When Willa arrives in Canada, please let us see pictures of her in your delightful room full of "Laces and Broomsticks" !!

Elizabeth in Mississippi

Treehugger_31 said...

Cameron makes the most beautiful things, doesn't she? I adore that Gypsy Girl!

A Magical Whimsy said...

I HAVE to become a follower of your blog after being over at 'A Fanciful Twist' with Vanessa. Congrats on winning Willa! I know she will adore being with you and Mr. Gordo.
I love your blog!
George MacDonald is one of my favorite writers of all time. I will for sure watch 'The Princess and the Goblin'...thank you for the link.
Yup...and I have read the Harry Potter books several times over. I did a synopsis of LOTR and Harry Potter on one of my posts on my blog. I wish J.K. Rowling was writing more about H.P. but all good books come to a conclusion...but I still read them over again anyway! And the movies are amazing~
Have a lovely day!
Teresa in California

Jessica said...


I love the artwork! So inspiring, Cameron, I shall have to make a stop over to your shop on Etsy. (yay, a rhyme!)

I am in a similar situation as you, Jenn, because I love to paint (actually, sketch), but I just don't take myself seriously. I have been sketching Disney characters lately though, and my family and friends say they are good (but they are biased, so that isn't a completely accurate assumption). Come to later tonight and tell me what you think!

xoxo Jess

P.S. Sorry for the changes to the blog--I decided I needed to switch things up a little with the background! I promise I am done for a little bit...teehee :)

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Jenn
One of my other favorite George MacDonals books is 'The Golden Key' and I have a copy illustrated by Mercer Mayer. One of my brother's is a children's book illustrator (since he was 17, illustrating for Cricket Magzine) His own book just came out in April 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek' by Troy Howell. He has years behind him of illustrating children's books including the jacket covers of the hardbound 'Redwall' series books by Brian Jacques of England. My brother's blog can be found on a search of: Troy Howell Studio. He has two different posts about 'The Dragon of Cripple Creek' on his side bar in different places.
Anyway, I am writing two books myself, they are in rough draft form and I have LOTS of typing and editing to do. Wish me luck!
Teresa in California

Jessica said...

Jenn, I think you are right about the psychic connection! It is just too much of a coincidence that you ordered Peter Pan right when I did that post...and how I knew you were going to win Willa! And how we both love Mindy! So amazing!

And I think I agree with you on the Neverland vs. Wonderland front...I would like to visit Neverland a wee bit more as well over Wonderland...I mean, being sprinkled with pixie dust, able to fly, never grow up, defeat Captain Hook, meet some mermaids, and hang out with the Lost Boys all in one sitting sounds like a ton of fun to me! (Don't tell the Mad Hatter, but I think I just might get sick of him too if I had to hang out with him for too long :) TEEHEE!!!

Thanks so much for the compliments on the drawings, by the way, I appreciate it so much! And tackling that princess task sounds like a tough one! Did you ever finish? I would love to see how it turned out!

We shall have to keep each other updated on which books we are reading and what music we are listening too as well. I am going to give Hayley Westenra a try right now :)

Thanks for the splendid visit!

With love from one silly hunny bear to another,
Jess xoxo

P.S. You know how Vanessa throws that Mad Tea Party in June? We should organize a party related to Neverland! TINKERBELL FOREVER!!!! :D

lvroftiques said...

Oh Jennifer I can see why you're garnering such joy from Cameron's's lovely!
And I'm so glad you made space and gave respect to the art that you create.....I agree, we all see it already....You're the hard one to convince *winks* Vanna

Mademoiselle Angeline said...

Oh yes I will definitely email you! Like...right now! I left my email on the right hand side bar of my blog as well. We have similar ones...seriously I think the psychic connection is getting stronger because our emails are VERY similar! Haha!


goddessof4 said...

The paintings are so pretty!!!! I wish I had time to paint again too!!!!!! I need to finish a room in my basement that I started to make into a studio. Your post is inspiring me to just get going!!!!! Sara

lvroftiques said...

OMG Jenn how cool that you're of Irish ancestry! I'm not surprised at all that you had seen The Secret of Roan Inish. It's such a beautiful movie! I should be asking you what movies I should see? Since I'd never seen or even heard of the princess and the goblin. *winks* Hmmmm then you've probably seen The Water Horse.....and Big Fish? How about Hugo?....*winks* Oh and I have the dress forms in my shabby bedroom. It's really the only white super girly space I have in the whole house...Gotta keep the hubster happy! I found them for not too much on craigslist and antique stores. I've seen some of the body double dress forms by dritz go super cheap on ebay. If I find a great inexpensive one I'll give ya a heads up. If anyone should have a fabulous dress form it's you! *winks* Vanna

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Very beautiful artwork!

I love that piece of furniture... how lovely that you can display smaller artwork on that shelf area.