Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Christmas Goodies and New Year's Resolutions

Hello all!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday, unfortunately it is now over.  I am back to school tomorrow  :(  I really only had about 10 days of a break and I had to do A LOT of family stuff for most of it.  Not that I mind.  It was lovely.  I think my body was trying to tell me something though because I was terribly sick with a cold for most of my holidays!  I had just exerted myself too much over this semester and the sickness was my body's way of getting all the nastiness out I suppose.  

I would like to introduce you all to a very special someone.  This is Miss Lady and she is a spoiled rotten King Charles Cavalier mix.  She is utterly rotten but we love her :)


My brother's girlfriend Emma got me this vintage inspired makeup bag.  I love it!  It's soooo me :) Haha!

I got this pop up book called Enchanted Dolls' House Wedding.  It had several pop up Victorian houses and talks about Victorian, Edwardian, and Regency wedding traditions and dressing styles.  It's amazing!  It's a children's book of course haha, but it looks fantastic opened up on top of my fireplace.

I also got this book called Princess Alyss of Wonderland.  It's the pretend diary of "Alyss" who is a real princess of Wonderland but Lewis Carroll just told her story all wrong.  What a silly concept!  But it's delightful, and is a really really beautiful book.  It has little popups and envelopes to open.

And finally, do you guys know about Lush?  It's been my obsession for years.  Solid bubble bath and bath bombs, unique and delicious soaps.  It's an extremely innovative and fresh company but it's a little costly.  I didn't technically get any Lush for Christmas... I had bought a ton of the little gifts to give to friends and had two extras in the end.  Naughty naughty me... I opened them!  I know, that's so bad.  But I am an addict who needs help :)

They're even filled with multi colour old fashiony packing peanuts!  I love!

Now that all of that materialistic stuff that I love so much is out of the way, I have one really big New Year's resolution.  It's extreeeeeemely important and I think it should be everyone's resolution.  And it is:

Be my own best friend.  Protect and love myself.  Don't let anyone who doesn't have my best interests at heart into my life.  Do what I want to do and what is best for ME!  Stop trying to please everyone and make everyone happy, there's such a thing as being nice, then there's being a doormat.  It's a fine line between the two.  I want to love me and ALWAYS do what is in my own best interest.



Jessica said...

Oh Jenn!

Aww I am so sorry that you had to get sick over the break! (Break you say? Oh yeah, that thing where you don't have to do anything...well I guess my teachers missed the memo. I had hours of homework...)

Anyway, enough of my sob story...I am so glad that you got some nice things, you deserve them. And I really have to agree with your resolution--I think that will be mine too. I believe that being good to others is important, but it seems we try too hard to please others and lose ourselves in the process. Thanks for reminding me of that idea that we should respect ourselves as much as we respect others :)

Your gifts look amazing! The vintage bag is soooo cute and I am very jealous of your books! The Alyss one looks so cool, I think I will have to go out and buy it.

I hope you are not appalled when I write this but...I have never heard of Lush! Well, I have heard of bubble bath and beads, but never a specific kind called "Lush". Please forgive me :)

And oh my! The little doggie is so cute! What a sweetheart!

I just went back to school today too and guess what? I am already counting down the days to the next break. I guess I'm just upset that they don't give us a chance to be kids. I mean, high schoolers are still kids. I want to create and write and paint and do crafts, fun things. Instead I'm working on chemistry and AP world history (which I am beginning to regret taking because of the amount of work involved) and just wishing for the day to end. This is the only time I have to myself and blogging and looking at other's blogs (yours, teehee) is my one creative outlet. So thanks for making my day sweeter :)

And I saw your comment on my blog about the mint Hershey's kisses...did you try them? Were they good?? (I am also glad that you share my obsession with Harry Potter. Definitely a favorite of mine.)

I hope you keep dreaming and wishing and be good to yourself!

Wishing you well,

Jess xoxo
A Woodland Fantasy

one young thing said...

cute, i love your dog. and those christmas goodies look delicious. i hope you can nibble away now that you're (hopefully) feeling better!

and that's the best new year's resolution Ever.

Cameron said...

Hello Sweet Jenn!

Look at all those fun, fanciful goodies! Lotsa baths for you for a while, eh?!....teehee!
...and I have to agree...the older I get, the more I love to NOT camp, too....we go for 8 weeks in the Summer...tent camping, in sleeping bags! I used to be okay in the morning, but now, I can barely move...haha! But waking up to the sound of birds and the rustling of leaves...with soft rays of sunshine filtering in thru the branches...or better yet, emerging to a foggy, misty morning...where everything looks like you're still in a dream...

Well, there really is nothing like it. I guess I can be pain free and well rested when I'm dead :P
I want to experience all that I can (even if it's a bit uncomfortable)....

I admire your resolution. I think it is so important, yet so hard to do. Ultimately, you have to be the one who feels good about your decisions and the paths you choose....
Like that saying that no one can MAKE you do anything without your consent....the blame is not the other person's, but our own.
I'm proud of you for understanding your own special power and for finding the strength to make your Life everything you want it to be....without waiting for someone to fulfill these dreams for you....without expecting them to be easy to achieve....and without being afraid of what others will think of your self-confidence!

You are so young...and such an amazing woman already! Your parents must be incredible people....and so extremely proud of their girl!
It makes me excited as I anticipate the grown-up life my Maggie will have...to know that all the attributes and wishes I hope for her are alive and well :D
Thank you!

Happy New Year!
I have a feeling it's going to be the best one yet!

Hugs to you,

lvroftiques said...

First I hope your cold is finally gone?
2nd your Miss Lady is adorable!
3rd all your pressies are wonderful! I love all of them!
And 4th and really most important I'm so glad you're going to take care of YOU! You are a precious Princess don't you forget that *winks* Vanna

P.S when you get your fabulous house (And you will) I want to come visit.

Ariel Anderson said...

Omg. Those books look amazing! Do you know where they came from?? And I love lush too! My favorites are the comforter bubble bar and the dreamtime bath melt :)

I hope you have a great 2012 and I will join you in your resolution! XOXO, Ariel

Treehugger_31 said...

Miss Lady is super cute! I just love dogs. :)

Sounds like a great resolution!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Sorry to hear you got sick. I was feeling under the weather over the holidays, too.

Miss Lady is very sassy in her scarf!

I LOVE Lush... I love their glitter bath bomb... it's like fairy dust for the tub!

Happy New Year to you!