Friday, January 20, 2012

Yarn and Homes For Elves

Boy oh boy am I pleased this week is over.  It started off rather nastily I must say.  I spilled water all over my beloved computer!  And thus began the hunt for repairs... where each "expert" who was meant to be helping me with my plight treated me as a criminal!  As though I'd besmirched the name of all Apple consumers by knocking a glass of water onto my baby.  HELLO PEOPLE!  I am the victim here!!!

I apologize for that rant, but if I have been less available in the emailing or blogging universes, that's the reason.  I have a little netbook for now... not a very powerful machine but she will have to do for now.

I have indeed begun to create!  Surprisingly though, paint hasn't hit any canvases around here.  I've been doing more of the gluing, knitting, moulding sort of creating.  I have a knitted creation to share.  When I knit... well I only know how to do it in a straight line really.  And I would love to be able to create things like socks and mittens, but I haven't got the patience to learn.  I also crochet, but that is even worse as far as propriety goes.  I am all over the place with that.  I even use crochet hooks to sort of... sew yarn. Haha!  So without further ado, I am introducing you to my raglan quilt.

Isn't it utterly bonkers??  I am in bliss.  Yarn and colours and softness.  Ahhhh, wonderful.  

It looks little I know, but at just 5'3" it covers MY toes!  Perfection when the snow keeps on stacking up.  We were snowed in two days this week!  It just wouldn't stop!  I kind of enjoy an excuse to stay inside and create though :)  

Can you see the smoke rising up from the Goblin mines in the distance?  Perhaps not but I assure you it is there!  Everytime the sky is a pale violet and you can see the snow falling and it's one of those nights where everything is bright as day but it's so obviously night?  I love that... that's when I can feel the universe's magic the best.  That's what I consider true spirituality.  The ability to feel that greatness and expanse in nature.  It makes me think of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

I have been working on something that will be shared very soon!  It's for miss elfin Willa, to live in and call home.  So hopefully she'll love it.  I already have other plans in case she decides to move into the doll house instead.  Completely up to her.  Here's a sneak peak just for all of you...

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

P.S. You may have noted the layout changes around here.  Let me know what you think.  Though I must be honest... I don't know if I'd be able to figure out how to get it back the way it was anyway!  HAHA!


Queenie Believe said...

Willa will love the wee house you have prepared for her. Since she is coming from the land of the hot sun you might want to have a few extra blankets on hand as she gets used to the cold northern winter :o)
Your quilt is way fun!!!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

Ariel Anderson said...

Love the quilt! It is amazing! I wish I could knit, but I never had the patience to learn :)

Anywho, I am typing this from my phone, so this won't be a long comment, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello :)

XOXO, Ariel

Ps. I love the new look!

Ariel Anderson said...

Love the quilt! It is amazing! I wish I could knit, but I never had the patience to learn :)

Anywho, I am typing this from my phone, so this won't be a long comment, but I just wanted to drop by and say hello :)

XOXO, Ariel

Ps. I love the new look!

Cameron said...

I love that cute quilt! It's so gypsy perfect!
I was seeing if I remembered how to knit the other day and had enough yarn for 1 square. It's such a pretty color and so soft, but I had no idea what to do with's still sitting around.

Maybe I should send it to you?

I'm sorry to hear about your beloved computer!! I get uber cranky and antsy when i don't have access to one, too....I feel your pain!

I'm enjoying the new look, especially your tagline in the header....mischief, indeed...heehee ;P

Sacred Keep said...

I like your new layout...and always something interesting to see and read♥

Jessica said...

Oh Jenn! I am thrilled for you! I absolutely love the quilt! So wacky and Mad Hatter-ish. :) And who doesn't love a good Mad Hatter quilt?? Amazing!

That snow out there...and being closed inside a nice warm room, looking onto the smoky clouds from goblin mines...well, let's just say I am VERY jealous of you right now :)

And I do hope you get your computer back soon!! I remember when mine was in the shop several times, and I sort of felt lost without it...stumbling around and looking for something to do. Dependence on technology...we've already discussed this, but it still astounds me how technology serves as my crutch to the world!

And I am so excited to see what you have in store for wee Willa! It's going to be so fun!!!

Thanks for inspiring me to create :)

Hugs and hunny,
xoxo Jess

P.S. I love your blog makeover! I popped in when you have the pirate ship looking sails in the background too and that looked neat as reminded me about when we discussed pirates...haha!

P.S.S. You shall have to pop over to A Woodland Fantasy to see more of a blog makeover there as well...I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to do any more...but the header wasn't centered and it was driving me bonkers and I needed to fix it! So I just ended up making an entirely new header and using the other one as my blog button. Let me know what you think!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I am sorry to hear/read about your computer problems. Some of those IT people can be so rude. Boo to them.

I love your quilt! I don't know how to knit... so kudos to you! I can only crochet in a straight line, so I feel you there.

We are expected to get snow here in New Mexico on Wednesday... I hope we don't get goblins... that wouldn't be any fun at all!

goddessof4 said...

Beautiful Quilt!!!! Love the colors!!!!! I just gave you a Liebster Blog award!!!!! Stop by my blog to see what that is!!!!! Blessings,Sara

rachelsmith133 said...

Your quilt looks lovely and warm and cosy, very much needed by the look of all that snow. We haven't had any snow yet this winter so I admit I'm a little jealous, maybe February will bring some.

Oh and forgive me because I haven't answered your question about the Wind in the Willows I was watching. I can't find a trailer for it but it was a 2006 version on the BBC. Here is a link to the first 10 minutes

It's really good and Toad has the most amazing four poster frog bed. :-)

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Next time you visit puddleduck grange, jump over to misty haven and woolnbits, for home spun,dyed yarn tales and they raise their own alpacas! Your quilt is magnificent!!!! I adore it..♥Debi