Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello ladies :)

Hopefully you have all had beautiful weeks.

So this morning I took out my trusty gardening hat:

Popped all you gals' names inside.

Grabbed Willa, because she's a good name picker.  She picked my own name to win herself!


Congrats Heather!

Please contact me at with your snail mail!


P.S. Will be back later this week with some new pieces.  Have been cooking up a storm in the studio!

P.P.S. Don't watch Titanic when you're overtired or hungover.  I was crying my eyes out so badly last night.  The worst bit for me is always the very, very end, after old Rose has dropped the necklace in the ocean and they show young Rose entering the ball room or whatever it was again, and all the lovely people who died are there smiling, and Jack is there and they kiss, and all the dead people are clapping.  That part KILLS ME!  Especially the guy who built the ship, and the musicians who play the Parting Glass.  GAH!  I can't take it.  By the way, a little note on Titanic:  That's romance.  I don't think anyone should settle for less :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Renovations in my Gypsy Sanctuary and A GIVEAWAY?!?!

Hello beautiful people!

I have created :)

I have created a gift for my lovely step mom Nancy, who is really one of the kindest souls on the planet.

She loves Inukshuks.  If you don't know what Inukshuks are I direct you here because I am pretty sure Wikipedia can explain it better than me.

I created this with love for her birthday, and she LOVED it.  I was thrilled, because I am really amateur (at least I feel like I am) with art, and feel like I am still dipping my toes in it.

On Friday night my dad, Nancy, and I all went four wheeling through the forest at night.  We went all the way to the Native reserve and had dinner at the restaurant there.  It was really very magical.  The trees and snow.  We went for miles.  I love nature, it makes me feel so very connected to the great "is-ness".

But I am so glad I dove right into using my little studio.  I think I will be able to be found in there later tonight.  Creating my little heart's desires and making them real :)

I have been feeling particularly WITCHY of late.  In the best possible way.  I am always a witch (and a princess :)) but sometimes I just feel witchier than usual.  I am sure ladies can all understand ;)

So I have done a couple of things to my witchy room, or my gypsy dressing room as you all know it.  It needed seating, because it has a tv and dvd player.  I find I don't spend enough time in a room if it has no seating, or entertainment.  And I of course want to use both of my spaces to their utmost wonderfulness.  So I went into the garage and dragged this out.

It's an ancient, forest green, wicker love seat.  And it was filthy.  And it probably breaks a little more every time I sit on it.  HAHA!  But I kind of love it.  I've attacked it with fuschia silk, and a multicolored afghan crocheted by my mother in her teens.  I also have a home (finally) for the amazingly bohemian pillow I bought ages ago.  Isn't it amazing?!  The pillow, it's hard as rock but soooo pretty.

I also now have a place to read fortunes from.  Did you all know that about me?  I read tarot, and a crystal ball, and tea leaves, and palms.  I am quite good, or so I have been told ;)

I also strung some orange lights around the window.  They're a bit tacky... let's be honest.  But I can't help it.  The glow they add to the room is worth the tack.

Yep, as you can see things are always changing around here.  This seems to have turned into a decor blog for eccentrics, as well as an art blog HAHA!

Now onto what I am sure you've all been waiting for:

I would just love to issue a HUGEEEE thank you to all of the lovely folks that stop in here and send me love and kindness.

You have no idea how much it means to me and how much I appreciate all the beautiful support and acceptance I have gotten in this art blogging world.

I have found sharing my pieces in the real world to be a tempestuous choice, while sharing it here was practically a no brainer.  I have gotten nothing but positivity and kindness.

In order to thank you lovely people, I am offering the opportunity to win a little prize from me.  Unfortunately it's a little small, because if I'd added everything I WANTED to add the shipping would have been ridiculous.

Here are the pressies!

 An Iron Fairies Soy Candle, a little gypsy box, and a silver fleur de lis necklace.

The rules (sorry, there always have to be rules) are:

1 - You must be a follower of my blog
2 - You must tweet / facebook / blog about my giveaway (pretty please)
3 - You must tell me what your favourite magically related movie is!
4 - If you are under 18 you must ask your parents permission before entering

Simply let me know in your comment that you'd like to be entered, and what your favourite magical movie is.  This giveaway is of course, international.

I will be drawing a winner (it's the fairest way) and announce the results in one week, so next Sunday!

Lots of love,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Fairy Tale Studio and Valentine's Love!

Hey lovelies!

Hope your Valentine's Day has been completely stupendous thus far.

I will be painting later to treat myself.

It's midterms week and I haven't had much "me time".

But here's the dealio.

I'm a single gal.  I happily single gal.  I just don't really want to share myself
with anyone else at this point in my life.  I haven't got the time!

Screw Prince Charming!
This damsel saves herself :)

This damsel also gifts things to herself.  This is where I have been.  Treating myself.  Or rather creating the treat to treat myself with. 

First, the preliminary treat:

The loveliest lamp that ever there was!

I also got some treats from people who love me.  These people are the best sort of people on the planet.  They love you no matter what and would so anything for you, and they give you lots of presents and make splendid food.



Of course, I have also been delivering a few treats, just minor ones though:

And then little notes to myself; I think it's extremely important to write yourself little notes to make you feel special.  It will make you smile, I promise.

Be kind to you :)

Whoops,  I think I revealed a bit of my BIGGEST present to myself up above.

I have been working REALLY hard for about a week now to get both of my rooms just the way I want them.

As you know, I have the gypsy dressing room.  I keep all of my clothes and makeup and accessories in there.

I was keeping literally JUNK in my boudoir closet.  Christmas and Halloween decorations that could go in the basement, old Beanie Babies... JUNK!

So I cleared it all out I did :)

I overhauled this joint!

I worked my little tush off creating a space I have always wanted.  A place that embraces my creativity and lets me be as free and as wacky as I want.

Behind the lace curtains I present to you....

My teeny tiny fairy tale studio!

A desk with a good amount of workspace and walls and shelves filled with inspiration.

Bliss :)

Well if you can't find me later, I will be in here creating :)

Hope your day was lovely, and you didn't get too caught up in the hubbub of commercialism ;)

Lots of love,


My mommy just got home!  Look what she came home with :)

Hoo hoo I will be indulging tonight

P.S. Will you be eating chocolate for dinner as well? ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Clearing Close in the Forest You'll Find, A Fabulous Banquet, A Fairy Ball.

Please do press play.  

The music goes with the post so wonderfully.  

The elfin home for Willa is complete!  

As you may know, I started this endeavour when I found out Willa would be coming to live with me.

I thought if I was to have an elf come to live with me, I needed her accommodations to be suitable.

So without further ado, I present to you Willa's magical woodland home.

My glue gun will never be the same.

Hopefully I can create some house mates for Willa at some point.  Or collect some beautiful artful creations made by others.

I think Willa will live in the Gypsy Dressing Room.  I think she's just that sort of elf ;)

Perhaps I'll have to create some fairy furniture to put inside?  I don't know yet!  I'm just glad Willa's off the Rabbit family's couch.

I apologize for the amount of blog renovations I seem to be doing.  I think moon and stars are dreamy though and this will be something I stick with for some time. 

Have a lovely day,