Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Fairy Tale Studio and Valentine's Love!

Hey lovelies!

Hope your Valentine's Day has been completely stupendous thus far.

I will be painting later to treat myself.

It's midterms week and I haven't had much "me time".

But here's the dealio.

I'm a single gal.  I happily single gal.  I just don't really want to share myself
with anyone else at this point in my life.  I haven't got the time!

Screw Prince Charming!
This damsel saves herself :)

This damsel also gifts things to herself.  This is where I have been.  Treating myself.  Or rather creating the treat to treat myself with. 

First, the preliminary treat:

The loveliest lamp that ever there was!

I also got some treats from people who love me.  These people are the best sort of people on the planet.  They love you no matter what and would so anything for you, and they give you lots of presents and make splendid food.



Of course, I have also been delivering a few treats, just minor ones though:

And then little notes to myself; I think it's extremely important to write yourself little notes to make you feel special.  It will make you smile, I promise.

Be kind to you :)

Whoops,  I think I revealed a bit of my BIGGEST present to myself up above.

I have been working REALLY hard for about a week now to get both of my rooms just the way I want them.

As you know, I have the gypsy dressing room.  I keep all of my clothes and makeup and accessories in there.

I was keeping literally JUNK in my boudoir closet.  Christmas and Halloween decorations that could go in the basement, old Beanie Babies... JUNK!

So I cleared it all out I did :)

I overhauled this joint!

I worked my little tush off creating a space I have always wanted.  A place that embraces my creativity and lets me be as free and as wacky as I want.

Behind the lace curtains I present to you....

My teeny tiny fairy tale studio!

A desk with a good amount of workspace and walls and shelves filled with inspiration.

Bliss :)

Well if you can't find me later, I will be in here creating :)

Hope your day was lovely, and you didn't get too caught up in the hubbub of commercialism ;)

Lots of love,


My mommy just got home!  Look what she came home with :)

Hoo hoo I will be indulging tonight

P.S. Will you be eating chocolate for dinner as well? ;)


Donna Patrice said...

Hello Beautiful!

Happy Valentine's Day to you! =)

Your new creative space is absolutely divine!!! Just gorgeous! I'll bet you just want to sit in that fairy princess cubby and never come out - I know I would...Willa looks quite happy in her new home and lovely space, too.

Enjoy your chocolates and love notes to self - it is very important to tell yourself how incredible you are.

Have a great day!

Jessica said...

Oh Jenn! I love your lamp, it is more incredible than I imagined!!! And your fairy tale studio is to DIE FOR! The lace curtains, the art supplies...swoooon....

I am so excited for Valentine's day! And when I read your Valentine's card to yourself (haha!) I was laughing because I recognize that line from Mindy Glehill's All about your heart! I love that song!!!! That line makes me laugh and smile, and so do you! Come on over to A Woodland Fantasy for a little Valentine treat :) (I did a post yesterday as well--a little V-day prep!)

Have an amazing day! (We often have only dessert for dinner as well. Chocolate night tonight, yay!!)

xoxo Jess

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I love that you enjoy being good to yourself! I gift things to myself, as well! It's important to be good to yourself and keep your heart happy.

I LOVE love your work studio space. I don't have a space right now, but I will once I move back to Arizona.

Your chocolates look very yummy! I got some Hershey's Kisses from my mum that I have been nibbling on here and there.

Happy Valentine's Day! You are oh so lovely!

Prudence Puddleduck said...

You must hear me cheering you on!!!!
I spotted Peter Rabbit, his blue waist coat cant be mistaken for, your space is lovely and you are very lucky to have such a splended
lamp....awwwwwwwwe i love your space...♥Debi

Shell said...

Your faerie tale studio is lovely. A perfect place to be dreamy and do hatch wonderful things.

Cameron said...

Oh Sweetheart!! What wonderful gifts to yourself and from those who love you...so glad you had a lovely Vday....and no Prince Charming in sight.....perfect!!

Your creative space is fairy tale lovely! I spy Butterfly Garden upon your shelves and am just so thrilled you adore looking at her. I'm wishing lots of lost, magical hours in your dreamy space!!

Big hugs,

goddessof4 said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!! I love your studio!!!!! Looks like an awesome place to create!!!!! I love the lamp as well!!!! I LOve buying gifts to myself(those are the best kind) although right now I am on a budget(yuck) and really want to by myself a pink chandelier!!!!!!! Blessings,Sara

Sacred Keep said...

♥...good for you...love your studio...♥

lvroftiques said...

Oh Jenny what a darling niche créative!...Doesn't that sound lovely in French? Almost as lovely as it looks! And good for you for saving yourself! WHOOT WHOOT!!...Just sayin' I've been telling you that for awhile *winks*
Boy oh boy you sure done good on that Valentines loot! Could you pass me a chocolate?...Are there any left? *winks* Vanna

Treehugger_31 said...

Looks like you had a lovely Valentine's Day! :) That lamp is super cute...my cats would have a field day with those feathers!

lvroftiques said...

Jenny do you do pinterest? I pinned a picture of your sweet studio there at http://pinterest.com/pin/274438171012787608/

It's doing very well *winks* I thought you might like to know. Come take a look...Vanna

Melanie Statnick said...

Great Studio space I cant wait to see what you create in there. What sweet notes to yourself. lovely Idea!

Heather said...

Hope you had a lovely valentine's day! Looks like you got lots of yummy treats. Your little closet studio looks so cute and inviting! What an enchanting little place!