Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello ladies :)

Hopefully you have all had beautiful weeks.

So this morning I took out my trusty gardening hat:

Popped all you gals' names inside.

Grabbed Willa, because she's a good name picker.  She picked my own name to win herself!


Congrats Heather!

Please contact me at with your snail mail!


P.S. Will be back later this week with some new pieces.  Have been cooking up a storm in the studio!

P.P.S. Don't watch Titanic when you're overtired or hungover.  I was crying my eyes out so badly last night.  The worst bit for me is always the very, very end, after old Rose has dropped the necklace in the ocean and they show young Rose entering the ball room or whatever it was again, and all the lovely people who died are there smiling, and Jack is there and they kiss, and all the dead people are clapping.  That part KILLS ME!  Especially the guy who built the ship, and the musicians who play the Parting Glass.  GAH!  I can't take it.  By the way, a little note on Titanic:  That's romance.  I don't think anyone should settle for less :)


Jessica said...

Jenn I really like your tattoo! I love how you design all of them and they are all super meaningful to you, so you can have them with you, always. Lovely! And congratulations to Heather! You deserved it, dearie :) And Titanic is such a good movie! I can't remember which part I cried at the most--I think I cried through the entire film--but the ending is one of them, definitely!

Have a great day creating! I will be having a great day doing homework....argh!!! Haha ttfn!

xoxo Jess

Queenie Believe said...

Congratulations Heather!
The hideaway is looking so wonderful and magic! I've been consumed with the workload at the mundane and have not been visiting in blogland as I would like and am trying to catch up. It looks like Willa is settling in quite well in her lovely new home.
Thank you for stopping by Queenie's wee blog and your awesome comments.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Rachel said...

Your tattoo looks great, well done on designing it yourself. I've got two tattoos and although I haven't drawn either of them I've come up with the idea and pictures for them. It's definitely better to have something meaningful, when your going to be wearing it for such a long time.

Congratulations to Heather!!

Enjoy your week.

Fallingladies said...

Very cool tattoo, i only have one but i think it's like eatting chips, you just want to do more.....glad you stopped by my blog!

lvroftiques said...

Love your new tattoo Jenn! Beautiful job designing it. I can live vicariously through you because I'm unable to get a tattoo myself and I just love them!. My husband is Japanese and it's VERY frowned upon in their culture (In Japan having a tat is a sign of mob affiliation)so big no no alas *sighs*
I LOVE that fab thick cable looking blanket you have on your bed too!

Congratulations to Heather on the win! Vanna

Treehugger_31 said...

That's a great tattoo! I'm so impressed by you...I would be too intimidated to attempt drawing my own.
I only have one myself...but I have plans for more in the near future. :)

I'm so happy to have won your lovely giveaway. Thanks so much to you and to everyone else for the nice wishes!

Sacred Keep said...

great tatt...I'd like to be game enough to get one...

Cameron said...

Cool tattoo, Jenn!! If my Hubby liked them, I'd be the painted Lady under my clothes! I have 2, but just can't bring myself to get more when he has no appreciation for them...when you've been married as long as I have, you don't need more reasons for your Hubby to not want to see you naked.....hahaha!! Gravity and complacence do enough :D

It's true what Vanna says above. My brother got a huge tribal deal on his arm and chest....and my grandma who was Japanese accused him of being Yakuza (Japanese Mafia). My Dad, therefore, is not a fan either....but the only one of the 4 of us who don't have any. My Mom got her first one at age 50!

Anyhoo....enough rambling here....heehee!
So glad Heather won!

Hugs Dear Lady!

goddessof4 said...

I love the tattoo!!!! I love that you designed and drew it!!!! I always wanted an om symbol on my lower back. I have heard that it really hurts there though ,so I am chicken to get one!!!!! Even though I had 4 kids I am a baby with pain(mostly needles) lol!!!! Maybe one day.Blessings,Sara

Melanie Statnick said...

Congrats to that winner! what s beautiful gift to have. Enjoy !

Resin Angels said...

Very cool tattoo :D

Heather said...

How fun to draw your own body art! Its very simple and lovely. Very nice!~

lvroftiques said...

Hi Jennifer!
Glad you saw how many people loved your little studio *winks* It's always gratifying isn't it?
That tattoo thing is quite the stigma in Japan, so those that are Japanese and getting tats are really quite brave in trying to change the perception. Funny (or actually maybe not so funny) story....My husbands little sister got one of those press on rose tattoos at the fair and came home and proceeded to tell her mother that she'd gotten a tattoo.....My husband said he'd never seen his mom so stricken! So he broke down and told her it was just a press on....She said "that was good" as she'd have to "kill her and then herself!" Sheesh talk about silly drama! (In my perspective of course) *winks*
Anyhoo the Japanese are very big on going to hot springs and spas and if you have a tattoo you are not allowed in. There are actually signs that say so.....Very strange, but what am I gonna do? Vanna

Treehugger_31 said...

The package arrived yesterday! Everything is even more beautiful in person and the candle just happens to be my favorite scent! Thanks again for such a lovely giveaway prize. :) I will be posting some photos of it on my blog this weekend!

BlackPumpkin said...

I do LOVE your tattoo!!!