Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Through the looking glass...

Hello friends,

I've been in another world of late.

Through the looking glass.

In my Victorian night gown...

Yeah. I really do wear this around the house.  I've got quite the collection growing.  I buy a lot at thrift stores.  Old fashioned things.  Pretty lacy things.  Things that they just don't make like they used to.  Perhaps one of these days I will have to share the vintage nightie collection I've amassed.

Thrifting is one of the finer things in life don't you think?

This week I picked up some new nighties, some new curtains, some tins to store my makeup in and a religious statue.

These are REALLY old fashioned looking, don't you think?  I kind of love them though.  The top bit is the only new part. $2.99 per valance.

I am not a religious type, but Mother Mary is so Goddess-like.  I really think the Mother icon is something so sacred, so I appreciate Mary as a representation of that.  She now sits on top of my t.v.!  HAHA!

My sense of decor has really only gotten curiouser and curiouser.  I keep acquiring odd things.  Or building them.  

Like this new little lady.

She told me her name was Orlagh, and she got beheaded by her brother Brian's enemies.

She's got a special request of all you creative folk.  Since her own head was lost many years ago, she needs a new one.  She's quite open to any idea.  Any peculiar, curious little suggestion.  What sort of thing should she use as her head?

And in the non-bizarre arena, I got a new fireplace!  The old one was just too big, and let's face it, looked better in the living room.

Not that I am in need of any heat.  The temperatures have skyrocketed.  Next week it's supposed to be in the high 60s, low 70s.  Which after a winter of -10 weather, is welcomed as can be.

Look it's leaving!  When I went through the woods for my antlers last week, it was up to my hips -_-  <- I love that face haha.  Anyhow, it's now only up to my ankles in the forest.  In the well trodden places there's no snow at all!

At night I am enjoying sitting and listening to soft music with my woodland chandelier lit up and the breezes flowing through the window.  So peaceful.  Link to make one for yourself is here on Vanessa's blog.

So that's what's new here.  Peace.  Sweet things.  Loveliness and strangeness.

Happy day loves,



goddessof4 said...

I love the Victorian night gown!!!! I swear I am from the era(at least had a past life there). I am a collector as well ( my hubby says I have a collection of everything going on in our home!!!!! I need to go thrifting !! In the summer I love to go to flea markets and look for treasures!!! Great new fireplace. Blessings,Sara

Melanie Statnick said...

What a great nighty, so cute with the bow in your hair!. I enjoy seeing your collections and I enjoy your comments on my blog too! YOu have such kind words. I think your antlers are so cool!! . I collect anything Victorian era. I love to antique, its one of my favorite things next to ART.
Chow bella!

Cameron said...

Good Evening, to you, Dear, Curious, Faraway Jenn...

You are just adorable! A girl who knows who she is and what she likes...and it's beautiful!!

As are you in vintage lace :)

I think a goldfish bowl would make a terrific head...heehee....
I always enjoy visiting with you here. You are a most hospitable Hostess!

Big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love your Victorian night gown!! Perfect for a trip to Hollow Woods... ;) come visit me! And nice meeting you.


Jessica said...

I absolutely love your room! It is becoming mighty vintagy and lacy, I must say! Perfectly lovely, my dear! Hmm...for Orlagh's head, perhaps you could...make a paper mache head? Haha that is seriously the only thing I can think of right now. Maybe that's because I'm half delusional with lack of sleep. So ask me again tomorrow, own't you dearie?

I wish I could pop on over to Canada right now. You guys are only in the sixties and seventies?? I wish we were too! The weather here is getting much too warm for my liking (it gets SUPER hot here) and we didn't really have a winter. I want rain!! And snow!! We got about 3 days of rain the entire season and I am longing for a good rain. I envy you!

I love your new fireplace! It is beautiful and the scale fits perfectly, from what I can tell :) I love your vintage nightgowns too, you should do a post on them soon :)

Have a wonderful week!

xoxo Jess

P.S. Smoot is giving me a hard time again...I'll tell you more later :)

P.S.S. You look just like Alice with dark hair in the first picture :) Lovely lovely! Tea and crumpets, anyone? Ever since reading Entwined I have been SUPER into tea time. I am going to force my family to do it over the summer haha! And I invited my friend over for tea in a week or two. I just love it :) Only problem...I don't exactly like tea. Haha. The irony. I need to try some good tea! Any suggestions?

Queenie Believe said...

Regarding Orlaugh's head, they make these styrofoam head to display hats and wigs on which would be a great base to build on. The possibilities abound with a good place to jump off of like one of these styrofoam heads. Now about Brian the brother, I certainly hope he and his knights went out and vanquished the nasty beheaders!!!
Looks like spring is doing its best to make an appearance up there, what fun!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

Rachel said...

Oooo you look so cute in your nightgown. It would be so good if you could share your collection with us at some point, I'd love to see it.

Your room looks more and more lovely every week, I love seeing what new bits and pieces you have for it.

lvroftiques said...

And what a perfectly lovely world it is too *winks* Love the antique suits you. And poor Orlaugh! Lost er ead? Lol! Hmmmm the foam head idea is a good one. Did you see any of the Marie wigs made of paper on pinterest? Here are some

I think they would look great if you happened to fashion a paper mache head...Maybe using a balloon as a form to get the right size head? Just a thought *winks* Vanna

Treehugger_31 said...

Such a pretty room! I love thrifting too. I went yesterday and found the matching vintage sheets that go with some pillowcases I bought last year. Strange how that works out! I also found some adorable hand embroidered pillowcases, a 100% wool sweater that I'm going to felt and use in my crafts, and an adorable 70's inspired button up shirt. Great finds! :)

Vanessa said...

Beautiful Jenn, heloooo!!! I am going to try to post on blogspot. I don't know why it gives me a heck of a time. You are always up to such wonderful magical things!

I wanted to properly thank you for giving Willa a scrumptious home!!!

You are a doll!

Okay, off to attempt for this to post ;)

Happy Spring!!!

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Beautiful! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following you!
Anne ♥♥

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello Jenn,
I had to take a double take of your first photo as you looked so much like Vanessa V. in the photo with your hair done up in ribbons, and a nightie on...very feminine. Love your pink room and your feminine fatale without her head in her pink frock. Ah...I have an idea for a head for her. Use a syrofoam head (like they use for wigs) and use wide, white floral tape (get it at Michaels or a a craft store) Stretch and tape the floral tape securely all over the styrofoam head as a foundation,so that you can layer a fine layer of Creative Paper Clay which you can roll in thin layers (1/8 inch thick) into strips and with wet hands, dampen the doll head with water and adhere the paper clay in a thin layer, smoothing out any rough spots, using water sparingly as you go. Let the clay on the head air dry a couple of days, and you can either add more paper clay to the facial features (go to you tube on sculpting a face tutorial)add eyes, nose, lips cheeks and let it dry, again, a couple of days. Then if you need to smooth out areas that are rough, sparingly use fine sand paper. You can then brush on some liquid gesso (white) which will put down a protective layer before painting the face. Let the gesso dry (and it can be sanded to) Then paint the face to your own liking. There are you tube videos for painting faces...I kind of like the ones where people have used their art journals which have faces of girls. Anyway, that is one thought for making a head for your headless lady.
Thank you for your comment about stars and such...I have ALWAYS loved to use stars and moons...I made a hanging mobile once with stars and was so much fun!
Have a lovely week!