Monday, April 9, 2012

My Darling Girl, When Are You Going to Realize That Being Normal is not Necessarily a Virtue!

Hello friends!

I've been in lala land all weekend, trapped in here:

With this:

And these:

Have you ever been afraid to paint over an initial sketch?

I never was until today.  

I started pencilling in a sketch and just kept going and going until this was on my canvas:

Recognize that house at all?  The title of this post is a hint ;)

But alas, the paint had to be applied, and the trees got attacked first.

I'll keep you updated on how I intend to bring this magical house to life under my very paintbrush.

On a different subject, a big thank you to Jessica at A Woodland Fantasy for creating this lovely new blog header for me.  There have been a lot of changes going on around here in the past few weeks and I don't think I am quite content yet.  I'm still fiddling with it all so bear with me.

And on a magical note, for anyone interested in paganism or new age religion, I did a youtube interview for Jacquie, A.K.A. the Moon Mother last week.  Now, the subject of religion is very personal and I debated whether to include the link on my blog.  Since I got a few new followers (hello by the way!) through this interview, I thought I would add it in for those who want to watch.  If this sort of thing offends you please do not watch.

Forgive some of my silly answers, I was extremely nervous!

Lots of love,


Daughter of God said...

omg your little space is so beautiful!!! I loved your drawing too :)

Melanie Statnick said...

Hi there! I love your Post! and I cannot wait to see how you paint the house. I know this movie well and I'm happy to see something els we have incommon. I watched your video and I think its so wonderful, I also thought it was great to see and hear your voice because we cannot do that here on Blogger. When I upload some of my art videos you can hear me too!. My blog is correct now so you may go see and comment as you please my friend.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

If you google Deborah Blake you will see her very interesting and down to earth approach...I bought her book.."Witchcraft on a Shoestring" and I love it.
Very interesting Art...and I will be very excited to see it complete..♥Debi

Jessica said...

Well, my dear, I am finally back from la-la land! (I'm still sick though.) Anyway, I love your art! It is so beautiful! You could sell that for a million bucks, haha!

And I also really like your new banner! Lovely my darling!


Rebecca said...

that's the house from Practical Magic!

Cameron said...

I am thrilled that I actually know that reference and that house....haha! It is coming along beautifully, Jenn!
...and yes, sometimes I dread covering up my sketch lines. I think that's why I've taken to doing my base drawing in sharpie lately. It can still be seen under a thin layer of acrylic until I flesh the painting out more or left in for more contrast or covered up entirely.

You have a lot of superb detail going on there!

As for the video...I think you sound so articulate and wise. I just love that I got to hear your voice :)
Maybe one day we can do a Skype art date? Drawing and chatting....sharing the progress along the way :)

Hugs and sprinkles,

goddessof4 said...

What a beautiful drawing!!!!! That is my favorite movie and dream house that I want my husband to build for us one day!!!!!!! I look forward to see the finished product!!!!! Blessings,Sara