Friday, May 18, 2012

Blessings & Bunnies

Hi everyone!

Hope all you mothers and grandmothers and children of mothers had a lovely day last Sunday!

I myself had a great day with my own sweet mummy, who is the loveliest most Irish looking lady you would ever meet!  Hehe!

After some expression of sadness from her regarding the fact that I'd never painted anything just for her, I whipped this piece up for my mom especially for Mother's Day.

Based off of this picture from when she was a tiny little girl:

And I also remembered that I forgot to share a piece I made especially for Melanie of Rabbit Hole Art from our art swap last month:

Not only have I been sending out art, but I've received it recently as well!  Miss Jessica of A Woodland Fantasy sent me this gorgeous pencil piece for my birthday!  We each had Wonderland themes to our birthday art for eachother, how funny is that!?  I think we know each other TOO well sometimes haha.  Anyway, it has taken pride of place on my shelf so I can look at it while sitting in bed.  I LOVE IT!  Thanks so much Jess!

Jessica ALSO sent me these magnificent labels that she made herself!  I have already used a few of them in a secret witchy project I've been concocting that I will share soon.  

We have also had a visitor at our little Shire recently too.  Well I think there are two of them.  Their twins.  Shall we name them?  I haven't a clue what their names could be, maybe you know?  I can't help but want to name them Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.

And finally, I've been deep into Sarah Addison Allen's books!  Remember when I shared the Sugar Queen?  Well I got my mom reading that one now and she, who normally is finicky with books, has been addicted to it.  This is good stuff.  I am on to Garden Spells now which is proving just as addicting as the Sugar Queen was.  I am also reading The Princess and the Goblin which you can sort of see peeking out around the corner.  It's so lovely and refreshing to delve into a fairytale when you're in the mood.

I have been working every day this week at the daycare, and loving it so much!  Since it's at a gym there is a two hour limit to how long the parents are allowed to leave the kids with us, so luckily there's not a lot of diaper changing or anything.  And the kids are so lovely!  They're mostly 2-3, but there are some a bit under the age of 1 too, they're soooo cute!  I am working all by myself next week, wish me luck!

Lots of love,



Elizabeth said...

Jenn, I would sooo much have loved to have you take care of me when I was the age of the littles you are sitting with at the Gym!! You have such a wonderful imagination, filled with fairies and darkness and gypsies and Alices and Beatrix Potter...which leads me to let you know that Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit are fine choices for your backyard rabbit twins! Let me know if you find Jemima Puddleduck out there :-)

Happy mother's day to your mom! I love pictures of moms from way before they even imagined they would be moms, don't you?!! She's so happy on that pony! Lovely job on the portrait of her, so that now she has her own painting from your heart. Immensely special :-)

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Jenn
Ah! You have found George McDonald's books! I adore 'The Princess and the Goblin'. And also 'The Princess and Curdie' and 'The Golden Key' and he wrote countless other short stories. One of my favorites is 'The Light Princess' with a prince and a very, very evil witch. His works are amazing. He put such depth into his writing. Totally exceptionally heavy fairy tale stuff! I could live in his fiction world!
He also knew C.S. Lewis, and T.S. Eliot, and probably Lewis Carroll, and possibly J.R.R. Tolkien (Tolkien may have been too young for McDonald's era. All wonderful writers. Oh! And thank you for your sweet visit to my blog. is the best place for discounts on craft books. I have many, many books as I was a member of a craft discount mail order 'club'. Which I think most of the books I have (except the doll making ones) are all outdated and out of style. On my side bar I have Brenda Figueroa's doll ning blog where she teaches a wonderful 'Doll Retreat Workshop' online (it's not really a retreat that you go to and attend, you learn at your own pace from her adorable videos). In comparison with all that she teaches you, you get quite a lot for the $65 fee. She just had a giveaway for ten spaces in her workshop too! But, alas I was not one of them so I am paying her via snail mail, money orders in installments. I have done that will all of the doll ning sites I have joined. Most of the gals who begin the doll ning sites are very understanding and will accommodate members needs.
Anyway, I could go on and on about craft books. But there are also so many blogs to get ideas from and ning sites are specified mixed media workshops.
Well... Ta! Ta! And have an inspiring weekend!

Cameron said...

Sweet Jenn!

Wow...from 2 days to 5! Looks like it's good you took the position....I'd love to be a fly on the wall and just enjoy the interaction between you and the cherubs :)

Your pony painting is is the inspiration photo...such a rite of passage in our Mom's eras to have pictures taken atop ponies!

So happy to hear of your lovely day with Mum. Bet she was tickled pink with her painting!

I'd love to talk to you again soon. Just let me know when you have time.

Super duper big hugs,

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Your lovely imagination will endear you to those puddleducks you care for....good job!
Love your special art for mum...
It is this old dolls bday this weekend and heading out to see The Dark Shadows...lucky,lucky me to be sure....making the french strawberry custard pie, thanks to fanciful twist...she does get my inspiration boiling...and
CHeerssssss.....May 24 and solar eclipse...magical weekend.
till next time....♥Debi

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you like the the pic, Jenn! And the labels as well :) (Right now I am blasting One Direction, teehee :)

As for the cute little bunnies, I like Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. Or you could name one the March Hare, haha.

Glad everythig is working out at the daycare! And the paintings you made for your mom and Melanie are really great! You are so talented :) I am sure they loved their gifts :)

Melanie Statnick said...

Hi there! Ooo I love this painting you've done. What a treasure for your mom. Very sweet. I'm glad you like your new job and are enjoying things around you. I have finished your video and I just have to edit it and i'll send it off to you. !

nikkijoy said...

Oh your style is just so lovely!! I love the piece with the horse, it's gorgeous. You have an incredible talent =)
Nikki Joy x

Bobbypin Bandit said...

That painting for your mum is awesome! I love that you took the photo of her and re-created it with your own artistic eye. Very nice.

You received some good loot, too! Those labels/stickers are fantastic!