Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From My Sick Bed

Hi friends!

As is guessable from the title I have taken quite ill.

I've spent the past few days in this place:

Next to this good stuff.  Don't get any ideas, the toilet paper is for blowing my nose.

Luckily being bed ridden allows me to read.

The symptoms I got were all at once.  I had razor blades in my throat, a painful chest, achy muscles, massive amounts of coughing, a fever, and a stuffy nose all in the same night.  BRUTAL flu I tell ye's.

Last week, thinking I could spend a day in the hot sun I got sun poisoning.  I think I may be a vampire, allergic to the sun.  If I spend too much time in it I get covered in speckly yucky heat rash.  It's WRETCHED!

The only things that have cheered my up from my poorliness are reading the updates and blogposts from you folk, as well as this gorgeous double rainbow that stopped by a few days ago!

If you look closely you can see the second rainbow to the left of the brighter one.  Isn't that supposed to be lucky or something?

I also quite fortunately got these two lovely bears for 2 bucks each at a church sale this past weekend.  They're about a foot tall each!  I'd never seen such enormous bear figurines!

So that's about all that's going on in my neck of the woods.  We got a massive thunderstorm last night which I LOVED!  But mostly, I've been feeling pretty gross.  I NEVER get sick, so this was terrible.
I think it's quite possible I got it from the daycare.  Oh the joys of children HAHAHA!


goddessof4 said...

hope you feel better!!!!! Over here we are in sinus /allergy weather so I have been having head aches and feeling nauseous. I would love a day to read in bed!!!!!! Your room looks so cozy to recoup in!!!!!! Blessing,sara

WrightStuff said...

Get well soon. I've had the same thing and can't shake it off. [cough cough]...

Cameron said...

Being sick is the absolute worst!! I hate that you got such an awful bug!! On the upside, that bed is surely the best place I can think of to recuperate! Beautiful, comfy and filled with regenerative magic :)

Miss you, though....
Big hugs,

Queenie Believe said...

I'm sooo sorry you have the flu. that is definitely no fun in a big ugly way. Hopefully you are on the mend and soon this will be a distant memory.
Double rainbows are really wonderful things. I don't what their luck rating is but surely its way up there.
Drink lots of fluids to flush out the nasties and hang in there!
Queenie and the Delicious send thoughts and prayers to full recovery from this flu bug.
Have a better day.
Always, Queenie

Donna Patrice said...

Aww, sweetie! I hope you feel better fast - having the flu is yucky! Try to get some good rest and enjoy reading for a few days. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. ~ Donna
PS-I, too, LOVE storms! =)

Jessica said...

Feel better Jenn!

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Puddleducks are a germy bunch at times...your lovely room will care for you back to health...make a medicine pouch to ward off those germs...I have wondered what you have been up to....hope you feel great very soon.....♥Debi

Renee said...

So sorry you have been sick. I hope the rainbows brought you luck for a speedy recovery. But what a pretty bed to be sick in.

Autumn Damiana said...

The first year I started working with kids I caught everything they did and was sick all the time. But the upside is that I haven't been really sick since then, and that was 4 years ago! So hang in there, there's a silver lining under that cloud. Hope you feel better!

Melanie Statnick said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have this nasty bug, and in the spring too. Take care , rest and fluid. Art heals all, or a good book. Feel better soon. Think about my broken toe and you'll feel better HAHAHa, I'm kidding..Laughter is the best medicine.

A Magical Whimsy said...

So sorry you were not well...my world seems to turn up-side-down when I get sick and it seems to take me ages to catch up on house work and getting my health back to normal.
The bears are adorable! And I see by the title in your book you were probably reading 'The Princess and Curdie'...one of my favorites!
You painting is profound. Yes, we all have wolves we don't recognize in our lives, at times, and they can get us 'down' without our really realizing it. Maybe that is part of what you said too. And sometimes we have to live with the wolves and become who we are and fight for our dreams. It is a journey to discover who we are, and that is what really counts.
(I decided to 'bow out' of the Pay It Forward' game. Too many people just don't have the funds to send that many parcels. It would defeat the purpose of the kindred spirit feeling which was suppose to be the whole point of the giving.)
Take care,
Have a lovely weekend!
Teresa in California

Rachel said...

Hope that you are feeling much much better now Jenn.

Rachel xx