Monday, May 7, 2012

Magic Moon, Yard Sales, An Enchanted Forest, and SWEET 16 JESS!!!

First and foremost,

Wishing a beautifully happy 16th birthday to Miss Jessica, of A Woodland Fantasy.

Jessica is 16 today!  However, she is so brilliantly wise beyond her years.  Please go visit her and wish her a happy birthday!  She is such a lovely, kind, splendid, muchness-filled friend of mine.


How was your supermoon Saturday night?

I must be honest, the biggest, lowest, orangest moons are rarely the ones that are considered supermoons.

  They're usually flukes I suppose.


 The moon didn't come out from behind the clouds until about 4 am.  And sure as can be, at 4 am it woke me up somehow, seemingly to say "Hey, I'm here now! Come out and play"

 So there I was, wide awake at 4 am, watching this from my bed, thinking "How can you not believe in magic?"

And the next day I decided to go on an adventure through the Shire.  That's what I've taken to calling my home haha.  I live in such a forested area, I can't wait until the leaves are on the trees.

This, folks, is my back yard.  Neat, huh?  Lots of paths to follow, and wildberries to pick in the Summer.

Usually on May Day and Midsummer I will bring up plates of fairy treats for the fairies to eat.  I truly do believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.

 Somebody started building a tree house up here I see.

It is sort of a wild, rugged terrain, but I love it dearly and there are lots of shady trees to sit under in the Summer.  I can pretend to be just like Frodo Baggins, who in his heart is still in love with the Shire.

Though I look more like a mad, colourful woman in the woods than a hobbit ;)

I swear it is much greener in the Summer, and yes I will be back often to take pictures.

Oh and finally, I have been doing a bit of yardsaling now that the weather's warmed up.  There were a few this weekend and I found some absolute treasures.

I have set up a little desk in my boudoir where I can write in my journal and scrapbook and do other things that don't involve messy paints.  The little treasure cabinet was $1, and the lamp was $10 the same yard sale.

 And the doll?  Well for some reason I had to have her, and call her Emmalina.  Which I later found out is a German name and these types of dolls are made in Germany.  She is very old, since her skin is so white and her eyes are painted on.  How much did I pay for her?  Well only $5.

And my new treasure.  My absolute BABY!  I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!  This is my new French easel, which I got at a yard sale for only $20.  I have named him Jacque :)  He is perfect for the witch's study, so now I can paint in there too should I like.  I was FLABBERGASTED at the cost of nice dark wood French easels online.  Like... upwards of $150-200.  This one is exceptionally good quality and I am so in love.  I keep popping in the study to stare.

Hope you've made it this far!  Am cooking a nice shire stew of beef, carrots, potatoes, onions and herbs for tonight.  It's meant to rain and I can think of nothing cozier.



Prudence Puddleduck said...

Good yardasailing...I was roaming around Trout Lake, Whity Artisans, and spotted some whimsical pieces. But I must stop my collecting ways..I love your curtains, nicely done. Yes the moon does speak to those very SPECIAL souls...♥Debi

Melanie Statnick said...
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Melanie Statnick said...
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Melanie Statnick said...

Alas I was not able to see the moon here in the warm south. We had some wicked storms roll through and rain and small hail was our forecast. However its power was harnessed by me either way my friend. Your path and forest play fun sounds wonderful. My husband and I love to take walks here in our woods. It is neat to see the difference in climate. Everything is green here and flowers blooming like made, Robins,bluesjays and all my favorite bird friends making families in the houses I provide. I have the same easel you do and I also paid a low price . Its been used and is covered in layers of paints and sticky gel mediums. Enjoyed your blog as always.

Jessica said...

Jenn, you are too sweet! I have had a glorious day, thanks to you :) And I can't believe you found all of those treasures at a yard sale!! Especially that easel...sigh. How awesome! The wonders that can be rummaged up at garage sales! Wow, the moon looked absolutely amazing in those pictures! I am very into astronomy, and looking at the moon and that wonderful picture just makes me swoon! I love seeing the heavens, it's so neat!

I love the pictures you took of the Shire. Haha what a perfect name! And that beef stew on a rainy day....that DOES sound cozy! I'll email you after this to share the deets of my bday, but I just want to say thanks again! You are too sweet :)

Heather said...

What an amazing moonlit night you awoke to! Wasnt the moon just amazing that night? I love how it looks in your photos with the slivers of clouds. Beautiful and yes, magical! And what a magical backyard you have! I love the opportunity for a rambling walk just outside your door. And the doll is beautiful too! $5, what a steal!

Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist} said...

Oh you yardsailing - sale-ing? FAIRY YOU!! You got some major treasures!!! Hip hip hoooray!!!

Wowie zowie!!

Oh and I have to tell you - you are the master of perfect vignettes!!

Oh oh and another thing.. you up watching the moon, so kindred! But also, that photo of your curtains and the moon takes me into one of my fave movies...

Guess which ones, when you just look at that shot???

Interview with a Vampire... that whole antique New Orleans french plantation sorta thing.... love it! For a second I am there, when I look at your beautiful decor, and the mysterious moon... so beautiful!!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

How wonderful that the moon woke you up to say hello! It's looked absolutely marvelous lately.

Your backyard looks like there are faeries hiding amongst the wilderness. What a wonderful treat to be able to wander around all that open space!

I love your garage sale finds, but I absolutely adore your cupcakes on your desk! Very nice!

Cameron said...

Wonderful treasures, Jenn....I am not at all jealous of that beautiful easel whatsoever ;P

I include your backyard as a treasure, too....such wide open space is hard to come by around my neck of the woods.

...and the pics you got of the moon! My jaw dropped right open! Magic, indeed!

I enjoyed spending time with you today! Thank you so much! Let's do it again soon!

A Magical Whimsy said...

You found some amazing finds while yard sale-ing. The French easel is remarkable. And Emmalina is a sweetheart. And the treasure cabinet is looks great filled your goodies. And the lamp? Gee! You made a haul at the yard sales! Must have been a very magical day for you!
And the photos of the moon are exquisite!
I can hardly believe it is Friday, May 11th! I hope to go see 'Pinocchio' at our local live theater group tomorrow evening with my sister Nancy. The lady who is the puppeteer has been making puppets for over twenty years traveling with her husband and two children world wide and nationally. They decided to move to Visalia (where I live)in 2006.
This is the first I have heard of her so I am quite excited about seeing the performance as I adore puppetry. I do make dolls too.
Thanks for sharing your yard sale finds.
Have a great weekend!
Teresa in Central California

goddessof4 said...

Wow,an amazing yard!!!! Also great yard sale treasures!!!! I love the doll and the french easel!!!! What great deals!!!! I am excited to start treasure hunting .I just found 3 vintage ice-cream chairs.They were only $5 each. Love a good deal!!!! Blessings,Sara

Donna Patrice said...

Beautiful Jennifer, I have missed you! I have so much catching up to do and I intend to sit down and get all caught up on your blog later today! I have been away doing garden stuff - there is a kind of expiration date on this sort of thing and it needs to all be done by a certain time if I am to have anything to harvest later in the summer. =) I love all the wonderful goodies you got yard saling - especially the easel - I have the same one and I LOVE it! Oodles of hugs - I'll be back soon!