Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're All Mad Here

Bonjourno my fabulous friends,

It's taken me a flipping age to find my way here.

To this place of wonderment and enchantment.

You see, I resigned this week, due to getting a massively huge new job. 

I love the little munchkins, but child care has got to be one of the most thankless jobs imaginable.

But I've been scurrying on all fours, running through the forest to get to this world.

Not to mention my Mad Tea Party location has been fenced up!  They just don't want me there!

But you see, there was a song coming from that old enchanted forest behind our home again.  Beckoning me, calling me.

I followed, dutifully :)

Which path to take?  Left or right?  Hmmm, seems like a metaphor for daily life.

The dark, tree laden left?

The bright path on the right with the dead oak tree?

The siren call from the trees leads me this way.              

What's this?  A clue.  It's a massive pocket watch, with willy nilly numbers!

Up ahead in a tree, another clue!  It looks like an old Victorian photograph.

A young girl!  Could her name be Alice perhaps...?

In a tree straight across there's a Victorian card...

Aha!  I see what's going on now!  This is my invitation to the Mad Tea Party!  They really are mad here!  You know how I know?  The invite is even wrong!  Everyone KNOWS the Mad Tea Party is on July 28th, not July 29th ;)!

This photograph above will be the location for the Mad Tea Party!  Amongst the pink flowery fields.

I even made a little something special for all of you :)

Here is a video of the location itself:

Of course, this is an annual event hosted by the hostess with mostest, Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist.

I'm soooo excited!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've Never Been To This Part Of The Castle

Do you ever imagine life in an enchanted castle?

Where holidays, and different seasons are spent, with a plethora of people working as a unit to make it a happy home?

Whether it's filled with a royal family, and their serving people.  Or if it's a school for witches and wizards ;)

Even the most daunting of castles hide the coziest and loveliest hidden places within.

Places to lose yourself in, and feel safe in.  Especially when there is a roaring thunderstorm outside the castle windows.

A place to dream, and a place where there is always something new to discover.

That is the inspiration behind my new piece entitled "I've Never Been To This Part Of The Castle".

The inspiration came from a Luna Lovegood quote and I was filled with bright, cheerful, child-like wonder over castle exploration.

Feeling ever so princess-like and free, exploring a castle in the depths of Winter, with the wind whipping the stone walls and feeling safe within the candle lit tunnels.

This is meant for the free soul within each of us :)

Mind you... I actually have a video somewhere of me exploring castle tunnels.  Will have to dig that up and add it to Youtube for everyone to see :)  I am a bit castle-mad actually.  Blarney, Ashford, Casa Loma, a few of my favourites I've been to.  Not to mention our Canadian parliament buildings.  I implore you to google them if you've never seen them.  They're quite incredible.

This piece will be popped into my Etsy shop which you can reach by clicking the below link:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vampire Lady's Treasures & Versatile Blogging Award!


I must share, the reason I am now called "The Vampire Lady" is due to my diagnosis.

What diagnosis you may ask?

Well I've been diagnosed with an allergy to THE SUN!

What the frack!?  I have to stay out of the hot sun only, not the cool sun haha, and if I don't I break out everywhere in nasty, pimple-like itchy bumps.

I am not made for this climate.  I am meant to be Icelandic or something.  What a delight that would be?  Iceland.  Have any of you ever been?!  Do share if you have.

The Vampire Lady's been accumulating lots of lovely things in her sun fearing hermit-like lifestyle recently.

Of course yard sales / discount stores / thrift stores were my supplier of choice.

And a couple of weeks ago, I followed a long winding road to an old farm house, where THIS was waiting for me.

I could absolutely not believe the price of these online!  I paid 20 dollars at a rather incredible yardsale.  Gah!  I'd have bought everything.  A real treasure trove.

In context it looks much lovelier I think.  And yes, in the corner between the shelf and dressing table there IS a gun.  Not a usable one by any means!  Not that I'd be shooting anyone or anything lol!  Just another one of my "for show only" treasures.

And another thing I've been on the hunt for a flipping age for is a pirate ship.  Oh my I've been DYING to get myself a lovely pirate ship.  Just like Captain Hook's!  Ahoy matey, my wish came true at a local discount decorating store a couple of weeks ago.

In the photo below you can see the beginnings of my apothecary shelf :)  I intend to label and fill all these jars with magical ingredients, of the faux variety of course.  Truth be told, a lot of stuff I own of the "witchy" variety is for show.  I have grown to find true magic is extremely organic, and doesn't need flashy ingredients. They are nice to use if easily available though.

I also found this little lady for 3 dollars at the local Value Village!  I LOVE her.  You know when you see something from afar and go "OMG NEED IT, IT'S SO ME!" and then there are other things you just kind of like.  This definitely falls into the first category.

And in true vampiric fashion, I switched the boudoir canopy curtains to burgundy satin.  I LOVE the look.  I am having much less of a "shabby Victorian bedroom" and then a "gypsy witchy dressing room" lately.  They're decor is kind of mingling and making everything flow better in my spaces.  

But the real new thing here is the crocheted blanket!  4 dollars from the thrift store!  Reminds me so much of this:

I would love to put stars and moons on the fabric of my bed curtains!  I have real appreciation for knitted goodies from the thrift store.  I think knitted things are the most underappreciated.  SO MUCH love and work goes into every stitch.  And they just remind me of Fall and Winter, my favourite seasons :)

The Gypsy Dressing Room has undergone some subtle changes.  It is only a home for my wearable goodies now, and nothing else.  The books have been moved to the bedroom now.  I love it in there.  Such a glamorous atmosphere.

The little table top chandelier was a thrifting purchase as well :)

Finally everyone, my little bloggy has been nominated for an award by Debi at Puddleduck Grange.

I won the Versatile Blogging award!

Thanks Debi!

I am meant to name 15 newer bloggers for this award, but if you don't mind so much I can't really think of that many folks to pass it on to... so I am going to skip this.  I know it's really bad of me haha.

Oh and I am meant to share 7 random facts so here goes:

1.  I was declared a gifted child in 3rd grade.  I went to special classes for a week every few months in elementary school.
2.  I've actually been painting for 5 years now, but have never done so much as in the few months I've been blogging.
3.  I LOVE Stevie Nicks, but not as much her music as her whole persona.
4.  There are fairies living at the bottom of my garden :)
5.  Daycare working is hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and I've learned more about kids this Summer thus far as I have in my whole life.
6. I can't help but admire Laurie Cabot's style.  Sassy witch.
7.  If I were to describe my needs in one word it would be "coziness"

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

There's a Little Witch in Every Woman!

Hi friends!

Popping in with more art to share.

I've been busy as can be painting my little heart away.

It's been wonderful :)

I can finally share the piece I originally posted about sketching here.



Many of us know this gorgeous house so well from the movie Practical Magic.  I thought I'd give it a go with my own personal flavour, and I personally was quite content with the outcome.

The crisply white house protecting the witches within.

The shimmering moon whispering magical ideas to the inhabitants of the house.

"The Owens' House" is currently available in my Etsy shop right here.

If anyone would like to purchase "The Wolves" do let me know via email and I will pop it in the shop.  It's a bit of a personal piece and I wasn't sure if I should put it in there, but if someone expresses interest I'd be willing to part with it.


Friday, June 1, 2012

The Wolves

Lovely friends,

First of all, 
thank you thank you thank you for all the well wishes after I'd been so ill with the flu.

I've been in bed pretty much since Sunday so your kind words cheered me up so much.

I am feeling much better and returned to work today.

I've been itching for the day I shared this piece since I started it just before my birthday.

It's been one of those pieces that you had to be in the right frame of mind to work on.

I am proud to announce it is finished, and carries a very important meaning behind it.

I present to you

"The Wolves"

This piece stemmed from a journey of self discovery.  Learning about who I am and what works for me, and what absolutely does not.

At some point, most of us have had our hearts' fill of betrayal, heartbreak and disappointment.

The people and situations who brings this into our lives are the wolves.

Whether we accept it or not, we are the ones who allow the wolves into our lives, and after learning many lessons, the wolves can become unrecognizable.

In this piece in particular, the girl is representative of self, who is cast down from her royal position in rags and chased from her kingdom by the wolves.

She escapes the wolves by coming to a body of water, where she is washed clean of what they bring to her life, and left only with her own thoughts, her own position, and her own control over her life.

A large part of the inspiration for this piece comes from a song by Kate Walsh, also entitled "The Wolves".

"I thought I knew the wolves by name
They charge in here again and again.
I knew it was wrong, I knew it was wrong.
I only wanted to belong."

"For all the days I woke up in a strange place,
were so damn dark that I would never again.
Oh hell I've lost myself again.
But I'm gonna do right by me.
I'm gonna do right by me.
I'm gonna do right by me"

You can listen to the song here.

It is very representative to me of disappointing yourself by acting out of character, or working towards fitting in with a crowd you don't belong with.  It's disrespectful to your own being.

So tell me, how do you deal with The Wolves in your own life?