Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I've Never Been To This Part Of The Castle

Do you ever imagine life in an enchanted castle?

Where holidays, and different seasons are spent, with a plethora of people working as a unit to make it a happy home?

Whether it's filled with a royal family, and their serving people.  Or if it's a school for witches and wizards ;)

Even the most daunting of castles hide the coziest and loveliest hidden places within.

Places to lose yourself in, and feel safe in.  Especially when there is a roaring thunderstorm outside the castle windows.

A place to dream, and a place where there is always something new to discover.

That is the inspiration behind my new piece entitled "I've Never Been To This Part Of The Castle".

The inspiration came from a Luna Lovegood quote and I was filled with bright, cheerful, child-like wonder over castle exploration.

Feeling ever so princess-like and free, exploring a castle in the depths of Winter, with the wind whipping the stone walls and feeling safe within the candle lit tunnels.

This is meant for the free soul within each of us :)

Mind you... I actually have a video somewhere of me exploring castle tunnels.  Will have to dig that up and add it to Youtube for everyone to see :)  I am a bit castle-mad actually.  Blarney, Ashford, Casa Loma, a few of my favourites I've been to.  Not to mention our Canadian parliament buildings.  I implore you to google them if you've never seen them.  They're quite incredible.

This piece will be popped into my Etsy shop which you can reach by clicking the below link:


Queenie Believe said...

I am forever adventuring in my mind to castles, estate homes, and all sorts of magical places. Tis great fun!!
Your new painting is wonderful sooo full of whimsy and is totally Luna Lovegood-esque.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Jessica said...

I love your new piece! So dreamy! I reminds me of the Yule Ball at Hogwarts :)) What Luna Lovegood quote inspired you! I would love to know! And I am so jealous of the castles you've visited! Sigh...I wish we had those over here in Cali!

Meliss said...

I really liked this post. It made me cozy and inspired. What a great space you have with a ton of treasures. I could spend an hour looking at each and every item.

I'm totally jealous of that pirate ship and bird cage, but glad that you have something you always wanted.

Stevie is beautiful.

I put the wolves out and I never let them back in...because a wolf is a wolf is a wolf and wolves don't turn into pussycats who snuggle with you bed....they stay wolves. Some people say that's being resentful. I call it being wise.

You have a fantastic blog!


Rachel said...

I love roaming around castles, both real and imaginary, my imaginary castle always has a cosy little nook perfect for reading and drinking tea in. :-)

Your new piece is so pretty and whimsical.

Sacred Keep said...

A wonderous and magical tour

Heather said...

oh, i love the idea of a mysterious castle or big old house. I love old things, old buildings, the history-- the ghosts!
What a fun and magical painting you have created! I love ballet art~

Magic Gypsy said...

What a nice, cozy corner of the castle - no wonder your pretty ballerina is so happy

Donna Patrice said...

I love your magical, whimsical hideaway! Wish we lived close by - I'd come visit just to sit in your cozy space. =)

Oh, Luna Lovegood is my most favorite, favorite Harry Potter character!! There is something in her I relate to. I love the description of her bedroom in the HP books. And her dad...so sweet!

I also love your joyful painting - you have inspired me in so many ways lately - and I thank you for that! I often dream of castles. When we lived in Italy, we had a small castle directly across the street from us. My dad could make friends with everyone - and did - and of course made friends with the man who lived in the castle. I have a black iron pot-hanger in my kitchen that was given to my dad by the owner of the castle - it came from the castle kitchen. I use it to hang my pots on and it makes me happy to have a bit of a castle in my own house! =)

Cameron said...

Oh how I'd love exploring an old castle! I bet their beauty surpasses the imagination :)

Hi Honey!
I'm finally back home. Nice to see you've gotten another job and have been stating creative!

Hope to Skype with you in the near future!