Wednesday, June 6, 2012

There's a Little Witch in Every Woman!

Hi friends!

Popping in with more art to share.

I've been busy as can be painting my little heart away.

It's been wonderful :)

I can finally share the piece I originally posted about sketching here.



Many of us know this gorgeous house so well from the movie Practical Magic.  I thought I'd give it a go with my own personal flavour, and I personally was quite content with the outcome.

The crisply white house protecting the witches within.

The shimmering moon whispering magical ideas to the inhabitants of the house.

"The Owens' House" is currently available in my Etsy shop right here.

If anyone would like to purchase "The Wolves" do let me know via email and I will pop it in the shop.  It's a bit of a personal piece and I wasn't sure if I should put it in there, but if someone expresses interest I'd be willing to part with it.



Melanie Statnick said...

This is so beautiful! I love your passion for your art that is going to get you far, should you persue this seriously. Great movie to!

Heather said...

Great job! And what a great idea for a painting, I just love that house in Practical Magic, its so beautiful! I'd love to have a home like that some day...I can dream! ;) Here in Oklahoma I'm a bit far from the ocean, lol.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Your are "fearless" arent ya!!! Nicely done, indeed. A blank canvas stuns me.....paper is difficult enough...Ive recently taken a direction from Ady (Doll Dreams) and paint the paper, ect. black first and then I am not so intimidated....lololol ♥Debi

Treehugger_31 said...

Love this painting! The Practical Magic house is so's like my dream house!! :) Good work!

Donna Patrice said...

Hello Beautiful! I love this painting - the house in Practical Magic is soooo beautiful! I don't know what I love best - the attic, the kitchen (oh...the kitchen....) or the garden! =) Someday I'd love to live in a house like that, overlooking the sea. =)

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I love that you painted this! Excellent work!

My sister and I were just singing like the two aunts the other day... "you were always on my mind... someone left it on the porch..."

Very nice work!

Jessica said...

LOVE your newest artwork piece! :)) I have never seen Practical Magic (gasp!!) I know, but I have heard so much about it, and I'm thinking I definitely need to watch it!

Hope everything is faring well over in Canada!!

goddessof4 said...

Wow,very nice!!!! As you know that is my favorite movie and I love the house.Oneday I hope to have a house similar!!!!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Jenn
I love your rendition of the 'Owens House'. I couldn't help but download photos of the movie house from the Practical Magic site a few years ago.
You are entered in the drawing for the French style pillow in my celebration of Anita's Paris Party! You are so lucky to have been brought up learning both English and French. I have always thought of French as being the most romantic language on Earth.
Have you read any of Michael Scott's books? The series about the immortal Nicholas Flamel, the first book being 'The Alchemist', the second is 'The Magician', the third is ' The Sorceress' and the last one is 'The Necromancer'. Quite intriguing fiction books. I gobbled them up just as soon as the Harry Potter series came to a close. Michael Scott is one of Ireland's foremost famous fiction authors. I thrive on magical fiction!
Have a very lovely magical week!
Teresa in California

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Nomination for Versatile Blogger Award...please visit me for details. ♥Debi

Rachel said...

Yay this is sooo wonderful. I love seeing your art work and wondering what your going to come up with next, you always paint the kind of things I like. :-)

Tracy M. said...

That is my DREAM HOUSE!!
Love it