Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Vampire Lady's Treasures & Versatile Blogging Award!


I must share, the reason I am now called "The Vampire Lady" is due to my diagnosis.

What diagnosis you may ask?

Well I've been diagnosed with an allergy to THE SUN!

What the frack!?  I have to stay out of the hot sun only, not the cool sun haha, and if I don't I break out everywhere in nasty, pimple-like itchy bumps.

I am not made for this climate.  I am meant to be Icelandic or something.  What a delight that would be?  Iceland.  Have any of you ever been?!  Do share if you have.

The Vampire Lady's been accumulating lots of lovely things in her sun fearing hermit-like lifestyle recently.

Of course yard sales / discount stores / thrift stores were my supplier of choice.

And a couple of weeks ago, I followed a long winding road to an old farm house, where THIS was waiting for me.

I could absolutely not believe the price of these online!  I paid 20 dollars at a rather incredible yardsale.  Gah!  I'd have bought everything.  A real treasure trove.

In context it looks much lovelier I think.  And yes, in the corner between the shelf and dressing table there IS a gun.  Not a usable one by any means!  Not that I'd be shooting anyone or anything lol!  Just another one of my "for show only" treasures.

And another thing I've been on the hunt for a flipping age for is a pirate ship.  Oh my I've been DYING to get myself a lovely pirate ship.  Just like Captain Hook's!  Ahoy matey, my wish came true at a local discount decorating store a couple of weeks ago.

In the photo below you can see the beginnings of my apothecary shelf :)  I intend to label and fill all these jars with magical ingredients, of the faux variety of course.  Truth be told, a lot of stuff I own of the "witchy" variety is for show.  I have grown to find true magic is extremely organic, and doesn't need flashy ingredients. They are nice to use if easily available though.

I also found this little lady for 3 dollars at the local Value Village!  I LOVE her.  You know when you see something from afar and go "OMG NEED IT, IT'S SO ME!" and then there are other things you just kind of like.  This definitely falls into the first category.

And in true vampiric fashion, I switched the boudoir canopy curtains to burgundy satin.  I LOVE the look.  I am having much less of a "shabby Victorian bedroom" and then a "gypsy witchy dressing room" lately.  They're decor is kind of mingling and making everything flow better in my spaces.  

But the real new thing here is the crocheted blanket!  4 dollars from the thrift store!  Reminds me so much of this:

I would love to put stars and moons on the fabric of my bed curtains!  I have real appreciation for knitted goodies from the thrift store.  I think knitted things are the most underappreciated.  SO MUCH love and work goes into every stitch.  And they just remind me of Fall and Winter, my favourite seasons :)

The Gypsy Dressing Room has undergone some subtle changes.  It is only a home for my wearable goodies now, and nothing else.  The books have been moved to the bedroom now.  I love it in there.  Such a glamorous atmosphere.

The little table top chandelier was a thrifting purchase as well :)

Finally everyone, my little bloggy has been nominated for an award by Debi at Puddleduck Grange.

I won the Versatile Blogging award!

Thanks Debi!

I am meant to name 15 newer bloggers for this award, but if you don't mind so much I can't really think of that many folks to pass it on to... so I am going to skip this.  I know it's really bad of me haha.

Oh and I am meant to share 7 random facts so here goes:

1.  I was declared a gifted child in 3rd grade.  I went to special classes for a week every few months in elementary school.
2.  I've actually been painting for 5 years now, but have never done so much as in the few months I've been blogging.
3.  I LOVE Stevie Nicks, but not as much her music as her whole persona.
4.  There are fairies living at the bottom of my garden :)
5.  Daycare working is hardest thing I've ever done in my life, and I've learned more about kids this Summer thus far as I have in my whole life.
6. I can't help but admire Laurie Cabot's style.  Sassy witch.
7.  If I were to describe my needs in one word it would be "coziness"


Prudence Puddleduck said...

The Globe is a real treasure...what year is it?? the borders and names will give you a hint. Love the ship...paint the sails BLACK! The sun is evil to everone these days..there was a time..blah,blah,blah, but thank the nonexistance of the thinning ozone .The other day I felt like the witch in OZ that had the water thrown on her...I felt myself melting,melting,melting...Stay out of the sun and you will be young and beautiful as you are forever.

Jessica said...

Where to start, girlie? First of all, I can't believe you are allergic to the sun! That is just crazy! The sun and I aren't the best of friends, either. Whenever I go outside, I sneeze really hard, and I ALWAYS get burned no matter what--even if I wear sunscreen. I am more of an Autumn and Winter girl myself. And I can see that you are too! I also think it's kind of funny in an ironic way how you love the moon so much and then BAM you find out you're allergic to the sun! Can't help but think it's a sort of sign, in a way? I don't just makes me feel as though you are closer to the moon now because you have been distanced from the sun. Is this making sense? Maybe I'm just crazy. :D

I absolutely love all of the treasures you've found! And I noticed recently too how your room has been slowly transforming into more of a gypsy type room--which is awesome! But there are still some shabby chic tidbits infused, and I just love the look! That globe...ooh la la! I want one! And then the picture that you purchased...she's adorable! Have you named her? I definitely know what you mean when you see something and you just know you must have it! That happened to me the other day with a stuffed Winnie the Pooh bear...why am I so attracted to stuffed animals??? What is wrong with me???

And last but not least...that beautiful pirate are one very lucky girl, Jenn! I can't believe it! I am so glad you finally found one! Captain Hook is nodding in approval, I just know it! You have better watch out though...I mean, just in case Peter Pan shows up because you a too much of a pirate :)

When I saw Ron, I just started laughing. I love him! Knitted thing always remind me of Harry Potter! They make me feel as though it's Christmastime and I should grab some hot chocolate and a cookie! Love you, Harry!

Love the new canopy (I definitely enjoy deep reds) and congrats on the award, hon! You definitely deserve it! I really enjoyed your random facts, too! I'm gonna do that in my next blog post! (I hope I remember...)

Haha let's see...I did my AP United States History summer essay on my Wish Jar...haha it was pretty awesome, not gonna lie!

Anyway, I'll talk to you soon!

Heather said...

Oh goodness! I'm so sorry to hear you have an allergy with the sun! That's terrible! Even though I live in this hot place, I am no real fan of the sun either...Honestly, summer seems to be when Im at my crankiest. I have inverted SAD I think ;) last summer it got insanely hot and I just about had a real melt down ;)
at least you can stay inside with all your adorable treasures! What fascinating finds! I love that sailing ship you have...I am so intrigued by the sea, having never seen it. Beautiful!

Donna Patrice said...

Hello Beautiful!

Oh, treasures!! You got some awesome goodies! The globe...oh my! The hubs and I were talking last weekend how we want one of those for the piano room/library. And I'm so happy you found your pirate ship - I had been looking here for you, but to no avail. You got a very nice one! The ballerina painting reminds me of a set I had hanging in my bedroom as a little girl - especially the huge eyes. =) Fun!

Sorry about the allergy - I am a sunshine girl and I think I would die if I could not go out in the sun - haha! Is this something that will be able to be treated so you can go back out? At least you have a lovely bedroom and gypsy dressing room to spend your time in when you can't go out. =)

I, too, am a Stevie Nicks lover!!! Her, her clothes, her music - everything! I want fairies in my garden and have been trying to attract them...I wonder if we even have any here in the United States??? In fact, a friend and I are planning a day in July to make fairy houses to set out in our gardens. =)

Finally, I ran a licensed day care for 11 years and also spent time teaching preschool in a few day care centers. You are right - it is hard work, but those littlies really work their way into your heart and it becomes very rewarding work! I loved it and even to this day miss it.

Take care! Donna

Donna Patrice said...

Oh, PS: Congrats on the Versatile Blogger award! =)

goddessof4 said...

Love your globe and your pirate ship!!!!! You have such a lovely collection going on!!!!! I have yet to stop at any good yard sales.I have found some cool items at the thrift store lately mostly crystal glasses,wine glasses. Your dressing room looks very glam!!!!.I need to clean mine out ,it has accumulated clutter lately.Such is life!!!! Blessings,Sara

Jo said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and know all too well how frustrating health related stuff can be! I don't have a sun allergy but have to avoid it right after an iv med session and too much of it makes me very ill.

You're room is so lovely! As always :o)

Thank you for dropping by my mantle 'favorite things' post! :o)

Melanie Statnick said...

You found alot of kool stuff there, your room must have so many things to adore. I like the globle, very nice. I'm sorry to hear your allergic to UV. take care with it, and I hope you find something that will help you. Studies show that it can be inharited, perhaps someone in your family tree had this too.

Rachel said...

You know you should move here to England! We've had rain and grey cloud for what seems like forever now (I think it's been nearly 4 weeks), before that we had a week of sunshine but before that...... yep rain and grey cloud. No chance of your sun allergy being a problem here!

The new darker drapes above your bed look gorgeous, it does make it goes with your new Vampire Lady nick name ;-)

That little painting is adorable and sooooo you, it fits in your beautiful room perfectly.

R xx

Queenie Believe said...

So sorry you are alergic to hot sun, what a bummer :o( sadness... heavy sigh...
I understand that many a vampire lives in the pacific northwest where it is cool and overcast most of the time and exudes magical mystery.
Last week Queenie and Honey Man were in Ohio and visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. There was a display of some of Stevie Nicks costumes... total awesomeness!! I wanted one of each... but of course in Queenie's size :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie