Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Tarrytown Witch

Hello lovelies!

Thank you all so much for your kind words on my little piece of song I shared with you all.

I feel so happy and blessed to have kind people like you in my life.

Last week was rough, but life is looking up very much.  I've been delving into my music deeply, learning to play guitar...

Gypsyfying my dwellings.

Adding stars and moons to my canopy like I've been wanting to have for an absolute age.

Adding a mini ladder to my library to make me feel like I am in a grand library somewhere.

And making time for conversations with mermaids.  They're really quite insightful creatures.

In fact, this morning we had a massive thunderstorm break through the heat.  It's been about a month since it's rained.  It felt freeing, like the tension finally burst and all the ickiness I've been dealing with has washed clear.  I'm left feeling like much less of a control-freak.  I'm ready for what happens to happen.

I've also been in the studio.

I bought this sketch book (because I needed one desperately to survive at work) and ripped the cover off while removing the label.  So I just painted right over it, with a lovely little saying and a moon, a sun, and stars.  I would also like to mention that under the mentoring of Melanie from Rabbit Hole Art I will be starting art journalling soon!  I can't wait to share what I create.  THANKS MELANIE!

This is how I store my paint.  I thought it was a fun picture to share :)  Since I paint on wood a lot, I find the bottled acrylic the best option.  I think it spreads much more easily as well, and is so much more cost efficient.

This, my friends, is "The Tarrytown Witch".  I whipped her up because I was feeling extra Halloweeny.

She is a colonial lady, who dons her hat only by moonlight, at risk of being caught out by the locals.

I will be popping her into my Etsy shop right here:

Thank you for stopping by!  


Bobbypin Bandit said...

OH my GOODNESS! Your gypsy bedroom looks MAGICAL! I love those beads. I was just thinking I wanted to put hanging strips of cloth in the my room, but the beads might be more fun! The stars and moons are so very whimsical, too!

Your library ladder is something to love! I was admiring some of the special collections at the library and they have a ladder on wheels! I love LOVE it!

What a lovely home you have!

I have been in the Halloween mood, too! It's my most favorite time of year! Your Tarrytown Witch has something very mysterious in her face... like she could be good or evil... I like it!

Nadine A. said...

Wow I love your gypsy room! Just makes me even more inspired to get ideas rolling for my own room. The painting is great. I love the autumn colors and the night sky in the background. =)

Nadine A. said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the follow. Made my day. =)

Magic Gypsy said...

I'm just starting to see a touch of fall light twinkling on the summer leaves - good time for a witch painting, she's charming! And gypsyfy everything, it looks magical!

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

What a beautiful home you have. All those magical details; it really looks as if it comes from a fairy tale book. How nice to have found your blog, I will look around more now :) Sara xxx

Rachel said...

Your room is looking lovely all gypsyfied, I love what you've done with your drapes, they look so magical.

I'm ready for autumn now too, we're having such a rubbish summer, weather wise, that we might as well skip it and get to the good bit!

Melanie Statnick said...

Hi jennifer !! This Painting is so wonderful ! It cools me some from this HOT weather we have here. Its a normal 95 F here and my son and I are chill'n.
I like that black cat and your proportion on your buildings are amazing. I have difficulties with that. Youir room is looking so beautiful . I like all your new finds.

Queenie Believe said...

The Tarrytown witch is wonderful right down the the freckles on her cute little face!
I'm soooo glad you are doing better. I think art journaling is a wonderful practice. Can't wait to see more.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Jessica said...

Hey Jenn! Sorry for not stopping by for a while! I am learning to's taken up a bit of my time! Haha :) Anyway, I love the new renovations to your room and the amazing witch painting :) Keep at it, girlie! xx

goddessof4 said...

Love the changes to your room!!!! I dream of built in shelves and having a library ladder!!! We have so many books in our home it definitely would get used!!!! Love your painting,and you do have a great set of paints!!! Once upon a time I was an art major and had a great supply but now I just have some that the kids use.Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!! Keep up with your music you are so talented.Blessings,Sara

Goddess Findings said...

I absolutely loved your gypsified dwellings! I would love to know how you did your bed- the curtains etc, as I'm getting ready to do much the same thing...! so enjoyed it! I tried to leave a comment on the blog party post, but the link didnt work for me, hugs, and keep those moon and stars going!