Monday, July 9, 2012

The Verdant Braes of Skreen (A Little Song For You)

Hi dearest loves,

If you've ever read my about me page you know I never began as a visual artist.

The love of song and music was in my heart long before.  I can't remember ever NOT singing.  It frees me.  I was always a country girl as a child, and of course through my early teens I delved into the cutesy pop rock genre (Hilary Duff was my biggest idol).

Now I find freedom in Irish folk music.  I have come to the point where I realize I would LOVE to share this with you all, because it is such an enormous part of my artistic self.

I present to you, "The Verdant Braes of Skreen", sung by me! (Haha, I forgot to mention that originally, this is indeed me singing it!)


I do very much hope you enjoy it.

You see, I sing when I lose the "place".  That little spot in my soul where Grandmother Spider lives.  Where she tells me how to breathe and live and love.  How to be kind to myself.

I lost it again.  I found the wolves.  You know the ones I speak of.

Yes indeed I've been living in one of the nastier realms.  the realms that I don't have any appreciation for myself in, where I treat myself like a drill sergeant, or like a robot without a heart.  

And then, all at once, I come shooting back to this place.  Where there are green hills, and kind people.  Magic.  Magic is the best word to describe it.

I find this place:

This is my home, believe it or not.  I know how lucky and blessed I am :)

Nothing more blissful than being out on the boat during sunset.

A fire to warm things up at night.

A glass of wine (or two ;))

Twinkling fairy lights and roaring fires.

I've found myself again.  With a nice conversation with a good friend, I needed some sense talked in to me.

I'm going to do right by me :)

Thank you all for being such kind souls, and kindred spirits to me.  It is no question that I sometimes lose this place.  I must write myself a map, showing me how to find it.  I can't always count on others to pull me back in.

Love and blessings,


P.S. I know many of you were asking where I work now.  I got an office job working for a local health care centre.  I am NOT enjoying it particularly, mundane is the word ;)  I am working on surviving.  Let's be honest, the little daycare munchkins filled my heart with so much more glee.  To be honest, the reason I hate it is because I am in a quiet row of cubicles all day, I hardly speak to anyone.  How sad is that?  Alas, this is not the time or place to discuss such mediocrity.


Jessica said...

The office job sounds...boring. I'm sorry :( But I do hope you find your way back here as often as you can! I know exactly what you mean about losing yourself, and beating yourself up and just not accepting anything you do. I pretty much do it to myself everyday. And I try to tell myself that I cannot be perfect and that there are things that I can't fix. Doesn't matter. I still do it. So instead of focusing on that, I focus on all of THIS--right here. Your blog, Vanessa's blog, my blog, all of the lovely people who bring me back to the whimsy of life. And that helps.

Thanks for this lovely post. And the pictures are amazing! Can't wait for the Mad Tea Party! I think I spontaneously combusted 3 times already...I gave people sunburns. Anyway...:D

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Jen, is this you singing? I got chills when I pressed play. It is very VERY beautiful.

I know there are challenges sometimes staying on your path, so to speak. We get distracted or someone tries to shake us up. You just have to keep checking in with yourself, just like you have. Doing right by your own standards means you'll never go wrong. Following your heart can never be wrong, at all! You are so lucky for realizing all this for yourself, so many people never realize it all and live miserably for it.

The job is paying the bills for now. Something better will come about soon... I am sure of it!

P.S. Thanks for liking my wreath. I was so unsure about it.

Queenie Believe said...

I am sending happy thoughts and prayers your way especially for you, you, you, to be happy and when needed to never loose your way back to the joy of you!! I'm so sorry you were having a tough go of things and currently your job is don't the dream job :o(
I too work in a sea of cubicles and will most likely for the rest of my working days, sad in someways yes, but my job is not who I am. My job pays the bills and helps fund the creative side of Queenie. I've come to peace with the cubicle thing and have taken this seeming yucky as an opportunity to more fully exercise my fanciful, creative thought life :o) I may be stuck in a cube but the me that is truely me can fly free anywhere it pleases. I tell you this in hopes that it will help for your brief stay in your office job for I know there are bigger and better things outhere for you!
I love your singing, your voice is clear and has the perfect quality for Irish traditional vocal music - Sean Nos. Keep up the beautiful art that you have been blessed with for it is medicine to the soul.
Take very good care.
Always, Queenie

Rachel said...

Oh Jenn you sing so beautifully! You should really try a open mike night when you make your visit to Ireland, I bet they'd love it!

I love Folk music. C not long ago started a folk band with my Dad and Brother in Law and they sang at our wedding (and now have another 3 gigs to do!). We go down to the local folk club to watch all the performers, you'd go down a storm there!!!

I know what you mean about the office work, I do the same. I share an office with only one other person and sometimes I can finish the working day and realise that I've not laughed once, which is very sad. It is however, as Queenie said a way to help you continue with your wonderful creative ways outside of work, your job doesn't need to define who you are as person and it doesn't need to be forever.

Keep smiling lovely lady! :-)

..... oh and singing, definitely keep singing.

goddessof4 said...

What a beautiful voice!!!!!! I am so glad i came for a visit today!!!! Your home is lovely,I live near Lake Michigan but wish we could move to a place in the country with our own private lake and beach!!!!! Hope all is well in your life, I dream of having a different job as well.I am a part time hair colorist . It is fun sometimes but I would rather have my own boutique to decorate and play at!!!! Blessings,Sara P.S. you are a true artist!!!!!

A Magical Whimsy said...

I like the 'brogue' in your singing voice. Very beautifully haunting song. I always wanted to sing at my high school with my guitar, but it never came to pass. I did make up a melody for one of the poems in 'The Lord of the Rings'. The poem about Goldberry, Tom Bombadil's wife.
I was all 'into' that thing way back then and have never forgotten the melody or the poem. Music is a freeing art form. Actually, it is way more than that, as it truly speaks who we are from our soul. Thank you for sharing your song.
Teresa in California

Prudence Puddleduck said...

I just got back from runaway! Yes at 60 I still runaway when I am about to,la,la
Sweet Jenn, follow your passions, you have talent in spades...I got goosebumps listening to your song..omg........
I too have had many mundane jobs, my resume is a phone book of career blunders......but what has already been artist must pay the bills but with a SONG in your heart...anything is possible.
pssss,,,look into ARt Therapy? as an up and coming profession
Thank you for sharing your soul touching song and I will be waiting for inspire this old duck! ♥Debi

Cameron said...

Office jobs are usually not so exciting,yes....but they do pay, I guess there's that....

I'm listening to you sing as I type this....and I'm blown away! A gorgeous voice, My are talented in so many ways :D

So, keep a song in your heart if not on your lips....and make it thru the mundane until you re-emerge into your fantasy realm again.

Missed you,

lvroftiques said...

Jennifer you have a beautiful voice! I adore Irish fold music! Blessed indeed you are!
Remember that life is all about perspective. It might be a mundane job but it IS a job...and it too shall pass.*winks* Vanna