Friday, October 26, 2012

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party 2012 and Giveaway!!!

Dearest friends and guests,

I am so happy to invite you to this year's Halloween party.

Tell me now, do you believe in witches?  I sure hope you do.  I am one myself.  A REAL witch.  Pleased to make your acquaintance.  And no this is not an act for Halloween.  I really am a real witch.  BOO!  Did I scare you?  See, we witches aren't so bad after all.

Welcome to my humble abode, I invite you to sit in my very own witch's boudoir:

I've also decided to grace you with a little thematic performance.  Without further ado, I will sing "I Put A Spell On You" for you all.


I've done myself up in jewels for the occasion.  A little glitz on the eyes.  See?  Witches aren't all green on pointy hats.  No sirree, nor are they necessarily old or warty.  Any old person walking down the street could be a witch, you would never know now would ya?

Hopefully you've got on your comfiest broom riders for the party travelling?  I sure don't, but they are lovely :)

I come to you today, however, with a cautionary tale.  These Halloween parties aren't always all fun and games you know.  Halloween is the time of year when the veils between the worlds of spirit and mortal, living and dead, are at their thinnest.

Perhaps you hear the word witch and think spells and potions.  Bending things to ones will?  Acquiring, manipulating, persuading, hmmm?

Well yes, SOME of us witches (not all) have been known to practice that sort of thing.  The number one request?  Love spells.

People are wont to assume they know what is good for themselves.  And here is where the cautionary tale comes in.  I, little old innocent me, am completely guilty of this.

"Follow Me Boy!" Sound appealing?  Oh yes, he will follow you.  He will follow you and not know why.  It will progress to the point where he is little more than a zombie, and willing to commit to commit horrendous acts because of you.

"New Orleans Parfum D'Amour" is like catnip for potential suitors.  Maddening.

A little graveyard dirt from the grave of an old married couple?

'Til Death Do Us Part.

A dream pillow filled with lavender, chamomile, and thoughts of nothing but you.  Dream A Little Dream of Me.

Worst of all, a sip of blood.

True love can not be conjured.  It will always be replaced with obsession and lust.

How do I know?

Perhaps my "Follow Me Boy" spell worked a little bit too well ;)



Before you leave, do enter your name in the drawing for an art piece!

I am offering "Maria Owens" to the winner of the draw!  I will pull a name out of a hat in my next blog post.  If you leave your email address you will be entered in the giveaway.

Maria is the first witch in the Owens' family in Practical Magic.  She put a spell on herself that she would never again feel the agony of love.  But as her bitterness grew, the spell became a curse.  A curse on any man who dare love an Owens woman.  HOW FITTING!

*The painting itself is the only thing included in the giveaway.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  And do hop along to A Fanciful Twist and visit Vanessa and the other partiers.  As always a big thank you to Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist!

Lots of love,


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Masks and Music

Hello lovelies!

Thank you all SOOOOO much for the warm welcome back!

I've had a long perusal of all of your bloggities and am feeling so refreshed and inspired right now.

I've noticed that my past 5 or so posts have been tagged with "serious stuff".

Today is no different.

Just sharing some thoughts, and some art of course :)

The truth is, I feel like I've been wearing a mask.

And so does she:

And Orlagh has now got a mask as a face!  Remember her from this post?

She now stands guard on my room.

Anywho, back to my mask wearing.  I feel as though I portray the wrong image sometimes.  As though I'm perfect, or a goodie two shoes.  I'm NOT.  I make mistakes every day.  Some very painful ones, some that have hurt others, some that have hurt myself.

The only thing I can do is try and live every day a little bit better for myself and for the people I love.  Hope for the best but expecting the worst (a little Forever Young for ya there).

The truth is, I'm not the same person I was at the beginning of the summer.  And I can't pretend to be.

I've seen rough stuff now, and I haven't decided if I'm better or worse for it.

I'm still ME, don't you worry, I just haven't quite figured out the lessons I'm meant to have learned yet, or what the new normal is.

GROWING UP IS HARD!  I realize now how sheltered my life was in going to a performing arts high school.

And to be really really honest, I haven't visited this place in a while...

It's comforting just to know that it's there.  Waiting for me.

That's not to say I haven't created though.  Care to take a listen?


I'm a country music singer now :)

So goodbye masks,

Hello world.  Facing reality optimistically, with a little bit of gallivanting to fantasy land whenever I can.

Perfectly imperfect.  

Lots of love to all of you,


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm Back!

Ohhhh hello lovelies!

It feels so good to be saying that.  I've been trying for weeks to get back here.  I can't believe I was gone so long!  Some hiatus eh?

Every time I'd go to write, or email someone, or comment on a post, something would hold me back.  I wasn't ready yet.  I wanted to wait until I was absolutely sure that I could come back.

The very truest truth is that this little birdie had a torrential downpour of nastiness in her life.  As you already know, a very dear family member was in the hospital.   She has been discharged now and is doing well.  Some extremely nasty, unrelated heartbreak kept me away from this place as well.  I'm afraid I might not want to leave it again.  Look what happens when I leave!

I'm going to be stopping by and making visits to most of you tonight (I say most because I am HOPING I won't leave anyone out, if i do I'm really sorry I didn't do it on purpose!).  I've missed your goings on so much!  Every time I catch a peek of some of these art happenings it breaks my heart that I've been gone so long.

I haven't completely neglected whimsy land, that would be impossible.  You all know once the Halloween treats started coming out in the stores I was all over that.

Gaining new friends, like Mr. Rhino here:

 Baby Lola :)  She belongs to my aunt.  An 8 week old Bichon.

Yes, I've been inked AGAIN.  The tattooed lady they'll be calling me.  You all knew about the cat and moon, but the quote is new.  Bonus points for who can find it's origin.

I also had a brief bout as a redhead!

I loved it but alas, it was not meant to be.  Compulsive me noted how light I could get my hair and thought "Hey, why don't I just get it blonde again?".  BIG MISTAKE.  I'm sure most smart people realize this, but over bleaching your hair = mush.  Literal mush.  Coming out in the shower, not even real hair anymore.  Ugh.  Needless to say it's dark brown again, and I won't do that again.  The damage was not devastating THANK GOD!  Haha.

As of now, I'm just enjoying fall, admiring the yellow leaves through my window.  Learning to be myself again.  Learning to incorporate the new me with the old me without one of them hating the other, any advice on that?  Did it even make sense?

Oh but in delightful news, guess what I'll be doing?

That's right!  Missing the Mad Tea Party broke my heart but alas, Halloween is more my thing anyway ;)

Blessings and love to you all, and thanks so much for sticking with me through this rough time.  I'll be seeing all of you soon!