Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nutcracker Men & Giveaway Winner!

Hi folks!

Just popping in quickly to tell you what a festive spirit I am in.


Because THIS young gent has entered my life:

Name him for me would you?

He kind of looks like a Peter to me.

Oh yes darlings I must admit, Christmas is upon us in my abode.  I love this cozy season.

I'm going to tell you now, there's a tree up in the dressing room AND in my bedroom.  Those twinkly lights, I can't help it, I'm obsessed.

And alas, now to the winner of my piece, Maria Owens.

I popped all the names of those interested in a bobble hat ( see I told you I was onto Winter now)

And the winner is!  Heather at Ramblings from the Animal House.

Now Miss Heather, I believe this is the second giveaway of mine you've won!  I swear it's all fair and square, bobble hat's honour.

I'll email you soon!

Thanks for everyone who stopped by for the Halloween party.  I must be honest, I ran out of time before Halloween to visit everyone and leave comments.  I'm sooo sorry :(  Forgive me?

I can tell you from what I saw everyone had beautiful parties and did amazingly!

Thanks so much!

Onto holly jolliness now!




Rosebud said...

Love your nutcracker! Beautiful colors. I recently picked up a tiny pink one I can't wait to display. My Mom collected these fine fellas and I now have a few that I so treasure.
I love the twinkly lights this season brings, but truth be told I keep some going in our dining room all year long. Pretty little faery lights!
Peter is a wonderful name, I like the name Alowishus too. I think that's how its spelled!

Treehugger_31 said...

Hmm....I think he looks like a Ferdinand! How'd I get so lucky to win two of your giveaways?!!! I'm super excited to give Maria a good home! :)

lvroftiques said...

Congratulations to Heather.
Jennifer I love your new boy's blue attire. I think he looks like a Sebastian *winks* But maybe he should have a German name like Hans or Claus?*winks*
I couldn't help but think of you with those crowns...If there's anyone I know who embodies the word "princess" it's you! Lol! Vanna

Rachel said...

Oh he's a beauty! I love the colours, so Christmassy.

Hummmmm as for names you could use something like Petrus (latin for Peter) or Rolf or Rupert.

I don't usually put my Christmas decorations up until the end of November but I am mighty tempted to put them up sooner this year. Not sure why I'm in such a Christmassy mood already but I might as well embrace it. :-)

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I jus love him! Did you know that i have a separate Christmas blog and that i had 17 trees last year? All sizes and shapes! BUT I am behind this year as I have not started to decorate yet where last year I had the whole upstiars done already!! I am signiing up to follow you...


Melanie Statnick said...

The nutcracker is so pretty ! I love them too at Christmas.
Lucky winner heather!

Cameron said...

You've seen peeks into Heather's cute retro/hippie home haven't you? Maria will feel very welcome there!

As for your new nut-loving about Sir Henrick Crackenshell?


lvroftiques said...

Jennifer in all my years of shopping the VV I have never seen crowns like that there either. The whole thing about thrift shopping is that you have to just see what "POPS" up! I'm glad the cute sweaters were popping for ya! *winks* And thank you for liking my kooky lamp! Lol! I told my husband "people actually like it" And he said ""They're lying" Lol!...Men whatcha gonna do *winks* Vanna

goddessof4 said...

Love your nutcracker!!!! I like the name you gave him!!!! I am still trying to put away my halloween decorations(lol).Xmas is one of my favorite seasons.I can't wait to see your dressing room.Blessings,Sara

A Magical Whimsy said...

Maybe...since you like the name Peter, just add some more to his title!
'Sir Peter the Guardian of the Royal Christmas Lights'.
Ta! Ta!
Teresa in California

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

Wow, you could work for an interior magazine Jennifer, you have such a sense for ceating a magickal atmosphere. My letter is on its way to you :) xx

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Your nutcracker is very fancy and regal. I think he should be named, Augustus... or maybe just August, but you have to pronounce it as Au-goost ;)

I have yet to begin the Christmas decorations here, but I am sure yours are fantastic and are going to make me jealous no matter what!

Nadine A. said...

Aww man you are back and I am the one that disappeared now. And I was waiting so patiently for your return too. Lol. Happy to see you posting and I really enjoyed your Halloween Party. The song was great. Hope to see you around. -Nadine

Treehugger_31 said...

She arrived! I love her even more in person! She's taken up residence in my bedroom. Thanks so much!