Monday, November 19, 2012

Voile Loin à la Terre de Rêve

Bonjour mes amis!

No worries, I haven't completely lost it.

I've been feeling very French lately.  I don't know why.  Not Parisian, as so many people consider French with their Eiffel towers and poodles (not that I mind, those things are French and lovely as well.)  But I've been feeling downright French Canadian.

Perhaps many of you know of my French roots, I am, as many would call it, Ontaroise.  This means I am a French-Canadian Ontarian woman.  I'm off my rocker, I know it haha.  Most of you know my full name is Jennifer Labelle.

Seeing as I've gone completely Francophonie, I decided to sing in French.  I'll post the video to my Zou Bisou.  I warn you, it will either be stuck in your head all day or drive you to the mad house.

Just a silly little French song!


What the title of this post means is to "Sail Away to Dream Land."

I think that's why I enjoy Peter Pan so much.  The idea of flying away among the clouds and stars to Neverland.  Where things are magical and there are pirates!

These are the thoughts that come to me when I am sick in bed (alas it is Big Bang Theory on the screen and not Peter Pan haha.)

I swim back to this mermaid painting I began weeks ago.  I haven't been able to get back to her yet, swamped under term papers and the flu bug.

In my dream land, everyone wears pajamas and we bounce off of clouds. (Snuck a little Tori in there).

Making friends with glittered snowmen.

Making dollhouse visits, hoping for a mansion for Christmas ;)

Splish splashing in paints and crackles, antiquing as we go.  Everything looks better with a bit of age to it, that includes people!

My new bed guardian, he gets a name too, I must be honest I stole one of the suggestions for my nutcracker.  Meet Auguste (Augoost, thanks Kristen!)

Embracing the carnival lifestyle.  Of course there are carnivals in dreamland as well!

Thanks to Rebecca at Magic Gypsy, I won her giveaway for this glorious silver ticket!  Anytime I need a ticket to a place beyond my dreams I know where to turn.

But alas, here I go, handing my ticket to the dreamkeeper for the evening.  Perhaps he'll take the hint and give me sweet dreams of Victorian carnivals and snow white horses on the carousel.

Sweet dreams dear ones!

P.S. I have to say, I stuck with Peter as a name for my nutcracker, but Teresa in California's suggestion was too delicious to resist.  A long name, how regal!  Sir Peter the Guardian of the Royal Christmas Lights he shall be!


Melanie Statnick said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, I enjoy hearing from you. However Im sorry your not feeling well I hope you getting better soon, Have some nice warm chicken soup and take your vitamins.
I like your video,Alas living in America has brought me to were I can nolonger speak French canadian. I was never very good at it. I'm totally Right Brained Lost in paint,graphite and Ink.

Loving Life,
Melanie Statnick

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Okay, now I want to hear an Irish song....balance you know...French Canadian song lovely...yes i will be humming it all day thank you! Now eat your vegetables and fruit young miss, and stop stay up so late! ♥Debi

goddessof4 said...

Love your voice!!! You are so talented!!!!!! Your room looks fab!!! I especially love the pink glitter dear head so cool!!!! Blessings,hope you feel better,Sara

Cameron said...

So sorry you are sick again! Maggie got a tummy bug, so we've been staying homebound. Luckily, she had a week off for our Thanksgiving Holiday, so no school was missed....

I always love your magical photos of your enchanted boudoir...hope you had some wonderful dreams!

Zoobeezoobeezooooooooo ;P

Rachel said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly. So have I. :-( I had a cold and my throat seemed to close up to the size of a pin hole, I had to stop drinking tea as I just couldn't taste it, which is an absolute disaster. All better now though. :-)

Sir Peter the Guardian of the Royal Christmas Lights is a fantastic name. :-)

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

Oh Jennifer, you have the most wonderful sense for creating a beautiful home. And the video of you is so sweet!
If you visit the cemetary close to you it would be wonderful if you could take photos and show on your blog.
And yes- we should make a promise to each other to always dress in an intersting, beautiful way.

Today I raelised something awful- when I looked into my bag this evening I saw that the envelope with your letter was still in my bag with stamps and all. I had forgotten to put it in the post box for some strange reason. Will put it into the postbox tomorrow!!


Queenie Believe said...

Tis a fine fine name for your dashing nutcracker man! I love your French song, was just what I needed here in the mid afternoon at the mundane pushing papper hither and yon :o) I thought perhaps your Witch painting would travel up to my studio after Halloween, we so enjoy it on the mantle in the family and there is will stay.
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie

Jessica said...

Haha that song is so hilarious, and beautifully executed! I am in love with Neverland as well. I mean, what doesn't sound appealing about a wonderful place with pirates and mermaids and Tiger Lily and fairies?? Second star to the right! Also, all of your little baubles are adorable. The moose, the carnival magical and whimsical and other -ical things! I'm sorry you had the flu, though...that sounds nasty. Nasty nasty flu! it's stuck in my head!! :) teehee

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Bother Thanksgiving Day! That time of year that puts a person's mind 'on hold' for several days before and several days after.
I am so honored that you liked the name I chose for Sir Peter!
Thank you!
I am always wondering what you will be creating in your fairy tale world.
Ah! The French language is so romantic and divine. I have not listened to your song, but need to do that right now!
This is a crazy time of year.
'A Fanciful Twist' has some lovely Christmas cardboard house instructions if you follow her extra link in the post.
You can even make witch houses out of the same design, or Alice in Wonderland houses, whatever your heart desires!
I have not had the flu bug yet, but I usually get it after everybody else does.
Teresa in California

A Magical Whimsy said...

You have a fabulous voice, my dear!
Such a catchy song! I like the other songs you have also sung. You're very talented.
Have a magical rest of the weekend~

Treehugger_31 said...

Hope you are all better soon!!!

I love your glittery deer head! I recently purchased a stuffed animal deer head. It's too cute for words. I'll have to post pics soon! :)

lvroftiques said...

Jenn that was adorable! You have such a lovely voice! You're right it's gonna get stuck in my head *winks* And OMG I LOVE your name!! I'm going to name one of my new lovelies (boudoir dolls) Jennifer LaBelle! Pronounced Jhen-eeee-fer La-Belle *winks* Vanna