Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beneath the Winter Moon

Hiya Friends!!!

I was M.I.A. but I promise I return in the loveliest of spirits.

I am truly feeling Christmas warmth in every way shape and form.  However, not an ounce of snow here yet.  SHUCKS!

Remember this little one?

Willa wanted to say hello to all her old pals in the blogiverse.  She's feeling especially loving and Christmassy.

She wanted to tell you about all of her friends she has made here up North.  This is her favourite picture of her and Mr. Gordo.

Christmas is in the air!  The trees are up and let's be honest, love is in the air too! (Willa's words, not Jenn's)

Life has been spent indoors, cozying up with books and movies, under piles of knitted blankets and fuzzy socks.

Sometimes, if we're really lucky we even get to hear stories around the fire.  Everyone gathers and tells a tale.  Some are spooky, some are silly.  I think Willa went to bed a couple of nights ago with quite the fright!

Even the dressing room has its own tree!

Of course receiving mail from lovely friends has contributed to the glee around these here parts ;)

These beautiful things are from Sara at Snovits Apple, who is just the loveliest and most kindred lady from Sweden.

Beautiful vintage postcards and Beatrix Potter characters.

A Victorian garland to hang on my shelf of blogging friend inspiration.

Thank you Sara!  And thank you for the beautiful letter!

I seem to have had a weir habit of taking pictures of what I've been wearing this month.  I thought I'd share since I know many of you have a love for fashion too!  OH and I got the chop!  I cut my hair after the redhead adventures of the summer.  Just for good measure I keep a bundle of extensions in the dressing room for when I get over it ;)

Willa and friends are off now to watch the Grinch!

What a silly Jenn I am :)

I just wanted to share the joy with everyone, I am literally smiling as I write this.  Life has taken a surprising upturn and I'm very happy.  And you ALL are such a huge part of my happiness and of my life!

Thank you!

Love you all so much and hope you're having beautiful holidays.




Prudence Puddleduck said...

How nice to see sweet Willa! That is how we met dear blog♥ Willa and Jenna are getting more beautiful everyday. Keep a smile on your heart and Merry Merry Christmas! ♥Debi

Treehugger_31 said...

I love your skull sweater! Your hair looks great!

Bobbypin Bandit said...

Jenn! I love that you have multiple trees in your house. Willa is so cute. I am glad she is feeling the holiday spirit. That victorian style garland is awesome!

I really love your polar bear top. Super cute!

Donna Patrice from Joyfully Donna said...

Hello beautiful!

Yay for sparkly trees, cozy throws, Grinchy movies and gorgeous hair cuts! =)

Glad to know you are well and happy! Thank you for your kind and uplifting words on my blog - I did not feel like a "brave mama" until you said it - =) Thank you!

Take care and tell Willa hello.

Melanie Statnick said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing and I'm glad your back!
I've been SO BUSY! It was wonderful to hear from you. Im not sure if you are aware but December is my last Blogger month. In Jan 2013 I'll have my own website running and wont be with blogger anymore. I'll still drop by to read all my favs. There is always Facebook and e-mail. I invite you to keep intouch. LOVE the Hair!!

Sara {Snövits äpple} said...

Hi lovely Jennifer! I just recovered from the flu. And something that really, really cheared my up when I had the flu was to get a wonderful package from a certain lovely lady in Canada... thank you SO much. It was ages since you sent the package and I didn´t receive it until two days ago- the postal service has been SO slow. But it´s here and that´s all that matters. I am so glad that you like what I sent you. I will write about you on my blog too :)

You would SO love Twin Peaks. You MUST see Twin Peaks.

Will write more to you tomorrow :)


Rachel said...

Hello lovely lady. As always it's wonderful to get these little glimpses into your world. I love your skull jumper.

Ahhh Sara's sent you some really nice things. She's so lovely and always seems to be getting up to the most amazing things. I think I need to move to area that has more interesting things to do. ;-)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I do actually plan on setting up an etsy shop, but it won't be until the New Year now. I'm plunging head first into Christmas.

lvroftiques said...

Mais oui! Things are looking very Christmassy! (Rhyme intended *winks*) Miss Willa and her friends are very fortunate indeed to be enjoying such a lovely abode!
I'm so happy to hear that good things are happening for you Mademoiselle Jenn!...Tis the season for magic in the air *winks* Vanna

lvroftiques said...

P.S. I LOVE your hair!!