Friday, January 18, 2013

Curious Goods For the Gypsy Lady

Hi friends!

Oh me oh my have I ever been enthralled with some recent acquisitions.


There's not much else to me right now.  Just been enjoying, indulging.  I feel so spoiled that through sites like Etsy I'm able to acquire one of a kind pieces of magic.

New friends for Willa, handmade by Vanessa of A Fanciful Twist

My precious new hand sewn owl friend from Heather at Ramblings from the Animal House

Who has found a new home in my green bird cage :)

A thrift store carousel.

A whimsical piece of fairy tale newsprint from The Filigree


Lanterns to hang above my new altar set up.

On a tangent, I've recently discovered a beautiful store in my hometown called The Tree of Life, which carries New Age goods and offers psychic readings.  The energy I felt upon entering that shop was so inspiring and peaceful.  I'm in love!  The store has a website I will link below:

This evening I was supposed to go to a local live music club to watch a Ramones tribute band.

How many times have I gotten stuck in my little domain because of slick conditions on the roads?  Finding myself lost in lace.

This week I lost control of my car and spun around in 3 circles.  It was terrifying!

I feel like it woke me up though, smartened me up.  Don't sweat the small stuff kid, but enjoy the small stuff too!

And the big stuff :)

Lots of love to you all!



A Magical Whimsy said...

Hi, Jenn
I liked what you said when you came to my blog and made the comment about 'peace' in this dark time of year. That thought is perfect. Oh! You have a copy of the Filigree Newsletter! I adore the creatures they create and I have one called 'Lemonade fairy' or something like that. I need to share a photo of that woodland fairy which looks like a deer and has antlers with a yellow chiffon style dress with normal arms and legs and boots!
Etsy is my escape from reality...I go there almost everyday and sometimes have to stop myself from buying everything I like!
I am looking forward to the 'Our World Our Art' is always so inspiring.
Stay warm!
'A Magical Whimsy'

Cameron said...

Hey Babe! Spinning out of control is glad you are okay!

I love your little lacy sanctuary....looks so sumptuous....mmmmm :)

Life is for enjoying....and the little things can sometimes be the best things!

Yes, let's Friday the 25th? I get back from yoga at 11, so I could do 11:30 my time if that works for you? Yay! Getting excited just thinking about it....heehee!

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Jesus take the that chimes in my head everytime Im jetting to Barrie to pickup my puddleducks..lolol
Slow down cutie! practice in mall parking lots spinning out...then you will be more confident..thats what I do!!!!
Love Willas new pals...and I love mine .....♥Debi

Treehugger_31 said...

He looks right at home in your birdcage! :).

Oh, driving in the winter is scary! Glad you are ok!!

Rosebud said...

Dear Jennifer,
I so enjoy visiting your blog!
Love your new goodies. January is a good time to treat oneself to little treats, don't you think?
We used to have a wonderful little New Age shop in town, but sadly it closed. I acquired my little stash of crystals and a few other magical items there.
I love lace, don't think I met a piece I didn't like! I need to make myself a little sanctuary somewhere in our cottage. Not a lot of places where Mom here can have privacy!
I so don't like driving in the snow or ice! So glad you are ok. We lived in Utah for 5 years and it seemed like it was always snowing. I live near the sea now:)
Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Melanie Statnick said...

I'm so glad your alright. That happened to me once. Stopped playing on Ice. Here in the south they don't sell "winter tires" .I drive a Pick up now I feel allot safer with a heavy load in the back. You have found some really great treasures!! Lucky you. Have fun!

Heather said...

What wonderful treasures you've got! Your room is just enchanting, like a little treasure trove. Reminds me of Sarah's room in The Labrynth (one of my favorite movies!)
I'm glad you're enjoying the little things, but wish it hadnt come from such a scary event! I can imagine how terrifying that must have been! Stay safe!~ And feel free to send some snow down this way, we still havent had any...

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that Willa has those friends from Lady Vanessa! Some day I would like to have one of her little creations, too, but I'm very happy that YOU have these because you hold them close to your heart and they will always be loved.

By the way, I was just at A Fanciful Twist, and Vanessa has a blog post about gypsy life in her backyard!! Always a delight to visit with her :-)

Wow, I'm so thankful that you weren't hurt in the car losing control on the ice. That's terrifying. I've been known to get VERY mad at the weather because it keeps me from doing things that I've looked forward to...but I love Mother Nature and the weather is part of her, so I try to say "they'll be another time" and take a close look at the beauty around. Like in your last picture!!

Take care,

Sara said...

So good you are safe. And thank you for letting us into your enchanting little world. Oh, and what a great thing with a fairy tale new print :)