Monday, January 7, 2013

Etsy and Swap Update, and Psychic Readings?

Hi friends!

Just stopping by to let you know I've been doing some thinking as to this whole "swap section" idea.

I have decided to list all items available for swap in my Etsy shop, so they are either up for sale or for swap.  Simply send me and email, leave me a comment, or contact me in any way and I will pull an item down if you wish to do a swap.

I am open to swaps from anyone who is a regular follower or commenter on my blog.  I am also open to swaps of many different types, not just painting art, but any creations you create!

I am very open and love all types of lovely whimsical things, so please do not be afraid to approach me about it.

I have added many new items to my Etsy shop, including a new piece, Celestina the Sorceress.

I do believe she spent a good deal of time in Salem back in the day, with her batty friends and stars and moon border.

This reminded me, back in high school I bordered my entire bedroom with a moon and stars stencil in gold.  I want to do it again!  So pretty!

Please feel free to check out my etsy shop!  It is linked here and in the left hand side of my blog.


I have decided to offer tarot readings via Etsy as well.

There will be two variations, an email spread, or a 30 minute Skype reading.

I have been reading tarot cards for nearly 8 years and have a knack for clairvoyance ;)

Happy haunting friends!


Melanie Statnick said...

This is Fantastic you are getting so practiced in your paintings. I also love how you paint on wood. Its one of my favorite sufaces. I adore the way you painted your Hat, very whimsy. I will take a peek for sure at your Etsy.
I give myself a card reading once a month as I have been reading cards for others and myself for 20 years now. Such a blessed talent to have.
my blog will be up for sometime, I'll still be popping in to read your posts. Thanks for supporting my Website, Dont forget that in the Recent News tab there will be posts.

Cameron said...

Look who beat me to the bats...haha! She is great, Jenn! I am a big fan of witchiness all year long....and the celestial pattern (and crackly goodness) are perfect for her :)

Oh, yeah to the Tarot readings! I'm so glad you decided to offer this!

I'll talk to you soon :)

Heather said...

Happy new year! Looks like you've got lots of great plans for 2013! Love the idea of the moon and star border too (love your blog background!) I've never had a tarot reading-- always thought it would be fun to have my palm read, because my hands are so liney. How interesting that you can do it online! What a world we live in today!~

A Magical Whimsy said...

All of the friends I have been drawn to in my blogging experience have been in the spiritual realm, and not by coincidence. There is this celestial 'pull' that I know takes place when those of kindred spirits find each other seemingly unexpectedly, but I think the clairvoyant vibes indeed flow through the internet. The veil is very transparent and open when this takes place. I pray a lot, and when I need something, any little thing and ask for it, my prayers are always answered by the supreme Creator of everything. He knows who believes in the sacred realm of the spiritual. And I am talking about the pure white Light that fills the entire universe and is there for the asking. This is true freedom. This is where I live in my mind and spirit on a daily basis. This is who I am and what defines me. And I share it with those who seek Divine guidance. His ears are open unto our prayers.
Love is the answer.
Teresa in California

Donna Patrice from Joyfully Donna said...

Hello Beautiful! I just love your little freckle-faced witch - the texture is lovely! It sounds like you have lots of new plans for the new year - so exciting. I love fresh new years. Good luck with the tarot reading. Oh, and one always needs "batty friends"! =)

Joyfully, Donna

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