Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Natasha and the Festival of Balloons

Hi friends!

I've been off off and away, in la la land, I seriously thought I'd just blogged last week.  Ah well.

I have new art to share :)

This is "Natasha and the Festival of Balloons".

Natasha skates along the river with her wild companion.

The balloon festival happening beyond the trees casts reflections in the ice.

Natasha is available in my Etsy shop right now, just click the link below.

In other news I've been dwelling in the realm of enchantment of late.

A wolf moon.

Oh I had red hair for about 3 days!  Haha, don't do it!!!!!!!  I'm STILL washing red out of my hair in the shower.

Cozy firelit nights.

Mama's off to the Dominican Republic for vacation this week so I've got the house to myself.  I won't get up to too much mischief ;)

Oh!  And giant toadstools! ;)

Ciao beautiful ones!


Bobbypin Bandit said...

Jenn! I feel like I have been away in la la land, too. Things have just been too busy lately. I finally took a moment today to just slow down. Your painting is darling. I love the mushrooms/toadstools sprinkled around the forest... that large one you have is fantastic, too!

I almost dyed my hair red last year, but then I decided against it. Although, it does look great, trying to get one's hair back to normal is always a task.

Hope you have fun with the house all to yourself!

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Post your wild friend outside for good measure...and stay inside the fairy ring young Miss...paint all night long, take care...♥Debi

Sara said...

There is such atmosphere in the painting!

And your home is truly like a fairy dwelling.


goddessof4 said...

You look great in red !!! Unfortunately that is the one color that is hard to maintain!! It is nice having the house to oneself !!! We have a full house here so once in a while I get a few hours ,lol! Blessings,Sara

Melanie Statnick said...

You have a nice and toasty room. Your hair looks pretty red. I have had it every colour you can think of. At this stage in my life natural is best even with the little gray hidden here and there..lol
I like your painting, the deer is great and I love the colourful ballons. Enjoy your weekend.

A Magical Whimsy said...

I could envision Natasha as a doll. All dressed up for the balloon festival! Very awesome painting. And I love her ice skates too! And the deer is amazing.
Du Buh Du Designs (typepad?), i.e. Christine Alvarado is in the process of making more dolls. She said it will take a little more time before they are completed. I would LUV to own one of her perfect dolls! But they fly off her Etsy shelf in about 30 minutes after they are listed...whoosh! Just like that!
Brrr...it looks like it is very cold in your region of Canada...nice to have that cozy fire.
Have a wonderful week!
lots of warm hugs,
Teresa in California

Queenie Believe said...

Natasha is lovely! How wonderful to be in a winter wonderland baloon fest!
I have been away from blogland for too long. :o( booo hisss on me. I started a new job the end of January and am in the whole process of learning and observing and learning some more. This being an adult thing gets in the way of fun sometimes.
You have created a beautiful and magic place in your rooms a hide-away, safe haven indeed.
Yesterday real-live winter came to the Valley of the Sun, Arizona. Rain, snow, sleet, thunder and lightening all forms of winter weather occurred yesterday afternoon on my commute home from the mundane, total wildness.
Stay warm.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Cameron said...

oooo, I loved the hair....always wanted red hair of my very own :)

Love Natasha and her horny friend....heehee!

Sara said...

I lov your fairytale world... we are trult like-minded souls. I hope we will meet one day in real life xx