Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Real World Can Be Magical Too

Aren't we all guilty of it?  Escaping into art and our own little worlds because the outside world is just too darn harsh?

I'm here to tell you I've spent some time out there, away from my little space, and it's not so bad!

I even found inspiration to freshen things up around here:

Yes yes new fabrics for my spaces!  Much brighter and tidier.

Then a very sweet Valentine's day riddled with a 7pm midterm!  No fancy dinners for this gal.  Sweet Valentine message included.

And sweet little gifts from a sweetheart.

Skyping with sleepy chihuahuas.

And concert going!  I went to see Eric Church with a couple of lovely friends the other night.  I must have been the only person there without a plaid shirt on.

Apologies to my mister but I just loved this guy below.  Sighhhh.  He played the fiddle too!  

That's all the excitement I've been up to.  No new art!!!  I want to sit down and paint so badly but well... I got Netflix and it's been the best distraction from real life.  HEHE!


A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello Jenn
I adore those Valentine's of political fame. They are so funny!
'Roses are Red, So is the state' very funny! I'd like to find something that rhymes with Obama...oh mama! Oh, well...
Distractions from real life...that's the ticket!

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Me toooooo! and I love visiting with you* I watched a fab. movie..SnowWhite and the Huntsman..see what you think? Reality has always been a huge disappointment to me lololo
Watching the Grammys..Ive discovered Mumford? like the traditional music genious or maybe it was because Johnny Depp introducted them hmmmmm Spring is on the your new decor! Bee Safe...♥Debi

Bobbypin Bandit said...

It's good you got out and had some adventures. It's always good to find a good balance of both studio time and adventure time. Glad you had fun!

Treehugger_31 said...

Love your room! It looks so romantic and relaxing! That Valentine was hilarious. I got one like that only using the Golden Girls!

Cameron said...

I love pics of your really is like a movie set of Labyrinth or something else equally worthy of whisking one away :)

Looks like you are enjoying yourself when you are not studying....and so much talk of a can wait ;P

goddessof4 said...

Love your room!!!! I am freshening up around here as well!!! Glad you had a nice time at the concert and I think your outfit is super cute!!!!! Blessings.Sara

Jessica said...

Hi Jenn! It has been soooo long! I love your room, by the way! Wonderfully cozy :) I'm sorry that it took me so long to get back into the blogging world :) Good luck to you and all of your lovely art ventures! :)

Cameron said...

Watcha been up to, Honeysuckle?

Heather said...

Your room looks great and these Valentines are pretty funny ;) Hope you're doing well!