Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meet Remington "Lucky"

Hello there!

Several weeks ago I do believe I told you all I'd return with a special introduction.

We've acquired a new(ish) member in our family.

I first was introduced to him like this:

He was still too little so we only got to see pictures.

Then one day in early March, Remington got to come home!

What a tiny little fella he was :)

Then, about a month later after Remington came to live with us, a very bad accident happened on the frozen lake.

Remington was there for the whole thing, and the whole day while my family was in the hospital Remington was taken care of by a lovely family with a bunch of little children.

The kids couldn't remember his name so they called him Lucky, because he was lucky to be ok.  They played with him all day and had him running around, clearing his lungs of any water he might have swallowed.

For the next little while Remington didn't know what was going on really.  There were a lot of people around that he didn't know and everyone seemed very sad.  He knew my uncle wasn't there either, they were good buddies.

Remington has helped my family through a lot, and he is the best pup I could ask for.  We love him so much.

Here is Remington now, two months later.

I really didn't go into writing this post intending to tell that story, but it all sort of flooded out and felt like it needed to be said.  It is a big part of Remington's life so far, and a big part of mine.  We are so grateful to our rambunctious puppy, he is such a joy and has almost acted as a therapy dog during this very hard time for my family.

Lots of love,


11 comments: said...

OH MY GOSH!!! It's my MILES!!!!!! OH OH OH!! I want another!!!!! OH OH ohohohohohohohohoh! xoxo

Rachel Gallagher said...

Ahh Jenn. So sorry to hear about your Uncle. Much love to you and your family.

Little Lucky Remmington is so cute. I bet he gives good cuddles. Xxx

Queenie Believe said...

I so sorry there has been sadness in your family. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your way for healing and peace.
Little Remmington is such a wee cutie-pie-lover-dog-dog! Dogs really do teach and lavishly give unconditional love.
Take very good care sweetie.
Always, Queenie

A Magical Whimsy said...

Me too...I am sending thoughts and prayers for your family, and little Remington is so adorable. So sorry for the sadness, may your hearts be comforted knowing others are thinking of you.
Thank you for coming to my blog and leaving all of the very lovely comments about the French Blog Party. It was a fun and educational party. I learned a lot about France! I still haven't gone to all of the blogs that participated.
And Yes! It is nice Vanessa is giving us about 5 weeks of preparation before the Mad Tea Party...I can hardly wait!!!
Blessings to you,

Jessica said...

Oh Jenn! What a lovable and adorable and wonderful little puppy! It is so exciting that he is a part of your family, and I am sending prayers to you and your family for safe healing. Best of luck to all of you!

acorn gatherer said...

Hello Jennifer, thank you for visiting on my acorn gatherer blog. i am glad you did, now i am able to read your blog. your blog is magical!

kindly, Delila

Prudence said...

You and Remington were brought together for a reason and the love and joy is a two way street! Blessings in the form of a wet nose! ♥Debi

Rosebud said...

Oh my sweet girl, I am sorry that your family has been through so much. I'm sure little Remington has been such a comfort ~ he is beautiful!
Thinking of you and your family,

Jorgelina said...

Sooooo cute!!
Los perros son angeles en la tierra ♥

Cameron said...

I thought you were going to say that he went to live with that other family....
I'm so glad he stayed with you! What a Love!

Pets are amazing...they keep our secrets and listen to our heartache....they love, live and play with no regrets.
What wonderful friends they make :)

Treehugger_31 said...

Cameron and I must thing alike! I too thought the kids were going to keep him. Lol.

He's a precious little guy!
I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle. I wish you peace and healing.