Friday, June 21, 2013

New Shop Goodies

Hi Friends,

Very short stop in to introduce you to some new art pieces in my Etsy shop.

"Liza the Medium"

"The Pumpkin Farmer"

"First Love"

All of these pieces available in my Etsy shop linked right here:

Don't forget to use the coupon code MADTEAPARTY13 for 20% off purchases until August 1st.

Lots of love,



Heather said...

hehe, love seeing someone else in the mood for autumn! these are all so cute!~

Amaranthine Violet said...

How charming! I'm ready for pumpkins, too. said...

I loooooove coming here beauty girl.

It's soooooo, magical, really.

Starry and enchanting!

Sara said...

Very much an autumn-feeling here!

Thank you so much Jennifer for telling me about the novek on Highgate.:)

I have to tell you something fantastic that´s happening to me- in September I will start studying to become a waldorf teacher!! I´m so excited and this all feels so right. I am very much looking forward to years of felting, fairy crafts, making seasonable tables, studying fairy tales and other wonderful things. I´m very lucky that tehre is a waldorf pedagogics school close to where I live (one hour from my home) where I can study this :)


Sara said...

Hi Jennifer! Yes I think you can buy modern reproductions of old puppet theatres. Wouldn´t that look beautiful in our bedrooms? :) Imagine if you feel a bit sad one day, you can look into your puppet theatre and loose yourself a bit, I think that would be beautiful.. xxx

Sara said...

And how nice that you like Yeats too. I think his poetry probably could be described as music to the ears for girls and women like us.. :)

Jessica said...

Gorgeous pieces as usual, darling! And is that a giant mushroom I spy sitting on your table? Adorable! I can't wait to see what you concoct for the Mad Tea Party, and I anxiously await the 13th!