Friday, July 26, 2013

Hoarders Anonymous

Hello friends,

I think we've all been guilty of it, especially as many of us are collectors.  Minor, itsy bitsy cases of hoarding.  

Prior to the Mad Tea Party I did a massive cleanup of my spaces.  

I made room for a little bench seat to read on :)

I didn't get rid of a single book, that would be sacrilege.

The bedroom is now a pastel pink and white heaven.  I am sure many of you saw the picture of my bed in the Mad Tea Party post.

Can I just say I feel soooo much better!

I bet you didn't even know the dresser underneath that old burgundy satin table cloth was yellow and painted with flowers.  It's so fresh and clean now!

I had so much JUNK!  Clothes I'd never worn nor was I ever going to wear.  Things that didn't fit, or didn't look right, or were uncomfortable.

Picture frames.  I have never seen so many picture frames in my life!  I must have sent about 100 to Value Village.

I promise to be much more cautious about what I buy.  I only kept the true treasures, got rid of the dollar store finds that were cluttering up my space, beanie babies that never did become valuable, many old bedspreads, curtains I hated, ugly old purses, I can't think of a single thing I'll miss.  I got rid of a lot of things that were just up because I was too busy or lazy to change them.  For example the valance curtains that hung above the studio space EEK!

I got rid of 12 big black trash bags total of stuff.  Thank God for loves with pickup trucks.  There were also 2 separate bags of garbage.  Where was all that garbage hiding in my tiny space!?

I think Lady approves :)

Lots of love,



Prudence said...

Your little puppy is so precious! Looking jenulious? Xdebi

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

What a cute dog! Your day bed is very pretty and whimsical. Love the sailing ship!

Rachel Gallagher said...

Wowee that's a lot of stuff to get rid of. It's looking good though. :-)

We're having a clear out at the minute too, there must be something in the air.


Dolly Daydream said...

I love looking into peoples private little spaces! Always give me inspiration!

Cameron said...

*sigh* Decluttering, organizing and cleaning feels so good when it is all done!

I just wish we lived closer....I woulda loved to go through your cast offs!! ;P

Melanie Statnick said...

I know what that is like. Mostly in my studio. I hoard art supplies. Well mostly craft supplies. I use the paint for sure. Great post Jen.

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goddessof4 said...

This was a great post!!!! I feel a little bit hoarder with my stuff !!!! I haven't been buying too many house items lately as I am on an organizing kick also but I am collecting "makeup" at the moment!!!!!!! I love how my room feels when I clean up and get rid of the old!!!! Blessing,Sara

Queenie Believe said...

Sometimes it good to de-clutter. Like of breath of fresh air! Enjoy your new space :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Sara ~Snövits äpple~ said...

Jennifer, I so much hope too that we one day will be able to spend time together in real life. <3 I know that we have so much in common, we share the same kind of romantic, magical view on life. *Hugs*

Treehugger_31 said...

It feels so nice to purge doesn't it? I need to follow your example and do the same in my bedroom. It's pretty amazing the amount of stuff I can accumulate. Lol.

A Magical Whimsy said...

Where have I been? Why did I miss this post? July flew with the wind.
Your bedroom looks divine. I did kind of like it the other way too. But I do adore pink rooms! I have actually always wanted a pink, stucco villa on the beach! And here I am 125 miles inland. So my screen saver on my computer is of Morro Rock, on the coast of California with the rolling green hills and ocean in the of my favorite places on Earth! *(you can type in Morro Rock, Calif. images on a search, and lots of photos will pop up. There is also Moro Rock up in the Giant Sequoia Red Woods, which is another spectacular place in California.
And thank you, dear heart, for you sweet kindness and love to my family in their financial distractions. I think things are beginning to 'come together' for my oldest son financially, finally!
Oh, and soon, I am going to do a raffle/giveaway for some of my dolls. A small donation from any one who wants to participate in a donation raffle for a doll and I toss all names into a hat and draw winners to see if that generates some help. Of course, people will get to chose what doll they would like, if they win!

Heather said...

What a cozy space you've created! Massive clean ups can feel so good :) and I see you have a sweet furry friend to enjoy it with you!~

Bobbypin Bandit said...

I know exactly what you mean about being cautious about what you purchase. I just cleaned out my closet a few days ago and made the same promise to myself... Think before I buy. I sure did bring home some wacky things.

Hope all is well!

Rhissanna said...

This is inspiring! Your place looks wonderful and of course you didn't give away a single book. A lot of books isn't a hoarding problem. It's a library! :)