Thursday, November 21, 2013

Enchanted Treats and Sparkly Things

Hi friends!

How is the festive season treating you?  Any snow appearing in your neck of the woods?

We keep getting some magical snow that keeps melting!  I love every season for what it's worth, but there's something about the coziness of snow that makes me feel happy.

I think we should be celebrating yuletide things well into January just so we get the adequate supply of snow to go with it!  My apologies to those who don't get any snow at all, but I think Christmas in some place like New Orleans would be delightful as well.

I've added sparkly stars above my head while I sleep!  The blue ones are made in India and have a gorgeous paisley design on them.

I also received this lovely treat in the mail from Debi at Puddleduck Grange just before Halloween.  How beautiful is this enchanting blue-skinned vampiress?!  I just love her.  You are such a talent Miss Debi!

And some sparkly jewel treasures from a marvellous and magical Etsy shop called Lotus Fairy

How wonderful, tarot card ring, a ouija board ring!  The eyes (except the eye of horus) are from ebay!

And this mystical necklace with the astrological symbols on it!  So perfect for a fortune teller.

I have been listening to and taking so much inspiration from Miss Stevie Nicks.  I just love her gorgeous sorceress style, I've been buying so many gypsy-chic clothing pieces trying to emulate her fabulousness!

I've been doing a bunch of yuletide decorating.  The stockings for Mr. Jamie and I are hanging on my fireplace and a Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works (best, most cinnamon apple smell ever) burning on top!

I have been working very hard on my term papers but had to return to mystical magical land to take a peek at your beautiful blogs, and share some of my recent comings and goings as well.

I've been feeling very invigorated recently as I have decided to pursue a master's degree in History, and will be working on my first thesis next year!

I also wanted to mention my beautiful friend Sara of Snovits Apple has created her own etsy shop!  Her shop is filled with beautiful wearable jewelry and art, and every piece has a description and story that will take you away to some magical place!  Next sale in my shop means I can purchase a piece I have my eye on ;)

Hope you're all having a gorgeous November.  I'll be back soon ;)

Lots of love,


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the stars over the bed, and the new, vampire painting is so charming with her eyes.

Best wishes on your exams and papers!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I forgot to say that I love Stevie Nicks. I even liked the album she did about a year and a half ago.

Prudence said...

I lovvvve your jewel's! Your domain is welcoming and comforting , even to look at from blog land! I must visit your friends new shop! Love etsy shop's!!
Congratulation on your academia! Yes! History is a wonderful fit for you Miss Tarot Teller!! I will sends some extra energy your way , bee safe and be watchful of the elf's checking Naughty or Nice!
Huge Huge Hug creative heart! xoxoDebi

Ms Misantropia said...

Every time I see pretty glittery stars like that I curse the fact that I live in Sweden, where we can't get a hold of glitter spray. I would cover just about anything in it if I had the chance :)
We still haven't had any snow, but people are saying it's going to be a wolf winter (very cold).

Dena Miller said...

Jennifer, I can not tell you how excited I was to see your Blog Post in my Email!!! Oh such lovelies you have there! I too adore Stevie Nicks, I am sure that you have guessed that though or truth be told, You just knew ;)...good luck with your history studies, Congrats on your decision. One more thing before I go, The stars above your bed are truly Magical indeed. Have a lovely week..Talk soon♥

Rhissanna said...

Oh what lovely stuff and how nice for Winter celebrating, especially those stars. And yes, I love your goodies! The blue vampire is lovely and those rings! Such a treat! I'll take a look at the Etsy shops you mentioned. Thank you for popping over to my blog and admiring my cat in a corset!

Cameron said...

Hello Sweetheart!
A Master's Degree! You are brilliant in so many ways.....your smarts, talents and beauty are such a wonderful addition to this world.....good for you for not wasting any of it!!!

I love your twinkles and sparkles...touches of magic and playfulness...always a delight to visit you here :)

I have to make this a quick visit...but wanted you to know I think of you often!!

Love Debi's painting for you, too...creepy cuteness :)

Biggest hugs to you from a bright and sunny California Sunday...

Lola Enchanted said...

I too love snow and the comforts it brings!!! Loving your stars.. Magical!!
Happy Thanksgiving

Jo said...

Love your twinkle lights & sparkly stars! Let me know if you're on Instagram - I think you would like my pink twinkle lights vine wreath nightlight! :-)

Rachel Gallagher said...

Ooo good luck with your Masters degree, I'm sure you'll love it.

No snow here yet although the news keeps reporting that we're going to have one of the coldest Winters in a long time. We shall see!

Do you watch American Horror Story: Coven? That has a character in it who loves Stevie Nicks and I read that she might be making a guest appearance in the show.

Your room looks as gorgeous as always. :-)