Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shiny Blessings Far and Wide

Dearest friends,

I hope your Christmas was, shall we say, peaceful?

I found myself searching for peace a lot this year, what with the hustle and bustle I think I felt my first true adult Christmas, a bah hum bug need for a bit of alone time!

Have you got frosted window panes where you are?

I was very blessed this Christmas with family and some gifts from loved ones (and myself).

At the beginning of the season I bought myself some new decks and crystals, to go with this giant palmistry hand my mother bought me for Christmas.

Mom surprised me with one of these Ever After High School dolls.  I know, I'm a grown up but oh so cute!  She is the daughter of the Evil Queen!

And much art supplies have been brought to my studio.

Along with a magical way to mark down the events of the New Year:

And cute fluffy things from my own Mister.

That's Pudding the Panda and Snowflake the Teddy right there ;)

My spaces scented with glorious carnival smells

And one of the kindest gifts of all, from a friend who seems to knows me better than I know myself.

Gorgeous artwork by Cameron of Paint Myself Pretty

Thank you one and all for making Yule magical and glittery!  



Nadine A. said...

Oh what a nice collection of prettiest. I hope that you had a nice holiday with your family.

Ms Misantropia said...

Lovely gifts, and I like that doll! But hmm... welcome to "adult Christmases"..? ;)

Your post also reminded me that I haven't got a calender for next year. Gotta get on that.

Laura said...

Those are wonderful gifts! I love the palmistry hand. I'd never heard of the Ever After dolls. Pretty cute! I collect dolls too. :-)

Prudence said...

Lovely Yule time gifts for a wonderful young womenI indeed! You got Spellbound daily planner, I got the calendar!.......magical!!!
I love your Doll! Never to old for JOY! Filled possessions!
Frosted windows! You are a humorous witch! Mine are frosted, plastic covered then thick fabric, tightly SHut!

Love and Hugs! xoxoDebi

Nadine A. said...

I decided to reply to your comment here since I know blogger doesn't notify for comment replies.

See I have only ever really done readings for myself. I have done a few for family and friends who I trust to let me go at my own pace and to also give me honest feed back (which is sometimes helpful and sometimes not) as I said I don't do them often and its a battle for me not to doubt myself.

I have had only a handful of readings done for me by others though. And only one that left me completely speechless and honestly had my spine tingling.

It was actually what pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and try my hand at tarot. I was at a friends house when they told me they were going to have a gentleman over who was going to do a family reading for them. Now I full heartedly knew there were those who could read tarot I just had my doubts about a lot of people who claimed they could.

When the gentleman showed up and started the reading though he told the family everything I had personally thought about their situation at the time. I was impressed but justified it as common sense since he knew the family and had done readings for them before.

Then he turned all his attention to me and started a completely separate reading for me despite the fact that I hadn't asked. It sounds cliche but he talked about things I hadn't discussed with anyone, and in quite a bit of detail. He said things then that I thought were a bit bold too 'predict' and I will be honest I was being quite stubborn that I wouldn't reveal to much to for him to go on. But everything he told me that day happened.

What really shocked me though is how he began to talk about how my family... practices? This is definitely not something that is commonly known about my family. It had always been something that was talked about at family get togethers, talking about our ancestors who were gypsies coming to the states from Greece. Only a few family members who actually still practice today my Great Grandma and Mother being a few of them.

By that time when I had the reading done my Mom and had only taught me a few things here and there but it was mostly just stories of things my Great Grandma taught her. It was a bit of a struggle for my Mom and I when I was a child as my Mom was married to a man who was constantly seeking life's answers in religion. So we bounced from one church to the next him dragging us along the whole way. Finally he settled into the LDS church and it was heavily pushed on me despite the fact that I didn't believe in many of the things that they preached.

So by the end of the reading I was speechless and a bit nervous as I felt like he had just picked apart a very private section of my life. Then he (again quite cliche) just said "See if I can do it so can you. You know how to do this, just takes a bit of commitment you know that." Then he got up and started going on about the brisket cooking in the kitchen.

Sorry this turned into such a lengthy "comment". I really didn't mean to give you a history lesson.

Dena Miller said...

Jennifer, Looks like Christmas was everything you could have wished for! I am in love with all the gifts you have received. The doll is amazingly adorable!!! I have always loved those too. The Spellbound day planner is perfect!!! the candles and the painting from your friend are so sweet. Enjoy it all!!! I hope that you have found the peace you have been searching for with more to come in 2014.

Heather said...

Glad to see you had a wonderful christmas with so many new treasures! You're going to enjoy them all this coming new year! Wishing you many blessings and good times for 2014!~!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love your presents. Your painting is so charming and magical and seemed so appropriate to how you said you felt this season.

My daughter loves those dolls too. Good for you! She is in the perfect setting.

Queenie Believe said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with lovely and abundant treasures! What fun! Your art supplies look devine!
Happy New Year!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Shell said...

You got a whole slew of lovely gifts, my friend. I was reading your response about reading tarot.
When I first started, I was unsure too. After a while, I began to feel more confident in my abilities. Even after all the years, I am still amazed at the readings I do and how accurate it is.
I hope you let yourself do more readings. You will get better at it, since you mentioned your family history. I'm sure it's natural talent that you have in your bloodline.

Rainbow Gatherer said...

happy new year! I loved the doll your mom bought for you, beautifuL!