Friday, December 20, 2013

Strange Little Girls

Dearest friends,

I have found myself with a fair bit of free time recently and am experiencing a surge of creative energy.

Do you ever get like that?  Just have to create and organize, and reinvent your artistic self?

I've been feeling a calling towards painting these girls.

Each represents a tiny tiny piece of my fantasy self I think.

Astrid the Astronomer

Fiona and her Fairycake Fascinator

Penelope the Pirate Queen

Sweet girls, pieces of magical folk art.

Not sure if I can part with them in put them in my shop ;)

This will probably be my last post before Christmas so I wish everyone the happiest of holidays.  I'll be back soon with some magical treasures to share :)



Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

They are all so whimsical! The girls with the telescopes do look like you!!! Very interesting. Is she skeptical? In each of them she has an interesting expression.

Merry Christmas!

Prudence said...

Celebrate the light dear heart, warmest wishes for a glorious New Year! Starting off Yule with some very determined, adventurous, and glamourous artful imagination! Bee Safe and Huge Hug! xoDebi

Ms Misantropia said...

I really like the astronomer, she looks suitably skeptical - kind of like me :)

Ms Misantropia said...

I just realized she also kinda looks like you - and then I saw that makes two for two from what Butterfly wrote earlier...

Laura said...

Oh they are fabulous!

Dena Miller said...

Jennifer, your paintings are simply Magical indeed!!! I love them♥ The Fiona and the Facinator is the perfect resemblance to young Fiona(AHS, of course) Great work!
Have a very Happy and Magical Holiday as well!!
Yule Blessings,

Shell said...

Have a Merry Christmas. Your ladies are lovely and full of feeling in their eyes.

Nadine A. said...

Oh I love them you did a wonderful job. I know exactly what you are talking about as well. For me I had to bake though. I am still in the mood and have every intention of continuing to bake cookies with my side kick helper (little sister) Caitlin. I am just a bit put out because today all of our cookies were turning out dry. =/ I have no idea why it is happening either but hopefully tomorrow we are more successful as I hope to be able to make Christmas gifts out of them. Anyways again the painting are beautiful. Astrid is probably my favorite of the three. I hope that you have a wonderful Solstice.


Sara ~Snövits äpple~ said...

Sweetest Jennifer! Such lovely girls you have painted there. I know that feeling when you are swept away by the inner creativity; it´s the sweetest thing. I hope you had a beautiful winter solstice. I wish you the most wonderful christmas. I have sent you christmas mail, I hope you will get it soon. Much love!

Rachel Gallagher said...

Gorgeous new creations and they do indeed seem to represent some of the lovely parts of you.

Wishing you a magical wonderful Christmas. xx

Rachel Gallagher said...

Gorgeous new creations and they do indeed seem to represent some of the lovely parts of you.

Wishing you a magical wonderful Christmas. xx

Queenie Believe said...

They are truly wonderful girls they are! Your painting continues to be on our mantle, currently above Christmas Town. Have a wonderful holiday!
Always, Queenie

Elizabeth said...

Ah, a pirate girl, delightful!!

Thank you, sweetie, for visiting my blog, tho I don't always make the time to say so to you :)

May you have a magical Christmas in a wonderland of snow! My family made several long trips to BC when I was young and I remember it vividly and happily!! I read a quote on someone's blog the other day that went: "We all can travel in time machines. When we go back, they are memories, and when we go forward, they are dreams." Now we look forward...Best wishes for 2014.

hugs from Mississippi

A Magical Whimsy said...

Hello, Jennifer
And a merry New Years to you! Hope you had a lovely Christmas.

Your paintings all speak of your sweet talent. And I like the variety of themes you chose. I like them all as they are all very special.

Oh, and you will enjoy taking the Archetype assessment. It opened up new things about myself and was such an inspiration...especially when I found out my 'style' and went to Melissa Bolton's Archetype's posted on her Pinterest page. It prompted me to begin editing the two novels I have been writing and I new I had to let go some of my crafts that are in the works. I had to make an important decision and continue on with my fiction book writing as that is my muse at the moment.

love and hugs,
Teresa in California