Thursday, April 3, 2014

Carnivals, Caftans & Cottages

Dear friends,

What's new in your lovely worlds?  I've been shopping, finishing up the semester, working on Etsy orders, loving the spring air!

There's still quite a bit of ice but I'm eager to get my blue basketted bike out!  The same one a tiny, magical, summer loving lady (cough cough Debi cough cough) has too!

I've built these wooden puzzles, they come from China and haven't really got instructions, just numbered pieces that are only numbered on the picture and not on the actual piece!  Utterly impossible and they're not perfect, a lot of glue was used.  Paint will happen after finals, I'm thinking candy colours and glitter!  Goblin carnival pieces!

Ahem, ahem… this may be the next endeavour…  I KNOW!  It's big too, 22 inches or so!  Very exciting, just think of the colour options!

And it comes with all these furniture pieces, once again, colour combinations!? Polka dots, stripes!?  Pastels!  This will be amazing!

I'm also absolutely itching to start wearing dresses, and kimonos, and skirts!

The jewelly colours are taunting me, but it's still so snowy!

This is my favourite kimono right now.  I've got about 10, flowy bohemian, patterned gypsy pieces! Those sleeves!

I thought I'd share a few of my favourite newly purchased pieces.  I buy clothes like a mad woman to keep up with my ever-changing style.  Bohemian, mystical, and a bit sweet is the image I love most!

What do you think?

Anything you're excited about this spring?  A new dress or two?  Or 10 haha!




Ms Misantropia said...

I love your bohemian wardrobe, and I look forward to seeing your carnival once it's finished!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

You look amazing in the kimonos! Those puzzles are so complicated and we have done some NOT as complicated! (dinosaur ...) But yours looks so neat! LOVE the amusement park. Do you think you will paint them or leave them natural?

Shell said...

I can't wait too see you glitter and paint those puzzles. Your clothes are lovely. I have never worn a kimona, it looks good on you. Maybe something to try on me.

Prudence said...

Yes my bic! is calling me! Yes! I am grouchy that I may miss the few opportunities I will have to fly around, filling my basket and hiding in the woods.
I too went vintage shopping for some snappy duds...
I can wear them in my dreams...the view outside isn't very encouraging!
Your new project is amazing Miss Witch! I am reading Night Circus right one and your Carnival and stately house remind me to hide in my books and don't look outside!
Love visiting your colourful world! xoxoDebi

Dena Miller said...

Love the Carnival pieces! I am so into the vintage like carnival motifs and look..truly magical indeed! I can not wait to see your finished pieces!!! Also Love your clothing style, but you already knew that! Would love to see a photo of your bicycle too,,,sounds adorable!

Rachel Gallagher said...

I think that's the dolls house I have as well. If it's not exactly the same it's very similar. Haven't put it together yet either, have opened it up but I think it may take some time!

Your goblin carnival sounds amazing!

Donna Patrice said...

Hey Beautiful! Love your new clothes!

Also, I have the same puzzle dollhouses - in fact the houses featured in my Halloween party and Mad Hatter Tea party posts are made from the puzzle dollhouses and the furniture. I love them (but wish they were bigger). =) Have fun with them!

What I am excited about is being able to take my hoops outside on the deck and hoopdance to awesome music in the fresh air and sunshine! WooHoo!

Sara ~Snövits äpple~ said...

Oh Jennifer, i love all of these clothes, and you look so sweet. And it is fantastic that you will have a dolls house! Then we can share that interest. I am going to send you a letter very soon. There I will share some of my dolls house-experiences with you.