Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Solstice Enchantments

Dear friends,

I hope everyone had a blessed and magical solstice!  I spent my time with some muggle friends and ate delicious food and had a delightful evening.

The old holidays are not to last just one day, they are meant to be more of a time period that is celebrated.

Summer solstice brings the longest day of the year, on which we celebrate the fertility of the summer crops, the brightness of the Sun god and the fairies and sprites that so often grace our realms at this time of the year.

I have decorated my fairy cave with leaves, flowers and lights to celebrate the solstice, and the blessings of the season of the year.

I have been sprucing things up a bit around here and thought I would share some views into my little world.

I was very blessed to see a mystical white spirit wolf on my journey home on Midsummer's Night.  Wolves as spirit animals signify freedom, intelligence and powerful instincts.  I believe this was a symbolic sighting, to trust my instincts and trust in who I am and what I want.

I have placed a wolf totem candle on my altar, representative of the stunning creature who decided to grace me with his presence a few nights ago.  My goodness how I wished I'd have gotten a picture!

I have also been so very blessed to receive a gift from my lovely friend Sara in Sweden, who writes the blog Snovits Apple.

Wrapped as though it is a woodland gift from the fairy queen Titania herself!

A sweet little fairy from Copenhagen

And a beautiful necklace of a tiny purse that holds the fairy queen's secrets!  Handmade by Sara.  Thank you Sara, you are one of the most magical people.  I send so much love to you!

I apologize if I have not made blog comments in a couple of days, is anyone else's blogger feed acting strangely?  It is only showing me one blog post!

Blessings and love,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Remington Goldenbeard of the Great North Sea

Hi friends!

Yo ho ho, it's been a pirate's life for me!  Me and my captain, Remington Goldenbeard of the Great North Sea.  We took a voyage through one of the fjords, surveying our kingdom!

First matey Swiffer on deck!  (And Grandpa in the background!)

Behold!  Our great green land!

This is Jennifer's Island.  We have claimed and conquered it!

Not quite sure if we're vikings or pirates, haven't decided yet :P

It is truly such a blessing to live in such a beautiful place, I thought I'd share our pirating journeys with you all!

Hope you enjoyed this picture heavy post, and had fun joining us on our little adventure!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beyond the Troll Bridge

Hi friends,

I have been out on long rides on my little blue basketted bike.  The one that should really have ribbons and bells tied to it because that's how I feel when I ride on it!

And crossing the troll bridge…  The real one and the metaphorical ones in life.

Sometimes there are places we must go and borders we must cross that we can never turn back from.
Decisions and changes in life that shape us, and set the course of our life

Forks in the road are popping up all the time, and sometimes we do not realize the impact that our choices make on us.

I feel that the past couple of years have been some of the most maturing years I have ever had.  I have learned so much and you've all been through it with me.

A tarot reader once told me I'd be torn between two lives, a mundane life and a magical one.  And that both would pull me, pull me away from one another.  I feel this is very true.  The struggle is I would like to keep both.  So I suppose for now I stand right in the middle of that troll bridge, toeing the line between the two worlds.

Cotton candy skies swirling ahead, I suppose no flower is planted in the wrong place in the garden of the universe.

I hope, as conventional and normal the world around me may seem, that I can help those around me to see the beauty in things.

And that sometimes we really can walk more than one path at once!

Blessings and love,