Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beyond the Troll Bridge

Hi friends,

I have been out on long rides on my little blue basketted bike.  The one that should really have ribbons and bells tied to it because that's how I feel when I ride on it!

And crossing the troll bridge…  The real one and the metaphorical ones in life.

Sometimes there are places we must go and borders we must cross that we can never turn back from.
Decisions and changes in life that shape us, and set the course of our life

Forks in the road are popping up all the time, and sometimes we do not realize the impact that our choices make on us.

I feel that the past couple of years have been some of the most maturing years I have ever had.  I have learned so much and you've all been through it with me.

A tarot reader once told me I'd be torn between two lives, a mundane life and a magical one.  And that both would pull me, pull me away from one another.  I feel this is very true.  The struggle is I would like to keep both.  So I suppose for now I stand right in the middle of that troll bridge, toeing the line between the two worlds.

Cotton candy skies swirling ahead, I suppose no flower is planted in the wrong place in the garden of the universe.

I hope, as conventional and normal the world around me may seem, that I can help those around me to see the beauty in things.

And that sometimes we really can walk more than one path at once!

Blessings and love,



Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful post, Jennifer. Your bike is so cute and maybe you should add the ribbons and bell.

Prudence said...

No bells...they keep the Faeries away! Nature is wonderful dear one and cures all ills . As a Gemini I am know strange to living many lives a t one time, it is exhausting and I fear most times I missing the authentic one? Peddle towards the light and keep shining bright! xoDebi

MySpecialAgent said...

I've always been pulled away from a magical life by the mundane routines of my "normal" life, but I realized I can still add a little magic to my boring routine whether it's gathering flowers or lighting a candle or taking five minutes to cast runes. You really can walk two paths at once.

Heather said...

Those growing up and maturing years are hard, but you'll be so happy for them when you make it through. Its these times that show you whats really in your heart and what you want in life. I hope you've crossed the troll bridge into something wonderful! And I have a feeling you'll choose the magical route :)

Donna Patrice said...

Love your precious blue bike - if I were you I'd add the ribbons and bells! =)

I am always amazed at how alike you and I are (I even had a blue bike like yours until recently!) - I feel you are a kindred spirit. I struggle all the time with being in my fairy tale, magical world (especially at my age) and also having to live in the real world and do things like grocery shopping and cleaning toilets. I am proof you can walk in both worlds, but I always hurry when I'm in the "real" world so I can get back to MY real world. =)

Beautiful post, Jenn!

Ms Misantropia said...

Caught between two directions in life, I can relate to that. I feel like I have been in that position many times already.
But when in doubt go Magic - that's my two cents.

I have decided on what I'm gonna do for Mad Tea, and I'm pretty sure it won't be the same as you... :)

Sacred Keep said...

The right choice will present it's self and you will know when that time has come because your whole world will tingle :)
Until then, keep walking along the path before you because you'll always take a little bit of both worlds with you, no matter where you are or what you do

Rachel Gallagher said...
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Rachel Gallagher said...

Your right about the journey through life and how it effects us, I'm sure that if you stay true to yourself it will lead you somewhere wonderful. :-)

When I was around your age I was forced to leave the magical world behind completely and I slowly became less and less myself until I was a miserable grey shell. It was going through that that left determined to never ignore the magical side again. Even though the mundane side still gets in the way (and it always will) I always make the time to do something lovely and magical.

So although it wasn't a very nice time in my life I look back now and realise it was part of the journey which led me to where I am today. Of course life Isn't perfect but I'm happy with this path and enjoying the ride. :-)

Rhissanna said...

Yes, ribbons on the bike. And bells too. That way you can give that old troll a good scare as you ride triumphantly over the bridge! I know it's hard to marry the mundane to the magical. It's a balencing act, but I think you're doing it pretty well.

A Magical Whimsy said...

I have found to keep an open mind while life moves forward is the best resolve. That way, you don't miss anything in the process and you can keep what you want in your life and toss the rest away as a reminder to learn what is best for yourself, as only you can be your own best friend. To protect your own heart and feelings is something only you can do to. And life doesn't have to be answered all at once. It is such a learning process, a life-long journey. I cherish the good friends I have, and even link back up with ones I lost contact with in my past; as we all change and grow into deeper beings as we face life's challenges, hopes, and dreams. Never let go of the magic!
Miss Teresa in California

Queenie Believe said...

I think more than one path is good just as there are multiple sides to each individual's personality. I have my all buttoned down mundane self and I have my artistic imaginative self. There are times when one is more donimate than the other and there are times when one leans more on some than the other in times of need. It's all good and can be very balancing.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie