Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Elves, Fairy Boots and Instagram

Dear friends,

Taking a break from examination studies to visit all you lovely people and share some recent goings on!

I am delighted to announce the arrival of Olga Alva.  She arrived this week from beautiful England from Rachel of Titania's Tea Party.

I was delighted to purchase one of Rachel's handmade elves after the Mad Tea Party.  She is so beautiful and I am thrilled to have her here.  Rachel you are so talented!

I've also received magical elfin boots in the mail, which will accompany me on my Autumn strolls through the Northern Woods.  I got both light and dark brown and they are the type of footwear that just make me feel so happy and magical!

I also wanted to mention Instagram, as I have been having so much fun following and meeting people with similar interests as mine on there!  If you have Instagram please let me know your username and we can follow one another :)

My link is in the sidebar, and my username is BROOMSTICKSANDLACE

Once my Instagram reaches 1000 followers I will be having a giveaway that will span Instagram, the blogging world, and Facebook, so be on the lookout for that if it happens in the next couple of months or so!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful week, let's all enjoy August and the rest of what the summer has to offer!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pups & Summer Days

Dear friends,

Thank you all for joining me at the A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party!  I had such a lovely time visiting everyone and finding gorgeous new blogs to follow.

The Summer is slowly fading from its peak around here, and early harvests are coming in.

As many of you know, I took a summer semester at my university this year and have been in school non-stop since last Summer break.  My semester ends with my last exam next Wednesday and then I have August off!  I am so excited to do everything I have wanted to do.  Art and friends.  No more stressing about due dates and the stages cities in Canada have gone through in their development.

Tiny bits of progress on the dollhouse.  Lights, blue and white paint…  This wee fairy house is going to covered in moss and flowers too though!

Nearing the harvest season I always get the urge to redecorate a little.  I think my dressing room looks extra bohemian and harvest-like with all the browns, oranges, yellows, and rich plum colours.

Only the loveliest of visits from the sweetest dog in the world, Oscar.

I must admit, while I do share a lot of pup photos the only dog that is actually mine is Remington.  Oscar belongs to my boyfriend's family but I swear most days I'm tempted to steal him.  He has the most gentle, loving, and kind spirit.  Such a beautiful little soul.

And all tuckered out from a long walk.

And contemplating fishes out at the lake.

This picture below is a panorama.  Click on it to make it bigger!  There's Jamie and Oscar out fishing on the dock.  That is Lake Panache.  We are in a little bay but the lake stretches out for 25 miles.

Most days have not been spent out at the lake this summer, they've been spent channelling my inner Hermione as a dear blogging friend and I used to say.

Snuggled up here, cozy movies on the tv, stuffed animals scattered and textbooks galore. 
Though I must say, I have no complaints, I love learning!

Blessings and love,

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party 2014 "A Forest Fairy Tea"

Hello friends!

Welcome to the annual A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party!

I have to admit, I did not host this tea party myself.  It was more something I stumbled upon…

Perhaps a little mood music for my tale!


As I was walking through the woods today…

Elfin skirts and jewels adorned me ;)

Along my usual path..

I spied a giant pocket watch out of the corner of my eye…  25 after 3, why it's time for tea!

As I followed the path I came upon a picnic basket…

So I continued to follow the path through the trees...

What I saw through the trees was the strangest thing.. a toadstool table with a tiny teapot!

 Had I stumbled upon a fairy tea time… deep in the Northern woods?

Next to the toadstool table there was a lace table cloth laid down in the moss, with a whimsical teapot and cup!  It was quite strange and I'd never seen anything like it on my journeys through the woods.

The strangest thing about it is that when I closed my eyes and opened them again..

The clearing was empty of any trace of teapots or toadstools!  

And off this little hobbit went home, knowing well that it does not do to mess with fairy affairs!

Thank you to Miss Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for hosting her annual Mad Tea Party!  Please do hop over and check out everyone's beautiful posts and pictures!

I will be making my visits on Sunday, so I will see you all soon!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Forest Girl's Weaponry

Hello friends,

The summer is in full swing, the forest is in full bloom!

I have been out on my hikes in the woods in search of adventure, antler falls, tiny skulls and wood for wands.

I am always sure to carry a small hunting knife (and the occasional can of bear spray) to avoid getting into any trouble with any of the nastier forest creatures.

I thought I'd share my collection of weaponry, in case I run into a dragon out there in the wood ;)

My dragon dagger, sits on my altar as a makeshift athame.

My skull king sword.  Almost taller than me!  Working on mastering it though.

My French dagger.

My double-sided battle axe.

And my viking battle axe!

Off I go, the wild wood is calling!