Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pups & Summer Days

Dear friends,

Thank you all for joining me at the A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party!  I had such a lovely time visiting everyone and finding gorgeous new blogs to follow.

The Summer is slowly fading from its peak around here, and early harvests are coming in.

As many of you know, I took a summer semester at my university this year and have been in school non-stop since last Summer break.  My semester ends with my last exam next Wednesday and then I have August off!  I am so excited to do everything I have wanted to do.  Art and friends.  No more stressing about due dates and the stages cities in Canada have gone through in their development.

Tiny bits of progress on the dollhouse.  Lights, blue and white paint…  This wee fairy house is going to covered in moss and flowers too though!

Nearing the harvest season I always get the urge to redecorate a little.  I think my dressing room looks extra bohemian and harvest-like with all the browns, oranges, yellows, and rich plum colours.

Only the loveliest of visits from the sweetest dog in the world, Oscar.

I must admit, while I do share a lot of pup photos the only dog that is actually mine is Remington.  Oscar belongs to my boyfriend's family but I swear most days I'm tempted to steal him.  He has the most gentle, loving, and kind spirit.  Such a beautiful little soul.

And all tuckered out from a long walk.

And contemplating fishes out at the lake.

This picture below is a panorama.  Click on it to make it bigger!  There's Jamie and Oscar out fishing on the dock.  That is Lake Panache.  We are in a little bay but the lake stretches out for 25 miles.

Most days have not been spent out at the lake this summer, they've been spent channelling my inner Hermione as a dear blogging friend and I used to say.

Snuggled up here, cozy movies on the tv, stuffed animals scattered and textbooks galore. 
Though I must say, I have no complaints, I love learning!

Blessings and love,


Nicole Platania said...

I know how hard it can be to balance school and all the other things in life! I'll be doing that in a few weeks again. Can't wait to see the final touches of the doll house!

Ms. Ladyfair ❤ said...

I don't miss university at all lol. I went for for three and a half years straight with a few breaks in August. It really wore me out. I still get the exam nerves around this time even though I know I'm not writing one. It's been hardwired into me.

Jen Ham said...

Jennster, how exciting to be almost finished with school! I know that feeling! Your dollhouse is amaaaaazzzzzing! How neat you live in an area where you can see autumn coming. We have had summer for over a year now and I am SO over it! I absolutely LOVE your bohemian style! Love it! Thank you so very much for your sweetest of comments ever on my last post! You have so much class and style! xoxoxo Jen PS I'd steal Oscar as well! ;)

Laura Morrigan said...

What a gorgeous doggie! I see why you are tempted to steal him! The dollhouse looks fantastic, I want to make my own faery dollhouse/mini Gothic mansion one day but my little unit is already too cramped!

linnea-maria said...

What a cosy dressing room!

Ms Misantropia said...

LOVE your dressing room, makes me long for autumn and re-decorating too! But it's 30 degrees here now and I can't lift a finger.

Prudence said...

You are the first to say " harvest season" In a hurry are we? lol. I know , The Best Time Of the year!
I feel it in the air now!!
Learn all you can now cause the rest of your life will be learning it was all rubbish! ( please laugh! Joking?)
I love your lovely inlet, adorable puppies and magical visions! xoxoDebi

Bona Dea said...

Lovely dressing room!

Nadine said...

I love the dressing room. Extra bohemian is just my cup of tea. Lol Most of the time I love my home. Other times I find it very plain though. Both my bf and I hate clutter so our house (previous house and likely to be new one) is very bare.

Rachel Gallagher said...

There is no sign of Summer fading here yet, it's unusually hot and has been for days and days. Too hot to do much really, especially when you're not used to it. I do keep thinking about the Autumn though, that special part of the year to look forward to. :-)

Heather said...

Oh congratulations on making it through the end of your term! I know you must be so relieved and eager to create and do all those fun things that you've put off to focus on your studies.
I love the harvest time of year as well-- I am on the countdown to September. Your space is always so lovely and restful!~