Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Forest Girl's Weaponry

Hello friends,

The summer is in full swing, the forest is in full bloom!

I have been out on my hikes in the woods in search of adventure, antler falls, tiny skulls and wood for wands.

I am always sure to carry a small hunting knife (and the occasional can of bear spray) to avoid getting into any trouble with any of the nastier forest creatures.

I thought I'd share my collection of weaponry, in case I run into a dragon out there in the wood ;)

My dragon dagger, sits on my altar as a makeshift athame.

My skull king sword.  Almost taller than me!  Working on mastering it though.

My French dagger.

My double-sided battle axe.

And my viking battle axe!

Off I go, the wild wood is calling!



Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Wow! Those are amazing, Jennifer. Your last photo is SO beautiful! You have a wonderful spirit. xoxo

Sacred Keep said...

OMG the colours reflected in your King skull sword are an absolute delight, and I just love your dragon dagger/athame, very special magick with that one

Ms. Ladyfair ❤ said...

Oooh, such pretty sharp things.

Ms Misantropia said...

You totally surprised me with this post. I had no idea you collected (fantasy) weapons... The only thing one needs for a forest walk in Sweden are gum boots :)

Me and Cinnamon man are having our Mad Tea this weekend, I'll be thinking of you!

Elizabeth said...

So wonderful that you visited me and reminded me that I haven't been by to see you in oh-so-long a time, and that I ALWAYS love to be included in your world!! Your room is so magical, it looks like it's in a castle somewhere! I read a few back posts and saw where you were a pirate (I like THAT idea because I've always been a pirate at heart myself!) sailing around the lake...beautiful scenery on Jennifer's Isle, you are blessed. And I very much like the huge Skull sword, very swashbuckling (a word?!), must be as tall as you!


Jen Ham said...

Oh my, those are absolutely amazing! Gorgeous photos! xo Jen

goddessof4 said...

So cool and decorative!!! I love the skull blade and dragon knife !! You know I love some bling!!! Lol!!!! Blessings,Sara