Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Summary 2014

Dear friends,

While most of my summer was spent buried in star charts and history books, I made time for life as well!

I discovered a penchant for weapons back in June.

And spent oodles of time jogging through the woods, discovering little ponds and lakes to sit and dream by.

In July I participated in the annual A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party, I had a forest faery theme ;)

And made a new elfin friend from across the pond; handmade by Rachel from Titania's Tea Party.

I visited a beautiful old cemetery on Manitoulin Island, with graves dating back to the 19th century which is incredibly old for Northern Ontario.

I saw the world from the top of a huge mountain.

I spent hours and hours snuggling this big derpy baby.

I started creating spell bottles for my Etsy shop!

And built myself a witches cabinet to write home about.

I continued to attempt to dress like a nouveau Stevie Nicks.

And a couple of days ago the leaves started to turn yellow and red.

The summer is soon behind us, and the Autumn is beckoning.

This fall I am partaking in Magaly's Witches in Fiction blog party over at Pagan Culture.  I will be blogging about what being a real witch is like during the month of October.  Do join in won't you!?

Blessings and love, I will see you all in September ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Folk Art Spell Bottles of Wishes and Dreams!

Dear friends,

I wish to share with you a project I have been putting my heart and soul into these days.

Inspired by imaginary ingredients in a witch's apothecary.  Things for wicked curses, delightful charms, and nasty hexes!

Folk Art spell bottles!

Essence of toad and black of cat.

Flowers of belladonna and some premium eye of newt, topped with a punkin baby!

Snake oil and witches brew!

Now I must be honest, unlike other snake oils, mine is completely legitimate!  That's a real snakeskin in there that I found on the island!

Oh a rare selection indeed in this apothecary!  Poison nettles, black raven tonic, witches secret elixir.
Witches tears, fairy dust (from Titania's Tea Party!) and scorpion venom,

One of my favourites is this jewelled and sparkled bottle of full moon elixir.  I let the shimmering liquid sit under our recent super moon so it is extra charged with magic!

Powdered spider web, spooky!

And this trio of nasty confections!

Adding a little sweetness to the spooky is this collection of little bottles filled with flowers and lavender from my sweet Swedish friend and sister under the moon Sara.

As you can see my potion ingredients are sparkly and spooky and a little bit sugary too!  Nothing too malevolent unless I'm provoked ;)

I am about half way through this project.  This was just a sneak peak!  

And for another sneak peak…. I am in the process of creating real spell bottles too.  Blessed by a true magickal practitioner.  

This is a love spell bottle I made.  Filled with rose petals, orris root, and a tiny scroll love spell inside.  Sealed with a rose quartz and wrapped with a pink glittery ribbon and a pentagram.

This will be appearing on Etsy in the coming weeks!

Blessings and love,

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lughnasa on the Island

Hello friends,

I was very lucky to spend the harvest festival of Lughnasa at our cabin on Manitoulin Island.

The part of the island we have a home on is called Kagawong and it is a very historic and picturesque little village.

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church.

The Candy Cabin.

This little shop is filled with treasures from Africa!

The history museum on the water.

A giant chessboard!

I am so curious about the history of this house on the main street.  It is very old and I don't know if anyone lives in it.

If you peek in the windows you can see it has all the furniture still inside, along with other bits and bobs like vases and paintings.  I wonder who owned it, it is so big it must have been someone prominent.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Lughnasa or Lammas and is having a gorgeous August.  Halloween is only 87 days away.