Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer Summary 2014

Dear friends,

While most of my summer was spent buried in star charts and history books, I made time for life as well!

I discovered a penchant for weapons back in June.

And spent oodles of time jogging through the woods, discovering little ponds and lakes to sit and dream by.

In July I participated in the annual A Fanciful Twist Mad Tea Party, I had a forest faery theme ;)

And made a new elfin friend from across the pond; handmade by Rachel from Titania's Tea Party.

I visited a beautiful old cemetery on Manitoulin Island, with graves dating back to the 19th century which is incredibly old for Northern Ontario.

I saw the world from the top of a huge mountain.

I spent hours and hours snuggling this big derpy baby.

I started creating spell bottles for my Etsy shop!

And built myself a witches cabinet to write home about.

I continued to attempt to dress like a nouveau Stevie Nicks.

And a couple of days ago the leaves started to turn yellow and red.

The summer is soon behind us, and the Autumn is beckoning.

This fall I am partaking in Magaly's Witches in Fiction blog party over at Pagan Culture.  I will be blogging about what being a real witch is like during the month of October.  Do join in won't you!?

Blessings and love, I will see you all in September ;)


Jo said...

You've had quite the busy and lovely Summer! I'm already prepping for Autumn, have been, I should say! (squee!)

Ms Misantropia said...

Wait, is that a cell phone, that little pink creature?! I feel so old...

I will also be participating in Magaly's party, and in any other witchy Halloween party this fall :)

And yes, our cottage is 150 years old. Lots of houses are over here :) But no, it's not particularly magical unfortunately.

⚡ Ms. Ladyfair ⚡️ said...

I love that cemetery and that axe! I bought my ex a gorgeous sword, it had bat wings, I really regret not taking it from him lol.

Debi said...

Amazing photo's of a spectacular adventure! The Best is Yet to Be! xoxoxoDebi

Bona Dea said...

Oh gosh I love Stevie Nicks as a styleicon! She´s great..
Your summer looks like a really good one! :)

linnea-maria said...

What a nice summer you had! I'm a little curious about how far north you live. I have also noticed that leaves are turning colour here in Sweden.

Laura Morrigan said...

Furry pets are the best for snuggling and weapons are fun! I love Stevie Nicks style too! I want to dress like a witcy-faery-elf!

A Magical Whimsy said...

There was a change in the air today...Autumn is on its way. Leaves are beginning to turn colors and some are already falling to the ground.
It is at this time of year my creative muse is ignited. I love the fall.
You had an amazing summer.
Thank you for stopping by my blog as I hadn't posted for over a month!
And thank you for your lovely comment about the doll ornaments I have been working on.
It's hard to believe September is almost here!
I will be perusing the blogs who participate in the Witches in Fiction blog party. My favorite, of course, is Practical Magic which does seem to have a bit of truth to it. Very believable!
Have a blessed weekend!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Oh! Your photos are fabulous, by the way!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Can I PLEASE jump in your suitcase? Purse? Trunk?

Then I want to move in, so that I can't play with all the shiny, sharp things...


Joanna DeVoe said...

Yay! Another blog hop? I'm so in!

And the Steve Nicks outfit? Wise decision.

Nicole Platania said...

Oh what a busy time you've had. It's been fun along the way seeing your adventures this summer! I love the Stevie Nicks outfit!

Jen Ham said...

Awesome Jenn. I will check out Magaly's Pagan Culture party! xo Jen

Julia said...

Your blog is so fun to read. I've been consumed by it for the last 2 days!