Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Halloween Shopping Guide Part 1: Homegoods

Dear friends,

I have decided to start my first ever series on my blog!

This series will take us several weeks and each week I will discuss one of my favourite shops to purchase Halloween items from.

I apologize to overseas readers, but this series will focus on US/Canadian stores because that is what is available to me.  It may be interesting for others to see what we get here though!

As you all know I LOOOOOVE Halloween and when the shops start getting their goods out I rejoice!

This week I will be talking about Homegoods, also known as Homesense in Canada and the UK.

The following pictures are just a few of the items I have collected from Homesense over the past few years.  It has the absolute best things in my opinion.  They're not too expensive, and they are high quality just like any other decor item.  They are not made cheaply just because they are a holiday specific product.

Haunt Sign.

If you enjoy this type of decor all year round it is the perfect place to get things.

Headless horseman figurine.

Witch doll.

I especially love the variety of art dolls the store carries.  Though they are mass-produced, they have a similar look to something created by an artist.

Ouija sign.

Wooden witch doll.

Pumpkin candles.

If you are looking for inexpensive high quality candles, this is the place to go!  Yankee candles are always available for about a third of their regular retail price.  Not to mention tons of other wonderful and unique candle brands.

Skeleton candelabra and gypsy lanterns.

Haunted house and cat and moon candle stand.

My little Jack O'Lantern!

Halloween sign.

Another little witchy.

As you can see I am obsessed with Homesense.  Obviously this is a store that is different at every location, so this is a sampling of things that have been available in the past few years.  

This post has not been sponsored, I truly just love this company.   It is also amazing around Christmas for those who love that holiday season as well ;)

I will be continuing my series with a few other stores in the next few weeks including Bath and Body Works, Target, Walmart, the Dollar Store and some witch clothing stores.

Blessings and hope you enjoyed the first post in my shopping guide,


Ms Misantropia said...

The green eyed monster living in my shoulder is making herself known!

Bona Dea said...

Even if I´m one of those overseas, I must say that this i SO inspiring! You have lovely decor miss.
I have always loved Halloween, I wish it was as big here as it is in he US and Canada, but it is growing, so maybe one day! But I will probably always celebrate it like a madman. >.<

Jo said...

I've brought home so many Autumn & Halloween goodies from Home Goods! Witches, pumpkins, owls, mugs, trinkets. Such a wonderful place!

⚡ Ms. Ladyfair ⚡️ said...

I love your collection! I always make a note of it to visit Homesense and Winners. I bought most of my decor from there. I liked it better when they carried more folk art, I hope they do that again in the future. I look forward to the rest of your series. :)

Jen Ham said...

Ooh...the headless horseman...love it! The candles look like they smell divine! Adorable pic of you Jennster! xo Jen

linnea-maria said...

Everything is so lovely at your place. But what strikes me most is your outfit and beautiful style, you look amazing! :)

Debi said...

Warming up for all the praying ahead! Love the comfy hue of you your gentle home! oh !! and Rockin concert ahead as well!!!
Busy ingenue ! xoxoDebi

Laura Morrigan said...

Oooh! I like this series already although I am going to be terribly jealous of all your lovely things! I love the headless horseman and Ouija sign. I plan to have some spiritualism based decor one day!

Dena Miller said...

Oh my Yes!!! I love this already!! I simply can not wait to see what else you bring into your amazingly wonderful witchy space!!!!

Shell said...

Looking forward to more entries in your new series!!

Magaly Guerrero said...

That green eye monster Ms Misantropia speaks of has just bitten me, too. I might be in total lust with the headless horseman figurine, the skeleton candelabra... and, oh heck! everything.

LoVe this series!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I was there yesterday, and I noticed the large section! I also noticed they have a large pillow section! I love what you have done, Jennifer. xoxox