Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween Shopping Guide Part 2: CANDLES! Bath and Body Works, Yankee Candle and others...

Hello friends,

Welcome to part 2 of my Halloween shopping guide.

All the places this little witchy goes to prepare for her favourite time of year!

Now one of my absolute favourite things about fall and winter is candles.  It is so cozy and relaxing to be tucked up in bed watching a Halloween film with a deliciously scented candle burning.

My absolute favourite candle company is Bath and Body Works and I always go a little crazy at this time of year buying things.

These candles have three wicks so they always melt evenly right to the sides of the jar.  They're also the strongest smelling candles I've ever encountered, nothing worse than buying an expensive candle that you can't even smell!

Warm caramel cider is a repackage of last year's Cider Lane.  It smells just like that caramel dip for apples you can buy at the grocery store, mixed with a touch of warm cinnamon.

Marshmallow fireside smells of vanilla, s'mores, and a hint of woodsy smoke from the fire you're roasting them on!

Pumpkin cupcake is exactly what it sounds like, only I'd imagine it's just a pinch of cinnamon they've put in with the buttercream cupcake rather than an actual pure pumpkin scent.

Leaves is my very favourite scent from BBW and they bring it out every year.  It smells of sweet apples, rich cinnamon and sugar, and absolutely perfect autumnal sugary and spiciness.  I often burn this on Thanksgiving (the Canadian one is in October) as the scent of this mixing with the roasting turkey is amazing.

Pumpkin apple is a newer scent that has only been released the last couple of years.  It is a lot less cinnamon than other scents, genuine pumpkin puree mixed with fresh macintosh apples!

Wallflowers plug into your walls and spread the smell throughout the room whenever you want it.  They come in so many cute shapes and you can buy bulbs of pretty much every candle scent they make seasonally

Yankee Candle is not really a close second at all, though I do enjoy their creativity and the lines they come out with seasonally.  I rarely buy these candles as I don't find they have as much scent throw as BBW candles.  They don't burn right to the sides of the jars as well, and are much more expensive than BBW.  If you shop at the right time, you can get Bath and Body Works candles for 2 for 20 dollars.  The medium Yankee jars are about 23 dollars for the same size, each, and their deals are just not usually as good.

However, if I do buy Yankee I find them at places like Homesense where they're deeply discounted.
I got this yummy Candy Corn candle last year at Halloween.

My favourite Yankee scent is spiced pumpkin, I burned the candle when I first saw Practical Magic and to this day it reminds me of that film.

Honourable Mentions

You can buy all sorts of random candle brands from stores like Homesense, like these two I picked up in the summer.  I don't recommend Wal-Marts brands, they just don't tend to have much scent throw.  Target makes a good line for their store, and also carries a few good lines including Yankee.

Country Home Candle is a Canadian company that makes absolutely amazing, rustic, gorgeous candles.  I don't have any on hand right now as I've burned through them all.

Scentsy is a good option for those who don't like the flame aspect of candle burning, though I find cleaning out the wax trays incredibly annoying and find it much easier to just light a candle.

Etsy is filed with candle vendors that sell things like scented oils, tarts, jar candles, and candles that look and smell just like real baked goods.  There are literally hundreds of them, just got to look!

And finally, craft sales usually have a few tables of candle vendors who make homemade candles, usually with natural materials like soy that burn cleanly.  I love craft shows and will definitely share some of my finds once the season begins.

As you can see I adore different home scents, candles, tarts, oils, everything!  This post is only just a tiny taste of the companies and products I've ventured into, we could be here for days talking about this.

If anyone's interesting I may do a similar post around Christmas time for holiday and winter scents and candles.

In other news…

I will be participating in A Fanciful Twist's upcoming Halloween Party.  However, I am going to see Miss Stevie Nicks on the 26th and will be leaving for Ottawa on the 25th.  I will put up my post on the morning of the 25th and will make my visits throughout the week before Halloween.  I hope that is alright with everyone participating!



Nadine said...

And now I have the serious need to go buy some candles. Everything I have right now is more for the display than actual scent.

Dena Miller said...

Love this Blog Post of yours!!! My favorite season is Autumn indeed... Love all the warm and cozy scents.
Looking forward to all that this season brings. I'll bet your home smells so wonderful from all the beautiful candles that you have decided upon.

Debi said...

See Ya on the Hallow tail! Enjoy your concert, bee safe!!
and report back for us waiting fans!

Ms Misantropia said...

Ferking ferk, Jennifer!

You are in equal parts making me want to lick the screen and making me super jealous :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Now I want to light candles all around the house and grab Poe and the Brothers Grimm, so they can read to me. Yum!

Laura Morrigan said...

I like the idea of the "wallflowers" (nice pun too) although I don't think we have them in Australia.

Rachel Gallagher said...

I managed to find a really nice pumpkin spice candle in the supermarket, of all places!

I love this Halloween series you've started and would love you to do a similar Christmas themed one. :-)

Joanna DeVoe said...

Great post, Jennifer... I am so picky about scented candles. What smells yummy in the store often makes my stomach turn when I get it home. Unfortunately, I have found that candles are one area where you definitely get what you pay for. So- I usually buy unscented candles & burn incense or rub a bit of essential oil onto the candle... patchouli & frankincense are my faves!

Jen Ham said...

Leaves is my favorite BBW fall scent as well! Have a Happy Thanksgiving dearie! Can't wait for the Halloween Party! Have a blast at the concert! xoxoxo Jen